Facing the bottleneck of Shanghai Longfeng occupation when will we have the spring

Hello, I am Xie kai. See this title perhaps a lot of people are feeling, the bottleneck of almost every occupation of Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon people are hard to avoid, the occupation itself is so, from the rise of Shanghai dragon industry to hot. We always follow the love of Google or Shanghai’s footsteps, rely on love Google or Shanghai live last night and a few colleagues drink, nonsense, talk to the prospects of the US occupation bitter, more and more young people joined the industry, with the pressure of competition. This industry is facing various occupation bottleneck, found in the usual communication, some friends have done a few years of the so-called chain specialist. Of course the salary is relatively hard, I also made a Commissioner of the chain of more than two years, if we do not think how to change, then certainly not many predecessors footsteps. The reason I do not long winded, everything is for money or the future.

step by step, this industry is the changing process of

environmental factors we can’t change, I do the chain specialist in a small network company, may I contact the little knowledge of the industry, the most is to listen to the leaders of a few lines, long down leaders view will become your own. In fact, this is not a good phenomenon, will let you become really well, in this new people’s most outstanding performance, many new friends can not integrate into the occupation, just a day to complete the task amount specified on the line. I want to say is that this is a good occupation, want to point in this industry, people should be more to learn and exchange, QQ group and stationmaster net is a good choice, it can gradually understand the industry. But you will soon encounter the bottleneck of their own, this time to go to study in Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, for example: writing, establishment of common sense, to learn these basic skills, the most important thing is to do something to think about, so you will progress very quickly. In short, we should start from their own reasons, too much blame seems to have much effect.

their own reasons we can change

is the bottleneck in Shanghai Longfeng people often feel confused, gradually lose confidence in the industry, and the work characteristics of this occupation is boring, whether the chain construction, or website editor, all day is a matter of repetition. But think carefully what occupation not so? Basically are repeated, I dare not say how long the industry still exist, once love Shanghai or Google algorithm change, then we can go to silently accept, but I think at least ten years will not die. Only Shanghai dragon will be more difficult, the cost will be higher, more often to pay attention to search engine dynamic we do this line of friends, and all day thinking about what moment love Shanghai will completely eliminate the Shanghai dragon, as well as to prepare for the network marketing is our way to learn this. The knowledge is not bad. In the eyes of many, this is a bitter.

regardless of environmental factors, only

Fuzhou decoration company by analyzing the needs of users ranked first

4. users decoration company in Fuzhou. This site is for you to do what the crowd? The female white-collar male students???? so, good location of users, the content of the site optimization is crucial

3. Fuzhou decoration company. It is the characteristic of the website, the website can bring a unique viscosity

then you need to think about is:

using the keyword optimization tool love Shanghai promotion, love and love Shanghai webmaster tools 5188 keyword mining tools by keywords heat analysis of user needs.

8, Fuzhou decoration company navigation settings:

2. First, according to user needs to develop the title page, and then focus on the title page of the navigation set;

Hello, I am Fuzhou decoration company, Shanghai dragon ink for webmaster optimization, the most important is the needs of users, but in the website of Shanghai Dragon technology optimization when you build this site first need to know is what to do? What is the audience positioning your

5. Fuzhou decoration company need to update what. The core of a website’s content, a weight high website is the most important quality content, you update the content users love to see? What problems could be solved by

analysis of the row in front of your site;

analysis of user demand:

? format

2. Fuzhou decoration company website. You can build a website to there is traffic, money orders, or simply to share, to consider the site has not developed, after how to optimize the operation of

7. Fuzhou decoration company market analysis

3, do not place unnecessary columns, column is not do not put the needs of users, can be set in the navigation.

1, do 301 redirect zhiliaomt贵族宝贝 jump to 贵族宝贝zhiliaomt贵族宝贝/, do URL weight

1. you are familiar with what? What are you good at? Gehangrugeshan, if you are not familiar with what, what is not good, so you don’t do, find a point of interest, so that you know what you want to do website

The ultimate goal of

analysis of search keywords index;

analysis of search engine keyword drop-down box;

to the user?

6. Fuzhou decoration company with what procedures in order to achieve the desired effect. Blog, DEDE, store, do the best to share words or blog program, do a product or company if you dream! Do website XML site map, submit in Shanghai webmaster tools, 贵族宝贝cslvdi贵族宝贝/sitemap.xml

As of Shanghai dragon Er three kind of situations you should have the mentality

I also want to give you a suggestion, is to change your attitude to the website ranking, this sounds may make you feel ridiculous, some people may feel that this is a failure to give an excuse to evade their own. But please listen to the explanation.

we usually only think is Shanghai dragon ER technology is very important, in fact, the technology is on the one hand, as a Shanghai dragon Er has good attitude is more important. Many times we find that why my site in YAHOO, Google, soso search engine keywords can be found, but in Shanghai can not find love, is not love Shanghai to see my site not pleasing to the eye? Before I site in the search engine rankings good, now in sight, if I search engine punishment? We often encounter these problems, in the face of these problems, it is important for us not our technology is good, but we have a good attitude.

two: in the face of the site is K

is for more highlights, as we cannot have the Shanghai dragon Er more slack mentality, when we have a few keywords ranking good, absolutely can not be satisfied, because they don’t know that your keywords ranking will be dropped, if you have the key words enough to replace, then don’t worry traffic to the site’s influence is too big. This strategy is very important in our Shanghai dragon in the competition.

In the traditional

: in the face of a decline in ranking to have a good attitude

to have a good attitude If you

optimization is a type of e-commerce site, or even your own personal website, then you have to have a clear understanding of your site in the search engine rankings or by the flow of the search engine will is not immutable and frozen, they are constantly floating. One day you find your site on the front page of the row, you can be very happy, but never assume it would have been in that position, this is the reality of the problem. As for the drop, may be just the search engine algorithm updates or your competitors to find a new opportunity, you should have a good attitude, analysis of opponents, find out the reasons for the decline in ranking, in order to find the reasons for the decline in ranking in the source.

three: in the face of success can be our attitude

as a successful Shanghai dragon Er, which did not meet the conditions of the site is K. The site is generally not K, unless you use some black hat technology optimization. The so-called black hat is through the use of some means by hiding some means to deceive the search engine. If your site is not because of the use of these methods has suddenly disappeared, so maybe this is caused by the search engine algorithm update. In order to update the site search engine algorithm and improve the user friendly experience regularly competitors emerging, fluctuating site is normal behavior. At this time there is a good attitude to face the site’s ranking is also very important to disappear.

Analysis of the grade of drop right novice webmaster see website

for webmasters, the site is like another myself, believe that as many webmaster would do the same thing, that is every morning to look at the keywords ranking, snapshot, included, the chain, why the site is like another? When we see the search results within our expected, we work for the day the mood will be very relaxed, otherwise the day will be very depressed. Especially when we see the site light is K weight was reduced when the taste of heart is really meaningless complete ah. Here I take my own experience for everyone on the site right down the level of analysis, the hope can help some novice webmaster.

itself is not what Shanghai dragon world Master, but today’s absolute is their own personal experience and summarize the knowledge, but also master hope people don’t laugh at me. Well, I in the College of education website optimization GUI door, internal optimization and promotion of the main duty is responsible for the site, two days before the work is smoothly without what unusual, strange things happened on the third day, the morning gate network station GUI included the number has declined but within the normal range, at about ten o’clock when I almost fainted when site:www.***贵族宝贝, included into 1, that is to say only the home page, although I also understand before the site is down right or be K of the situation, but when the storm comes or some cannot resist.

three, love Shanghai serious drop right. The site is serious drop right is directly in K sea, this is my.

two, Shanghai intermediate love right down. Intermediate drop right is called when we site site appears only home, that is to say the search engine only included the home page, other web pages are shielded, but outside the chain, snapshots, keywords ranking is normal, this is in love with the Sea red warning signal issued to us, that will appear on the home page then we have to do is to find and solve problems from the home page, after the previous work can continue, this is the problem, after the author’s efforts finally restored.

: a love of Shanghai website mild right down. The so-called love is mild for the website of Shanghai warned that website optimization excessive or other unfriendly behavior, then he will be mild punishment, a common phenomenon is: the site site is not the first home page, the website included snapshot, and the chain is abnormal, then we have to do is find out wrong places such as excessive or update the optimization keywords excessive accumulation, continue to maintain daily update and the chain construction work, waiting for recovery.


happened to face and find solutions, on the Internet to collect a lot of relevant information on the site right down, finally I would say my station was really serious drop right. Why serious drop right? Because the site right down there are differentiated. (here only to love Shanghai for example)

Google update algorithm Penguin 2.1

not long ago, Google released 3 years the biggest update algorithm named "hummingbird", Google in 2010 to improve their search algorithms, and it is named Caffeine (caffeine), but this time Google will upgrade the algorithm called Hummingbird (hummingbird), declared that this is to rethink the page based on the index and ranking.

how to recover from the 2.1 Penguin algorithm in

at the same time, another action Google is Google new algorithm Penguin 2.1 officially released in October 4, 2013, Matt Cutts in the Twitter update news shows: baby penguin algorithm update aristocracy to version 2.1, this algorithm updates about affecting about 1% ".

thank you for your cooperation! The purpose of this update is

many webmaster after seeing a new algorithm to update, often there are so few problems: 1. new algorithm; 2. how to deal with the new algorithm? 3. how to recover from the new algorithm? It is very simple, often official when the release of a new algorithm often through the new algorithm against the exposed object the new algorithm and the new algorithm means, after release, when the owners in the operation site, try to avoid some of the "red line" to touch the new algorithm, so as to avoid the consequences of The loss outweighs the gain.

this paper by Zhang Dongfang in breaking Jun blog (贵族宝贝pzboy贵族宝贝/sem/ /penguin-2-1/: Shanghai dragon), welcome to reprint, please keep this link, you

this update should not only check your URL page, also check the inside pages of your website, and check the inside pages of the reverse link. So, if your website backlinks only home URL pages and has no link, you are likely to face punishment.

or major combat web spam and search results in the webmaster by Shanghai dragon cheating ranked ". Unfortunately, even if it is legitimate or through the site if the white hat optimization inspired Penguin 2.1 algorithm, Google also said without hesitation.


algorithm to update the algorithm often has come into effect. So is the latest search results of one of the best methods of the new algorithm, according to the latest search results show the corresponding website keywords, anchor text, external links, website structure and a series of information analysis, analysis of the latest search engine algorithm preferences, next is simple to optimize their websites information.

anyway, this once again updated target anchor text. According to our analysis, this update will affect more than 10% main keywords you set in the ranking ranking.

When the official release

A new era of mobile search webmaster love Shanghai Fu can become two development key


as everyone knows, the big opportunities for the mobile Internet has disappeared, and in December 22nd the "love Shanghai search VIP forum, Director Tan also said to be the architect of search, the mobile Internet growth has slowed, entered into the bonus stage.

era, is also facing the user open web pages load too slowly, or even can not open the page. Including the reason, the webmaster technology ability is not enough, can not achieve the optimal loading mechanism, at the same time due to various unexpected incidents, not the first time to detect the complex problem of down server, it will bring great loss to the webmaster.

two, MIP, PV, mobile web acceleration to enhance revenue to improve the clearing of

in addition to information disclosure, the website will lead to protection of vulnerable, hackers steal all users click and browse all kinds of data, as well as a variety of rogue hijacking, obviously users to access your site, they will be forced to jump to the Other Waste website, and these tampering, webmasters are difficult to find in a short period of time above, many problems have been a rough time Internet traffic growth has been facing a question.

in the second half but very focused on user experience, this situation will be more and more forbidden, love Shanghai first made an example, which opened the station station HTTPS, the encryption protocol links, to ensure the safety of users, and then the Jingdong, Taobao, 360 and other companies also follow.

in fact foreign websites in this area has been done a lot of research. Google said its once access speed reduction of 500 milliseconds, then the search volume will drop by 25%, Amazon speed reduced 10>

love Shanghai also said at the conference, which has been on the transformation of HTTPS site active protocol adaptation, based on the full support of technology, make the site to minimize the resource consumption optimization on a great deal of effort, and provides solutions in Haiyun integration, fully for the new era the ANN can Quanfu.

the "love Shanghai search VIP forum, is the love out of Shanghai, industry trends, new Fu opened, the key information for the current owners, has an important reference value.

recently Jingdong 12G user information disclosure, YAHOO 1 billion users of information leakage events once again become the focus of the media, the Internet has always been impossible to guard against hacker attacks.

But this is not

HTTPS, an Quanfu

The traditional

for the webmaster disaster, because this trend in the industry as a whole in forced to a higher quality of user experience, from search engines to the webmaster, will increasingly value the user retention value obtained from IP (New) thinking, change to PV (leaving) promotion thinking.

16 individual Adsense advertising allianceNew way out of 07 website income

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2 energy-saving recommended index: you can feel you can feel

right now

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player, very timely payment 5 weeks time to account is very high in the PV station is the gospel, now is my main source of income, it can apply for the record by now! More humanization more, play a sound basic small, feeling nothing! "/p>

5: sh419 alliance recommended index: you can feel you can feel

shlf1314 advertising alliance is now one of the most reputable advertising providers. Even NetEase 163 do shlf1314 advertising alliance. Alliance should be the best, most of the domestic Chinese webmaster survival depends on him, the recent reform, the proportion of advertising has declined, but the price is higher bit. On the whole, it should be the best league in the country.

          ha ha, maybe I have reservations in front, but the person who knows will know how to do it at first sight. I will add articles with general topics, I will correspond to sell connection address with the content and the choice of keywords, although effective keywords may not bring you much traffic, but much higher than the value of his you general SEO, keyword selection problem I will not say, the novice can in Admin5 looking for.

            I will give an example right now, for example, some time ago I made a sexual health station, I do this station is designed to do 7CV sales, so I started with his choice of content is advertising, selling things related articles, each article has a specific address connected to the corresponding page advertisement, and basically search these information have a most attention to these things, so down, I did a month sales profit is still considerable, but what I did not say.

sh419 alliance should be one of the best alliances in the country

video advertising alliance: recommended index: you can feel you can feel

1.shlf1314adsense Alliance: recommended index: you can feel, you can feel


According to the calculation of

          these do I stand on my overall optimization, I do this station’s goal is to sell 7CV products, but I can not only 7CV relevant keywords, and I do this station is the content of gender is whole station, so I start from here as for me, is how to choose the overall keyword, you can on the stone ah, Wang Tong side of the forum to learn it, not much to say. After all, none of this will ever be said. It’s about your pocketbook, huh?.

4:: depending on the spread of recommended index: you can feel you can feel

web page, do group as the spread has been a period of time, and found very good. Do not have their own advertising. A point is 1 cents, very much. Pay in time, recommend you do a do.

      a month down, although the flow is not very high, only about 2K, but, plus I do GG income, absolutely more than you 1W I>

site also has many years, but also built a few stations, some microwave income, repeatedly tested a lot of advertising alliance, the following describes:

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The first 3.

Adsense site should be user experience.

five, stationmaster should have the determination to persevere

this problem is the webmaster to face things, speed and stability of a website is very important, so we started to choose space at the same time you should put the stability in the first place, here I recommend the webmaster can choose the space station network flat-share, for browsing the membership is certainly the site speed the sooner the better, the stability of the space should also pay attention to, especially when every night network is very peak, then there cannot be unable to access the situation, so to improve the site access speed and stability is one of our webmaster will do.


Two, keep the home clean 404 page web site

site every day to the webmaster to update and maintenance, this is a must do things every day, although it feels relatively simple but practical operation has many difficulties, because people are inert if you keep doing the same thing to repeat who will feel dull as ditch water every day.

, enhanced access speed and stability of


is the soul of the website website content quality, we have to spend a large part of the time to update the original, I believe that the original web site is many webmaster are headache, now many webmaster is to false original, copy and paste, the website wants to capture the main development rarely does a relatively high degree of difficulty and because of the lack of originality and readability of the content is essential, users would like to see the new content and information, who is not willing to go to see the same content online.

now the webmaster every day is around the keyword ranking, the website included quantity, website snapshot update time to discuss and explore, basically all the webmaster ignored the purpose and mission of the establishment of the website, we are generally in order to be able to give domestic users to provide some necessary information and data, can let users in the process of finding information and data can be more convenient, so today to share with everyone we webmaster how to do the user experience of the website.


is a web site’s home page is the first impression to a user’s browsing, so we can do in the home under a lot of effort, we must first ensure not to have some brightly coloured ads and pictures and the like, and not on the home page to add some Flash animation, we give the first impression is to visit the site visitors browsing very fast, allowing users to look the whole layout of the site is very clean and clear.

a good website must do 404 pages of one of their own, because some inevitably encounter unable to access the page and some dead links, so whether we are standing on the perspective of the user experience in the search engine’s perspective, a 404 page on the site is very helpful.

four, website content and readability of the original

Determine the seven dimensions of a keyword competition


3. before the three page page number. This is a very important index, namely the search keywords out of the first three pages of SERP if a lot is the home page ranking (whether the domain name top or not, but love Shanghai, Sina, Tencent and other major portals except), then a large extent can directly determine the key words in the degree of competition is fierce.

8. experience. Experience is the most subjective and difficult to quantify but the method is one of the most useful judgment keywords intensity.

Shanghai index. This point should be no need to explain it, most can directly see the number of search index, but there is one point to note is the temporary news keyword is not.

4. top five website data. Shanghai Longfeng data can see the website ranked website judge competition keywords, the main observation as follows: domain name age, chain collected, etc..

source: 贵族宝贝tu17贵族宝贝 map Yaoqi photo sharing and fashion


7. related search term correlation. The correlation of the search term greater competition is relatively large.

keyword bidding number 1. More sites to participate in the auction, the more the keywords, the number of bids is unnecessary and sufficient condition for a, that is not a fierce word auction, but the auction number must be very competitive word.

2. key words are segmentation. We search for a keyword if the SERP page keywords rosy is part of our search, there is no word segmentation by the keywords, competition is not weak, but is unable to determine the key competition is fierce, because in most cases the keywords in Shanghai before the three page is not the word.

5. love

6. page number. Search a keyword search engine will give a number of related pages, refer to the index itself is of little significance, but in Shanghai Longfeng outsourcing company inside or often referred to, according to the price index.

is usually the first step in Shanghai Longfeng work, an important factor in choosing suitable keywords is Shanghai Longfeng success, because the words are too simple, no one is searching for Shanghai Longfeng work has no meaning, choose keywords if too fierce do not meet their forces, Shanghai dragon made a very good job is in May, then determine whether a keyword of intense competition, mainly from the following seven aspects:

From pandering to refusal, why do entrepreneurs abandon the 90 whitewash labelAs a programmer for th

4 years ago today, I naively registered a company and tried to do something interesting. In the past 4 years, there have been several transitions, some dreams, and some hopes. I don’t know how exciting or difficult the road ahead is. I just know that I still have a team that works hard to admit defeat and a heart of blood." In June 6th, Yin Sang wrote in his circle of WeChat friends.

especially when he saw that, with their own shows and software development of Mike. Slade, and finally embarked on the management, created a large number of companies including ESPN, a good friend of Jobs, the kind of loss is inexplicable strong, has all of his original lust for comfort, not on the management annoyed. Is it a matter of technical management or continuing to be a programmer?

When the

in 1994, when I had the opportunity to choose a career direction, you can manage technology, you can continue to work as a programmer. I chose to be a programmer because the job was simpler. Today I realized how wrong my choice was, even though I had been involved in many great projects during my 20 years as a programmer. It would be a much better decision if you had chosen the chief technology officer, CIO, vice president of engineering.

The main reason is that the

titanium media note: This is a "one false move may lose the game" story. After 35 years of hard work, programmers realized that the power of programmers was too small. No matter how badly you write a program, it is hard for you to have the power to really change some failed products or failed projects.

is about 20 years ago, I was faced with the intersection of a life. At the time my second companies were going downhill, and we had developed a five year Deltagraph software project for a publisher client, because the other wanted to move to the burgeoning Internet world. I worked as a programmer for 13 years, and for 9 years or so, I was involved with management as a management company.

this article was compiled by titanium media from The Codist blog, Yue Heng / translator, Joyce/ editor.


two years later today, when the fairy tale opened the story is not so good chapter, people just suddenly realized, the original "90 entrepreneurs" is only capital and entrepreneurs in order to

"after 90 entrepreneurship" once became a perfect entrepreneurial story in the excellent situation of entrepreneurship and capital environment. "Genius boy", "overbearing president" and "business genius" seem to be everywhere.

Abstract: if you are a program monkey, you have the opportunity to choose your career direction, you can do technical management, you can continue to be a programmer, how would you choose

February 3, 2016 was a tough day for Yin Sang. When the distance from the Spring Festival a few days, everywhere exudes a reunion festive, but Yin Sang through internal mail announced the project shut down the news. "Writing that letter must have been painful, too, because I’ve been doing it for three or four years. I thought then, that would be a memorial service for myself." Yin Sang later recalled.

I don’t want to take care of these two jobs. Earlier, in 85 to 87 years, my first company not only developed a new electronic reporting software, but also got the software release. I led the company, interviewed by the media, maintained the relationship with investors, and the basic corporate affairs I did, while I was one of the 3 programmers and UI designers of the whole company. By the early 87, when I finally released the product, I was so nervous and excited that I finally got into the hospital. It’s overloaded work to do both leadership and programming at the same time.

I was too young, too naive, and even wrong at the time. Apple Corp returned after a year of Jobs’s return to the Internet Storm

from a certain point of view, it is more like a magnifying glass, young entrepreneurs are the unique characteristics of infinite zoom, become the focus of investors, such as earlier access to the mobile Internet, quickly receive and digest new information, thinking and not sticking to formalities flexible, well versed in the younger generation of new consumer demand. And when some of the entrepreneurs are negatively attached such as magic department stores, super curriculum, etc., this trait in turn becomes the biggest weapon of destruction and may lead to project failure fuse.

Yin Sang’s friend, also called at the time of 90 entrepreneurs face adorable CEO Guo column in the later when talking about the matter firmly to the Tencent said Yin Sang not because of this thing refers to the project shut down was not done, he will continue to start.

today announced the shutdown distance sing has been the past 5 months.

shut down unexpectedly not smooth financing. At that time, Yin sang has reached an agreement with an investment institution in terms, valuation and financing. Only the two sides signed on the investment agreement. Unexpectedly, investors to sing along with cash flow on the grounds of concern, decided to postpone investment, and that time, Yin sang has been confidently purchased a large number of hardware equipment, the remaining cash on the bill spent clean. "Later it turned out to be a judgment error".

that’s true. Now, along with the company, the company has reduced its workforce to more than 170 from the peak of 600, retaining only the core products, research and development, and designers, while continuing to seek financing while achieving profitability.

around 1995, I worked in the Gulf of San Francisco for a year, the latter half of which was at the Apple Corp. Apple Corp seemed to be going out of business at the moment. I didn’t want to see my favorite company fall apart, so I left for Dezhou.