Lights Out in Rio Olympic Stadium

first_imgRIO DE JANEIRO — The track and field stadium for this year’s Rio de Janeiro Olympics was without power Monday with the city hall and Rio football club Botafogo blaming each other for unpaid utility bills.In a statement to The Associated Press, the city hall said Botafogo has been responsible for the utility bills since May 2015.But the club told the AP that the city government owed it money to pay water and electricity bills.The Brazilian newspaper Globoesporte said the unpaid bills totaled 1 million reals ($250,000).Brazil is in the middle of a deep recession, forcing cutbacks on Olympic organizers.The Rio organizing committee said Monday it expected the stadium to be ready to host a test event in May, but referred questions to the club and city hall.TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

McLaren Headed Back to Indy 500 and Eventually IndyCar

first_imgMcLaren made the Indianapolis 500 its personal playground in the 1970s with three victories in 10 appearances. Then the manufacturer was done, back to England with a focus on Formula One and no time for “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing.”Fernando Alonso’s quest to win motorsports version of the Triple Crown has sparked a renewed interest in Indy for McLaren, which has entered next month’s race while exploring an eventual full-time entry in IndyCar. McLaren and its trademark papaya orange car will be back on the track at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Wednesday for a test, the first time the team has been an official participant for the 500 since Johnny Rutherford won in 1976.Alonso had McLaren’s support in his 2017 Indianapolis 500 debut, but he drove for Andretti Autosport and McLaren as a team carried little responsibility.This May, the entire effort will be from McLaren.“It’s definitely more nerve-wracking than when we did it with Andretti,” said McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown, an American and former Indianapolis resident. “Michael did everything and you knew it was going to be a mega car. We’ve started this thing from scratch. We built the cars ourselves, put the team together, and they’re all experienced guys, but we’re rookies.”FILE – In this May 27, 2017, file photo, Fernando Alonso, of Spain, waits for the start of the drivers meeting for the Indianapolis 500 auto race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, in Indianapolis. McLaren will put a car on track at Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the first time since 1976 when Fernando Alonso tests Wednesday. Alonso is trying to win motorsports version of the Triple Crown, while the famed manufacturer is considering a return to IndyCar competition. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings, File)It is a tremendous undertaking for McLaren, which desperately does not want to embarrass itself or Alonso. The two-time Formula One champion has wins at Monaco and Le Mans on his resume and adding the 500 would allow him to join Graham Hill as the only drivers to complete the sweep.A fallout in F1 with engine supplier Honda hurt Brown’s bargaining to get Alonso back with Andretti or another established team, and Roger Penske wasn’t interested in adding the Spaniard to his Chevrolet lineup. But Chevy was willing to give Alonso an engine, so Brown decided McLaren would go ahead and enter Indianapolis on its own.Brown picked a team of McLaren employees and they built Alonso’s car at their England headquarters and shipped it to Indianapolis for Wednesday’s session. Alonso was on the track earlier this month for a day of testing at Texas Motor Speedway in a different car, built by IndyCar team Carlin as part of a technical alliance McLaren struck to ensure it is properly prepared. That car will be Alonso’s backup next month.“All the people that are on the (Indy) team put their hand up and said, ‘I really want to go to Indy,’ so there’s a lot of enthusiasm,” Brown said. “We’re taking it on. We’re doing it ourselves.”Alonso, following a full day at Texas in which Rutherford was on hand to observe, said he is confident he will have a solid entry from McLaren. He led 27 laps in the Andretti entry in 2017 and might have been in contention to win had his engine not expired 21 laps from the finish.His previous appearance exposed him to the enormity of the event, and Alonso said he is ready to go.“I feel quite a lot more prepared. I know the race, the atmosphere of the 500, the drivers’ parade, I know the formation laps. I know a lot of things that you spend energy on your first time there because everything comes as a surprise,” he said. “I think that energy, I can save it now. I know how it goes, so I can go into the rhythm of the race, come into qualifying with a little bit more energy and more concentration.“I don’t want to take for granted anything. I want to review every single race from the past, start from zero with engineers and everything. I want to make as much preparation as possible.”The attention will be on Alonso, who captivated the audience and proved to be a popular addition to the field two years ago. But scrutiny will be on McLaren and its preparation for a fulltime IndyCar entry. McLaren announced last week it will enter a sports car in IMSA next season, and Brown believes its deliberate approach has allowed the F1 effort to improve even amid expansion to different series.“We wouldn’t have gone to the effort we’ve gone in buying equipment and doing what we’re doing if we did not have an intention to get in (IndyCar) at some point,” Brown said. “I don’t know if it’ll be (next year). I think it’s more of a when than an if we all want to do it.”By: Jenna Fryer, AP Auto Racing WriterTweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

Antetokounmpo: World Hoop Title Better than NBA MVP

first_imgHe wasn’t able to help the Greek national basketball team even qualify for the 2016 Olympics but now Milwaukee Bucks and NBA MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo wants to bring his country the world title at this month’s tourney so bad he said it’s more important to him than being named the league’s best player over a bevy of Americans.“I would exchange the MVP title for the gold medal in China,” he told, referring to where the Aug. 31-Sept. 16 games are being held this year and he just might have a shot at it with the United States – which has gone 76-0 in world cup and Olympic play since losing to Greece in the 2006 world semi-finals – sending the junior varsity.American superstars, perhaps weary of the tourney or not caring anymore, backed out of being on Team USA, leading coach Greg Popovich, who has the helm for the San Antonio Spurs, left to give Hoosier-like inspirational speeches to what’s left as he picks a 12-man roster from the likes of Mason Plumlee and Thaddeus Young. Who?Greece has lost in the round of 16 at the world title at the last two events after winning the silver in 2006, losing to Spain in the final, unable to make the miracle ending after stunning the American star-studded team, which included LeBron James.Greece has Antetokounmpo and Greek-American Nick Kalathes and a seasoned roster but hasn’t been able to get past Spain and Serbia in European tournaments and in China is in a group with New Zealand, Montenegro, and world power Brazil.Antetokounmpo may have to do it himself after winning three straight All-Star selections and breaking through with his first MVP award this past season, taking the Bucks to the best record in the NBA and the Eastern Conference finals, taking a lead against the Toronto Raptors before Kawhi Leonard shut him down, taking the Canadian team to the title over the Golden State Warriors.Antetokounmpo will have his brothers Thanasis and Kostas on the team, giving Greece three citizens who are native Nigerians and he said he’s ready for the world’s best even after the arduous NBA schedule and his celebrated season. There’s also Greek-American Tyler Dorsey – also African-American, as a primo shooting guard, who played at Oregon and for the Memphis Grizzlies in the NBA off the bench.Antetokounmpo said, “I always feel something special when playing for the national team. When you are starting the tournament and listening to the national anthem, the emotions can’t be described. After the first basket, the first plays, it is an amazing experience and every time I feel as proud as the first time. The feeling of winning with the national team is incredible, and I have said before that I will always be part of the team, as long as I am healthy like this summer,” he told the sports site.Whatever happens, you can count on Antetokounmpo giving everything he has for the country he has embraced after it scorned him until he showed he could play basketball and bring some prestige and attention.The Bucks site Fansided said he’s excited and ready to go and advised betting against him. “As it stands, Antetokounmpo’s singular, force of nature talent certainly makes a medal seem realistic for Greece, although if it’s to be gold he’ll likely require his teammates to produce some of the best performances of their lives, their report said.It added: “That group coming together to perform is not beyond the realms of possibility, and as Bucks fans already know, it’s foolish to doubt Giannis Antetokounmpo when he puts his mind to something.” Ask NBA players.TweetPinShare1010 Shareslast_img read more

Push-button generation of deep neural networks

first_img antedeluvian says: 3 thoughts on “Push-button generation of deep neural networks” The term “deep learning” refers to using deep (multi-layer) artificial neural networks to make sense out of complex data such as images, sounds, and text. Until recently, this technology has been largely relegated to academia. Over the past couple of years, however, increased computing performance coupled with reduced power consumption and augmented by major strides in neural network frameworks and algorithms has thrust deep learning into the mainstream.When I attended the Embedded Vision Summit recently, for example, I saw an amazing demonstration of machine vision in which a deep neural network (DNN) running on an FPGA was identifying randomly presented images in real time (check out this column to see a video). As an aside, one of the best lines I heard at the summit was “You can’t swing a dead cat in here without some deep learning system saying ‘Hey, that’s a dead cat!’ “ But we digress…As another example, take a look at this column describing how researchers at MIT used a deep learning algorithm to analyze videos showing tens of thousands of different objects and materials being prodded, scraped, and hit with a drumstick. The trained algorithm could subsequently watch silent videos and generate accompanying sounds sufficiently convincing to fool human observers.(Source: CEVA) Two of the most popular frameworks for deep learning are Caffe-based networks and Google’s TensorFlow-based networks. Caffe is a well-known and widely-used machine-vision library that ported Matlab’s implementation of fast convolutional nets to C and C++; it was created with expression, speed, and modularity in mind; and it’s primarily employed by academics and researchers with some commercial use. TensorFlow is a relatively new alternative to Caffe that is supported and promoted by Google; it features a software library for numerical computation using data flow graphs; and it’s scalable and applicable to both research and commercial applications.Caffe was designed for image classification and is not intended for other deep-learning applications such as text or sound. By comparison, TensorFlow has been created from the ground up to address a wide range of target applications.The original deep learning frameworks supported only linear networks. Modern frameworks, like TensorFlow, support more sophisticated topologies involving multiple layers per level and multiple-input-multiple-output.(Source: CEVA) There are several steps involved in creating a deep neural network. The first is to define and implement the network architecture and topology. Next, the network undergoes a training stage, which is performed offline on a powerful computing platform using tens or hundreds of thousands of images (in the case of a machine vision application). The result is a floating-point representation of the network and its “weights” (coefficients).(Source: CEVA) The final step is to take the floating-point representation of the network and its weights and transmogrify it into a fixed-point equivalent suitable for running on a target platform.All of which brings us to the fact that CEVA has just announced the second generation of its CEVA Deep Neural Network (CDNN2). CDNN2 is a neural network software framework for machine learning that features the CEVA Network Generator. In turn, the CEVA Network Generator can take a floating-point representation of a network — Caffe-based or TenserFlow-based (any topography) — and transmogrify it into a small, fast, energy-efficient fixed-point equivalent targeted at the CEVA-XM4 intelligent vision processor (the CEVA-XM4 can be realized as a hard core on an SoC or as a soft-core on an FPGA).(Source: CEVA) CDNN2 supports the most advanced neural network layers in use today, including the following:Input manipulation layer (pre-process stage resize, jittering and more)ConvolutionalNormalizationPooling (Average and Max)Fully ConnectedSoftmaxActivation (ReLU, Parametric ReLU, TanH, Sigmoid)New: DeconvolutionNew: ConcatenationNew: UpsampleNew: ArgmaxNew: Custom user layer attaching a specific functionalityThe folks at CEVA boast that taking a floating-point network, transmogrifying it into its fixed-point equivalent, loading it into a CEVA-XM4 engine, and running it is a “push-button” approach. Of course, we’ve all seen (sometimes given) demonstrations involving a little slight-of-hand and “Here’s one I prepared earlier,” so the guys and gals at CEVA have prepared this video showing the entire process in a single (less than 10-minute) shot.CDNN2 is intended to be used for object recognition, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), Artificial intelligence (AI), video analytics, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and similar computer vision applications.Coupled with the CEVA-XM4 intelligent vision processor, CDNN2 offers significant time-to-market and power advantages for implementing machine learning in embedded systems for smartphones, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), surveillance equipment, drones, robots and other camera-enabled smart devices.The CDNN2 software library is supplied as source code, extending the CEVA-XM4’s existing Application Developer Kit (ADK) and computer vision library, CEVA-CV. It is flexible and modular, capable of supporting either complete CNN implementations or specific layers for a wide breadth of networks. These networks include Alexnet, GoogLeNet, ResidualNet (ResNet), SegNet, VGG (VGG-19, VGG-16, VGG_S) and Network-in-network (NIN), among others.As noted earlier, CDNN2 supports the most advanced neural network layers, including convolution, deconvolution, pooling, fully connected, softmax, concatenation, and upsample, as well as various inception models. All network topologies are supported, including Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output, multiple layers per level, fully convolutional networks, in addition to linear networks (such as Alexnet).Click Here for more information on CEVA, CEVA-XM4, and CDNN2. Log in to Reply Log in to Reply elizabethsimon says: Log in to Reply Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram Tags: Automotive, Communications, Consumer, Industry Clive”Max”Maxfield says: July 1, 2016 at 4:07 pm “I think it’s not so much that they are smarter. It’s just that they have devoted a lot of time to figuring these things out.nnThe way I look at it, it takes folk like us to turn this stuff into real products.nnAs much fun as it would be to work on som Continue Reading Previous How to run your own secure IoT cloud server for $8/yearNext Metrics we need – Part 2 “I know what you mean — I look at today’s DSP algorithms and they make my eyes water — but then I think to myself that I can do anything I set my mind to … it’s just that I don’t have the time (I believe anything I tell myself :-)” “All I can say is that there are lots of people way smarter than I am. Going to shows like EVS leave me with a massive inferiority complex. “ June 30, 2016 at 10:26 pm July 1, 2016 at 5:41 pm Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must Register or Login to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.last_img read more

Xilinx: automotive qualified Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC family enable safety critical ADAS

first_imgXilinx announced availability of the automotive qualified Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC family, enabling development of safety critical ADAS and Autonomous Driving Systems.  The Xilinx Automotive XA Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC family is qualified according to AEC-Q100 test specifications with full ISO 26262 ASIL-C level certification. The product integrates a feature-rich 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 and dual-core ARM Cortex-R5 based processing system and Xilinx programmable logic UltraScale architecture in a single device. This scalable solution is ideally suited for various automotive customer platforms by delivering the right performance/watt while integrating critical functional safety and security features. The XA Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC family has been certified to meet ISO 26262 ASIL-C level requirements by Exida, one of the world’s leading accredited certification companies specializing in automation and automotive system safety and security.  The product includes a “safety island” designed for real-time processing functional safety applications that has been certified to meet ISO 26262 ASIL-C level requirements.  In addition to the safety island, the programmable logic can be used to create additional safety circuits tailored for specific applications such as monitors, watchdogs or functional redundancy, effectively allowing ASIL decomposition and fault-tolerant architecture designs within a single integrated circuit. Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram Tags: Chips & Components Continue Reading Previous Pixus: 9U RiCool OpenVPX chassis with superior coolingNext exceet: security for distributed devices in the IoT landscapelast_img read more

Mentor: free schematic symbols, PCB footprints and 3D Models for PartQuest

first_imgMentor Graphics has partnered with SamacSys to provide free PCB symbols, footprints and 3D models from within PartQuest, Mentor’s online platform for finding component information. The SamacSys CAD library content saves companies the time-consuming task of library part creation.SamacSys has been selected to provide high-quality CAD models for Mentor’s PADS, xDX Designer and Xpedition PCB design solutions. Components found on PartQuest can now be downloaded into any Mentor PCB format without the need for manually extracting information from datasheets to create the CAD models. SamacSys’ tools are unique in the industry because of their capacity to deliver live, IPC-standard quality-checked parts libraries that never go out of date.Engineers and PCB designers now have access to a library containing more than 13 million components. Users of PartQuest will now see the globally recognised ‘green icon’ from SamacSys next to the components they wish to design-in. This new content significantly reduces library development time and improves design accuracy during any product development cycle – leading to lower costs.Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram Tags: Tools & Software Continue Reading Previous Antenova: high performing 3G,4G/LTE antennas for smallest PCBsNext RECOM: long operation lifetime through single AA battery for SensorTile modulelast_img read more

VadaTech: new ADC/DAC modules with Xilinx UltraScale+ XCVU13P

first_img Continue Reading Previous MicroSys: RTOS Microware OS-9 supports Open Source OPC UA – TSN projectNext Acromag: quad-port GbE XMC modules in RJ45, SFP, and rear I/O versions VadaTech announces the AMC587 and AMC588. These modules couple high-performance RF front end with an XCVU13P providing signal processing bandwidth at over 20 TeraMACs of DSP compute performance in the compact AdvancedMC form factor. OpenVPX versions of these modules are planned for later this year. The AMC587 provides dual-channel 12-bit ADC with sample rates of up to 6.4GSPS (TI ADC12DJ3200, ADC12DJ2700, or ADC12DJ1600), or quad inputs at 3.2 GSPS, and a dual 16-bit DAC (Analog Devices AD9162 orAD9164) with update rate of up to 12 GSPS and direct RF synthesis at 6 GSPS. This makes it suitable for signal capture/analysis applications such as COMINT/SIGINT, radar, research and instrumentation. The unit has an on-board, re-configurable UltraScale+ XCVU13P FPGA which interfaces directly to ADC/DAC. The FPGA is supported by a single bank of DDR4 memory, allowing for large buffer sizes to be stored during processing as well as for queuing the data to the host.The AMC588 is a wideband transceiver with four AD9371 connected to a Virtex UltraScale+ FPGA. This provides eight transceivers channels with a frequency range of 300 MHz to 6 GHz, making it suitable for SDR, BTS, antenna systems, research and instrumentation. The module is compatible with ADI RadioVerse design tools and is supported by full VHDL reference design with source code. The on-board re-configurable UltraScale+ XCVU13P FPGA interfaces via JESD204B directly to wideband transceivers. The FPGA is supported by a single bank of DDR4 memory channels (64-bit wide for a total of 8GB).Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram Tags: Boards & Modules last_img read more

Single fathers talk about what they do to keep their kids healthy

first_imgBeing a single parent is hard, and though many may think it’s more so when you’re a single father, these men prove it’s more bout responsible parenting and not gender specific. Overcoming odds in the kitchen and trying to win the fight against the banes of social media and the Internet, these dads have done it all over the years, including opting for a less hectic career or building up an alternate support system, one step at a time.EATING RIGHTRahul Rewal, 48, a media professional who opted to become a broker after his two sons Mir, 11, and Mann, 12, were born. says, “My ex-wife and I weren’t agreeing on things, so we decided to part ways.” Contrary to popular belief, it was Rahul and not his wife who was health conscious when it came to the kids’ health.”My ex-wife was not proactive about their health. Our home was loaded with trans-fat, packaged food, oversupply of medicines, sweets and unhealthy drinks. She also didn’t allow my kids to play football,” he opines. So, he taught himself how to cook by looking up recipes on the Internet. Waking up at 5am to pack their meals, he also makes sure that they drink nimbu paani instead of some premix squash.”We plan a weekly menu and they have two indulgent options per week like butter chicken. On other days it’s salads and bakes rather than fried and fresh than preserved. We don’t do takeaways and I ensure they eat fruits instead of junk food,” he says.advertisementSame is the case with 41-yearold Raman, who works in the IT sector, and has sons aged 11 and 14. “My ex-wife shied away from additional responsibility. I shifted to a work-from-home model to help out when the children were born, and so they were more attached to me because they saw me every day. But my ex-wife never cooked so she was always ordering food from outside. So, I picked up cooking.” Today, Raman packs their tiffin, keeping in mind that they want different things on different days. His set menu includes pancakes on Mondays, Dosa on Tuesdays, biryani on Wednesdays, pav bhaji or paranthas on Thursdays, and pizza or burgers or pasta on Fridays. “You also have to keep in mind that they have different tastes. One likes white sauce and the other likes red sauce,” he says.YOUNG CHEFFor restaurateur Priyank Sukhija, 38, being a single father required a little more caution as his daughter, Avika, now 14, needed special attention as she is diabetic. “I married my childhood sweetheart at 21 and Avika was born when I was 23. Three years later, he was a single father. Initially it was really tough and I was really scared. In the trade I’m in, I can’t come home early and wake up early, so I moved in with my parents,” he says. “We were on their toes the first few years. But today, Avika knows more about her condition than us. This is also her first working summer break, wherein she’s an apprentice in the kitchen at my restaurants,” he adds. Photo: Mail TodayFIT & FINEFitness is another area these dads focus on. While Rahul’s kids go for soccer practice in school at 6am, a game the elder one is keen on pursuing, they also go for a half an hour swim to Siri Fort in the evenings. “The younger one likes playing the table, so he has classes for that. I’m also trying to initiate them to yoga,” says Rahul. Raman’s kids always play football or TT or squash or go swimming after tuition in the evenings.And Avika even plays football with the guys! “She’s also into badminton and swimming.She’s even picking up tennis, a sport that even I used to play growing up,” says Priyank.PHONE MENACEBut the one thing that hampers fitness is access to technology. “We didn’t have a TV at home till three months ago. Their mother has given them smartphones and I can’t take those away as it would seem like I am trying to play against her. So, instead I have made rules – once they have completed their homework and had dinner, then they can be on their phones,” says Rahul.Also Read:Why sitting is as harmful as smokingAlso Watch:Huma Qureshi and Saqib Saleem on being fit and fabulouslast_img read more

Brazil boss Tite won’t sacrifice Neymar’s ‘genius’ for good of the team

first_img\R Saint Petersburg, Jun 21 (AFP) Brazil coach Tite said he will not tell Neymar to be more of a team player as he insisted the Paris Saint-Germain star is fit for tomorrow’s crunch World Cup clash with Costa Rica. The world’s most expensive player had been an injury doubt after hobbling out of training on Tuesday with an ankle problem, 48 hours after he was on the end of 10 fouls from robust Swiss opponents as Brazil opened their campaign with a disappointing 1-1 draw. But Tite confirmed he will put his faith in the same XI that started against Switzerland in Saint Petersburg as Brazil look to kickstart their quest for a sixth World Cup. In their desperation for a breakthrough in the final stages against the Swiss, Neymar’s team-mates consistently looked to their star man to provide the final finish or pass without success. And he was criticised for being self-indulgent, often taking too many touches to try and beat Swiss right-back Stephan Lichtsteiner instead of moving the ball on quickly to teammates. – ‘Genius’ – ============ Tite, though, strongly refuted reports he has asked Neymar to play more in the team’s best interests. “Absolutely not. The information you got is not true,” Tite responded to a Brazilian journalist. “All of the players have this responsibility of playing for the collective (good) and being individuals. “I’m not going to take away from him his genius in the last third of the pitch. That applies to Coutinho, Jesus, Willian and Firmino too.advertisement “You have to strengthen the team but I’m not going to take away the main characteristics of the players.” Neymar’s latest injury scare intensified concerns over his match fitness after a broken bone in his right foot ended his club season in February. He returned and scored in World Cup warm-up friendly wins against Croatia and Austria, but did not complete 90 minutes until facing Switzerland. Tite admitted it could take until five games into his return for Neymar to be back to his best, but insisted he was not taking a risk by throwing him back into a highly pressurised environment. “We want to win, it’s a World Cup, but the coach is not going to play with the players’ health. It’s too big a risk.” Despite Neymar’s fitness concerns, Costa Rica coach Oscar Ramrez claimed his players will not target him in the same way the Swiss did. “In the case of Neymar he is a very skilful player so people look to stop him with rough tactics. I wouldn’t like to use rough tactics, I think there are ways to perform and the boys are clear how we need to play,” said Ramirez. Costa Rica reached the quarter-finals in Brazil four years ago, but are also in desperate need of the points after losing 1-0 to Serbia to open their campaign. Brazil are not alone among the pre-tournament favourites in having a slow start in Russia and Costa Rica captain Bryan Ruiz is hoping his side too can cause an upset to keep their chances of qualifying for the last 16 alive. “You’ve seen already there have been plenty of surprises,” said the Sporting Lisbon playmaker. “We don’t have no chance. We need to at least draw to continue with a chance.” (AFP) ATKATKlast_img read more

Moto E5 Plus to launch in India on July 10, will be Amazon exclusive

first_imgLate last week, Motorola confirmed its plans to launch the Moto E5 Plus in India. The company has been posting teasers of the phone on its social media pages, touting impressive battery life and a full-screen Max Vision display for an immersive video experience, among other things. On Monday, the company announced that the Moto E5 Plus will be unveiled on July 10 and the handset will be exclusive to Amazon India and will also be available offline via Moto Hub stores across India.The Moto E5 Plus will be the third Moto phone to launch in India this year following the Moto G6 and the Moto G6 Play. The E5-series was first unveiled in Brazil a couple of months ago alongside the Moto G6-series. Both the series bring a new design language compared to their predecessors. Notably, like the Moto G6 and G6 Play, the Moto E5 Plus also brings a full-screen display with an 18:9 aspect ratio.The upcoming Moto E5 Plus sports a 6-inch HD+ 720×1440-pixel 18:9 IPS LCD display. This means you get narrow bezels on the front with the fingerprint sensor being moved to the back embedded in the Moto logo. The phone is made to look premium like the Moto G6 with a reflective back that gives off a wavy pattern, glass front and a metal frame. Unlike the Moto G6, the back of the Moto E5 Plus is not made of glass but a glossy plastic shell.The back also sees a circular camera setup, which looks similar to the Moto G6 and the Moto X4 in design. This is not a dual setup, however, and you only get a 12-megapixel sensor with LED flash, PDAF and laser autofocus. Up front, the Moto E5 Plus gets an 8-megapixel sensor with a selfie flash.advertisementPowering the Moto E5 Plus is an octa-core Snapdragon 435 chipset, which is coupled with 3GB of RAM. There’s also 32GB of internal storage which is expandable via a microSD card up to 256GB. There’s no word yet on whether Motorola will launch a higher 4GB + 64GB variant in the Indian market. The phone is also expected to run a near stock Android Oreo out-of-the-box with some Motorola-specific features like Moto Actions and Moto Display on board.The biggest highlight of the Moto E5 Plus is its 5,000mAh battery, which will allow you to consume media on-the-go without the fear of battery dying on you too fast. The phone measures 161.9 x 75.3 x 9.35mm and weighs 200 grams thanks to the large battery inside. Connectivity options on board include a 3.5mm headphone jack, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n and GPS, among other things. The variant released outside comes with a single SIM, but Motorola could bring a dual-SIM model to India on July 10.The Moto E5 Plus price in India is yet to be announced. Considering the Moto G6 and G6 Play have been priced at Rs 13,999 and Rs 11,999, respectively, we expect the E-series to be priced somewhere along the same lines considering the specs on offer.last_img read more

When Ravi Shastri ordered team bus to leave without Sourav Ganguly

first_imgFormer captain and current India head coach Ravi Shastri is known for his discipline on and off the field and he also takes pride in it.Shastri said in the current Indian team “punctuality is paramount” because he never compromises on that front.While speaking on Breakfast With Champions, Shastri narrated an old incident from 2007 when he had to take the bus without Sourav Ganguly as Dada was late.Shastri, who first became the Indian team manager in 2007, had to ask the team bus driver to leave without Ganguly.”I think that’s [Discipline] a habit. I take great pride in having that habit. You know because I am never one to give excuses. If you are called somewhere I think decency demands that you are punctual. And it’s a great quality in any human being…especially if you are involved with a team. And that’s why even in our team punctuality is paramount.”If the bus leaves at 9, it will leave at 9. I remember once.. and only once I have had to take the bus early.. This was in Bangladesh when I first became manager in 2007.”So the first practice session was in Chittagong I think. We were supposed to leave at 9 am and it got to 9 am.”So I said, ‘Let’s go. All the guys from the back, the local managers and all, they came back.. they said Dada (Sourav Ganguly) has not come yet. I said, Dada can come separately. Let’s go’. I think after that every time we left for practice, Sourav arrived 10 minutes before,” Shastri said.advertisementShastri boasts of his achievements with the Indian cricket team. He was the crisis man when India were getting hammered left, right and centre in England in 2014 under coach Duncan Fletcher before BCCI turned to the former all-rounder.He stayed with the team until Fletcher’s contract expired after the 2015 World Cup. He was even named as team’s director till the appointment of Anil Kumble as coach in June 2016.Shastri was hot favourite to replace Fletcher as full-time coach until Kumble threw his hat in the ring. However, according to reports, Ganguly was strongly in favour of Kumble.The interview process was conducted by BCCI’s cricket advisory committee, tasked with finding the Indian coach with Ganguly, VVS Laxman, Sachin Tendulkar and co-ordinator Sanjay Jagdale being in the panel.The committee picked Kumble as coach on a 12-month contract.Ganguly’s absence was disrespectful: Shastri to India TodayShastri had to swallow the bitter pill and said he was disappointed that Ganguly was missing from the meeting where he made his presentation.”Nothing surprises me in Indian cricket anymore. A member of the committee [Ganguly] wasn’t present and that was disrespectful to the selection process,” Shastri had told India Today’s Rajdeep Sardesai.Shastri was vacationing in Bangkok when the CAC interviewed him. Unlike Kumble, who made a detailed presentation, Shastri spoke at length of his achievements in Tests and T20 Internationals.Shastri, however, refused to criticise the process and said he did what was expected of him.Shastri shouldn’t have been holidaying in Bangkok: GangulyGanguly hit back at Shastri and said he was living in a fool’s paradise if he thought only one member in the BCCI’s cricket advisory committee was responsible for him not becoming the Indian coach.”If Ravi believes that am responsible for him bot being coach, then he is mistaken. To imagine that I am responsible for him not being coach is living in a fool’s paradise. There were far bigger names in the CAC than Sourav Ganguly,” Ganguly told India Today.Shastri becomes India head coachOne year later, Shastri was back as India coach after Kumble decided to step aside following unfortunate circumstances.Kumble was struggling to get along with India captain Virat Kohli and the rest of the players in the dressing room.After Kumble’s resignation, Shastri was appointed as India’s full-time coach going through the same interview process and pipped the likes of Virender Sehwag, Tom Moody, Lalchand Rajput, Richard Pybus and Dodda Ganesh.last_img read more

IOA adds one member to pencak silat squad

first_imgNew Delhi, July 27 (PTI) The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) today added one member to the truncated Pencak Silat squad for the upcoming Asian Games before submitting the final list of the 541-member Indian contingent to the Sports Ministry.The IOA has added bridge, men’s handball and sport climbing to the final list after initially announcing a 524-member contingent on July 3. The national Olympic body, which had dropped as many as 20 athletes from the pencak silat squad earlier this month, has now added another member to make it a three-member team comprising Sonia, Simran, and Boynao Singh. A 24-member bridge unit has also been accommodated, so has been a 16-member men’s handball squad besides the addition of three athletes in sports climbing. However, the IOA is yet to announce the list of officials travelling to the Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang from August 18 to September 2. PTI BS KHSKHSlast_img read more

WWE RAW: Ambrose returns to join Rollins for SummerSlam, Lesnar attacks Reigns

first_imgDean Ambrose made a surprise return to join forces with ‘Shield’ brother Seth Rollins on the last episode of WWE Monday Night RAW before SummerSlam. Ambrose was revealed by Rollins to be in his corner when he takes on Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler, who will have Drew McIntyre at his side, for the title.The problem hasn’t been that Seth Rollins can’t beat Dolph Ziggler so much as that he hasn’t had an answer for Drew McIntyre. But thanks to some shrewd negotiation and waiting until the opportune moment, ‘The Kingslayer’ may have finally evened the odds against the Intercontinental Champion.With Rollins supposedly waylaid by travel issues, RAW General Manager Kurt Angle was left to negotiate alone with the Intercontinental Champion. It was all smooth sailing, save for one curious development: If Ziggler wanted to keep Drew McIntyre in his corner at SummerSlam, he would have to agree to a contractual proviso that allowed ‘The Kingslayer’ to have a second of his own.Ziggler signed the contract, and Angle seemed ready to call it a forfeit until Rollins finally made his entrance. As it turns out, Rollins had been in the arena for a while; he just wanted to wait until Ziggler signed the deal so the champion couldn’t back out.Rollins had put in a proviso in the contract for that specific reason, and the travel issues weren’t exactly his. And he already had his backup: A buzz-cut, bulked-up Dean Ambrose, who returned from injury to join Rollins.advertisementBrock Lesnar attacks Roman ReignsPaul Heyman’s not up for an Emmy, but maybe he should be. As bereft and bleary-eyed as Brock Lensar’s advocate seemed last week after being manhandled by the Universal Champion, it turned out that he’d simply participated in an elaborate con designed to lull Roman Reigns into the falsest sense of security possible going into the Universal Title match at SummerSlam.It was a swindling so convincing ‘The Big Dog’ wasn’t even able to sniff it out this week, when Heyman, still playing the part of a free-agent kingmaker, returned to seemingly offer Reigns his services as advocate, complete with inside info on Lesnar’s gameplan for SummerSlam. Reigns was understandably suspicious, so Heyman repeated a lesson Reigns’s father imparted on them both (in the native Samoan, no less) before producing an agreement in principle that he asked ‘The Big Dog’ to consider.But Reigns never really got to take a look at the paper, as Heyman attacked the three-time WWE Champion with pepper spray he had concealed in his suit. That opened the door for Lesnar to emerge, unannounced, and annihilate the blinded Reigns with a barrage of knees to the chest, a suffocating guillotine that put the challenger to sleep and, when Reigns dared to stir, a furious F-5.Other Results:Ember Moon defeated Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss via disqualificationConstable Baron Corbin defeated Tyler BreezeBraun Strowman and Finn Bálor defeated Kevin Owens and Jinder MahalRaw Tag Team Champions The B-Team defeated “Woken” Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt and The RevivalBobby Roode and Titus Worldwide defeated Mojo Rawley and The Authors of PainRuby Riott defeated Sasha Banks(With inputs from WWE)last_img read more

MS Dhoni bonded with junior cricketers over hookah: George Bailey

first_imgMahendra Singh Dhoni returned as Team India captain for the 200th time in the 2018 Asia Cup Super Four match against Afghanistan on Tuesday.Dhoni took over the reins of the team after a span of 696 days, as India’s stand-in captain Rohit Sharma decided to take a break from the inconsequential encounter. Dhoni had last captained India in the ODI series against New Zealand.As wishes and congratulatory messages poured in from all corners, Cricket Australia (CA) also posted a video in which former skipper George Bailey disclosed some interesting facts about ‘Mahi’.Bailey, who played under Dhoni in the Indian Premier League (IPL) for the Chennai Super Kings and the Rising Pune Super Giants, revealed how ‘captain cool’ used to have sheesha sessions to break ice with the young players.READ – MS Dhoni captains India for 200th time in one-day internationals”He likes smoking a bit of the sheesha or the hookah. So, he quite often would set that up in his room, and it was very much open door policy. You would go in and quite often find a lot of younger players there. For India or lot of other cricket teams, it can be hierarchical, but he certainly broke that down,” revealed Bailey.”You just find yourself in his room late at night chatting inevitably about the game or about different facets of the game or about different people and with different people it’s a great way to break down barriers,” he added.READ – MS Dhoni should play domestic cricket: Sunil GavaskaradvertisementBailey also recalled the sense of calm that Dhoni exuded as a captain or even with the bat.”The greatest thing that I took from him was his ability to remain calm to impact the calmness of the team. With the chaos and whatever might be happening on the game on numerous occasions, when you saw him being so calm behind the wickets or with the bat in hand, you firmly believe that he’s got a plan. He’s got something covered here, it’s gonna be ok,” he added.last_img read more

Portugal PM defends Ronaldo amid rape accusation

first_imgLisbon (Portugal), Oct 7 (AP) Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa has spoken out in defense of soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, who has been embroiled in a rape accusation.Speaking to television on the Spanish island of Lanzarote on Saturday, Costa made an appeal to the presumption of innocence, as well as Ronaldo’s successful career.”People need to understand one and for all that there’s one thing that is presumption of innocence,” Costa said.”It is not enough for someone to be accused of something to be guilty of it.”Costa added: “If there’s something we have proof of is that he is an extraordinary professional, an extraordinary sportsman, an extraordinary footballer, and someone who has honored and given prestige to Portugal, and certainly what we all wish for is that nothing can ever stain that record of Ronaldo.”Last week, Kathryn Mayorga filed a civil lawsuit in the U.S. saying she was raped by Ronaldo in Las Vegas in 2009. Police have re-opened an investigation.Ronaldo has denied the accusation.Ronaldo’s Italian club Juventus sent a statement of support and called him a “great champion,” but his sponsors Nike and video game maker EA Sports have expressed concern about the allegation.Ronaldo is Europe’s all-time leading scorer in international matches. He helped Portugal win the European Championship in 2016. (AP) DIPDIPlast_img read more

French Open: Kidambi Srikanth brushes aside Wong Wing Ki Vincent to reach Round 2

first_imgKidambi Srikanth continued to play some good badminton after the semi-final show at Denmark Open and entered the second round of French Open on Wednesday with a solid 21-19, 21-13 win over Hong Kong’s Wong Wing Ki Vincent in Paris.It took Srikanth 42 minutes to brush aside Vincent and bettered his head-to-head record to 7-3. The two last met in Japan Open, where Srikanth had come out victorious in straight games.Srikanth will next be up against the winner of another men’s singles match between Thailand’s Khosit Phetpradab and Lee Dong Keun of South Korea.The first game between Srikanth and Vincent saw them exchange strokes and points at almost a similar wavelength. Both the players kept the game close and had a go at each other to bring up points.While Srikanth tried to attack as he likes to do on fast courts, Vincent relied on his defensive abilities along with his attacking instincts.Eventually after a close battle, Srikanth took the first game 21-19..@srikidambi gets on a winning note! Flamboyant display from the World No 6; defeat Hong Kong’s #WKVincent in straight sets securing a 21-19 21-13 win to progress into R2 of the #FrenchOpenSuper750#IndiaontheRise BAI Media (@BAI_Media) October 24, 2018Srikanth, who is known to be a slow starter, perhaps got a boost with the first game victory and took control of the second game right from the start. The change of ends perhaps helped Srikanth as well.Srikanth opened up an 8-4 lead before Vincent pocketed two straight points to close the gap to 8-6. However, Srikanth did not back down and won three straight points to go into the break with an 11-6 lead.advertisementAfter the break, Srikanth absolutely dominated Vincent and ran with the match. Apart from a few points that Vincent could bring up, Srikanth raced to a 16-10 lead and then closed out the match 21-13.On Tuesday, PV Sindhu took the revenge on USA’s Beiwen Zhang for her first round loss in Denmark with a 21-17, 21-8 thrashing of the India Open winner and advanced to the second round.Right after that, Arjun MR and Shlok Ramchandran put up a spirited display against second seed Li Junhui and Lui Yuchen of China in the men’s doubles Round 1 match but came up short 14-21, 17-21.With Srikanth comfortably in the second round and on course for a title defence, the focus will shift to Denmark Open silver medallist Saina Nehwal, who has looked in good form on this European tour.Saina will be up against Japan’s Saena Kawakami later in the day while quarter-finalist in Denmark Sameer Verma has a tough match against Asian Games gold medallist Jonatan Christie of Indonesia. Sameer had recently defeated Christie in Odense.Sai Praneeth will also be in action in men’s singles with a first round clash against Brazilian Ygor Coelho.In men’s doubles, Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty will be up against German pair of Jones Ralfy Jansen and Josche Zurwonne while Manu Attri and Sumeeth Reddy will face Min Hyuk Kang and Kim Won Ho of South Korea.Satwik will also pair up with Ashwini Ponnappa for mixed doubles match against third seed Liu Cheng and Zhang Nan of China. The other Indian mixed doubles pair in contention Rohan Kapoor and Kuhoo Garg also have an uphill task against world No.1 Zheng Siwei and Huang Yaqiong of China.In women’s doubles, Meghana Jakkampudi and Poorvisha S Ram will be up against Belgium’s Lise Jaques and Flore Vandenhoucke.last_img read more

There’s something loose between my legs: Vettel’s message on team radio has everyone in splits

first_imgFerrari’s Sebastian Vettel lost out to Mercedes’s Lewis Hamilton, as the Brit raced to his fifth world title at the Mexico GP. But Vettel seems to be taking the loss in his stride, as he left an unusual message on Ferrari team radio during the second practice for the Brazilian Grand Prix.Valtteri Bottas of Mercedes topped the session, who has yet to win in a season dominated by team mate Hamilton, who just 0.003 seconds behind. Bottas set the fastest time of one minute 08.846 seconds on an overcast day at Interlagos with a few spots of rain.Vettel was third fastest, 0.073 off the pace after complaining of something loose around his feet, which seemed to be problems with his car’s front suspension.”There’s something loose between my legs,” Vettel explained to his teammates on the radio.”Apart from the obvious. Something is flying around my feet. I’d be proud if it was what you think it is, but it’s not.”OK… Seb may have won team radio of the year #BrazilGP #F1 1 (@F1) November 9, 2018″The car’s been OK, but not good yet so still some work to do,” said Vettel. “We are in the ball park but I think we can still launch forward from where we are.”When asked what it actually was, Vettel clarified that it was just a small screw.So what exactly *was* loose in Seb’s cockpit earlier on Friday…?#BrazilGP 1 (@F1) November 9, 2018Funny as it may have been, when asked later in an interview, Vettel joked that the Interlagos circuit was bewitched and someone had a spell cast on it. He refused though to elaborate on his comments.advertisementMercedes will of course retain the constructors’ championship on Sunday if Ferrari fail to outscore them by 13 points.Renault’s Nico Hulkenberg crashed heavily at the tight Juncao left-hander, one of the key bends on the track, as it held up Hamilton in one of the sessions.”The car felt better than it did in Mexico, but we are still working our way through some issues. The pace doesn’t seem too bad, so we just have to keep working on it and improving it,” said Hamilton.”It’s very close between all of us at the front, but I think there’s more potential in our car, so we just need to try and squeeze it out.”Hulk smash #BrazilGP #F1 1 (@F1) November 9, 2018OIL LEAKMexican Grand Prix winner Max Verstappen had been fastest in the opening session, with a lap of 1:09.011, but was sidelined at the start of the second session as Red Bull worked to fix an oil leak.”They think it’s something that might have actually started in Mexico,” said team boss Christian Horner. “It compromised his track time but we got enough to get some good data.”Verstappen can still become the youngest driver to take a pole position on Saturday, but the 21-year-old played down the chances of that happening.”I had to go a bit too quickly through my programme initially and I had some traffic as well. It’s not ideal but I don’t think we are going to fight for pole position anyway,” he said.Ricciardo will have a five-place grid penalty after the team changed the turbocharger on his car before the start of track action. Horner said it had been damaged in Mexico by a marshal spraying foam on the car after he retired from the race.”It ruined the turbo and the other turbo that Daniel has in his pool was on the engine that failed in Austin,” said Horner. “And Renault say that every time they’ve run a turbo after a failure like that, they usually stop after 400km.”We don’t really want to put him in that position.”Force India’s Esteban Ocon will also have a five-place drop after an unscheduled gearbox change.Hamilton finished fourth in Mexico and has a habit of not winning again in a season where he takes the title early, something he is keen to end.Haas were best of the rest in the morning, with Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen seventh and eighth. The pair were then split by Sauber’s Charles Leclerc in the afternoon.Magnussen’s car also shed a wing mirror during the session.Antonio Giovinazzi, who will replace Ferrari-bound Leclerc next season, took Marcus Ericsson’s car and was 13th fastest in the opening session.British teenager Lando Norris, another 2019 rookie, was also on track in Fernando Alonso’s McLaren for the first session and was faster on the quicker soft tyres than the team’s departing Belgian Stoffel Vandoorne on mediums.advertisement(With inputs from Reuters)last_img read more

Will Mithali Raj retire from T20Is after World T20 fiasco in West Indies?

first_imgMithali Raj has the swagger that could have earned her million dollar contracts if she were playing men’s cricket in India. She nonchalantly reads books before going out to bat in World Cup matches, shuts down journalists who come up with borderline sexist questions.On top of all this, Raj scores runs, plenty of them. The 35-year-old cricketer from Rajasthan is the leading run-scorer in women’s ODIs. With 6550 runs at an average of 51.17, Raj is well ahead of the chasing pack that has several big names from women’s cricket.Raj has served Indian cricket for 20 years and for the most part, shouldered the burden of the team single-handedly. She didn’t always have the luxury to hold her pose after a cracking drive, considering broadcast deals were an unknown entity in women’s cricket until very recently. But she kept scoring, winning matches for the team like no else before her had done.And that’s why when she was dropped from the Indian playing XI for the World T20 semi-final against England in the Caribbean last week, there was a huge furore back in the country. Fans lashed out at the team selection that arguably cost India a place in the final. Experts pitched in and Raj’s manager blasted captain Harmanpreet Kaur on Twitter before deleting her post.Also read: Ganguly relates to Mithali’s omission from World T20 semi-final: ‘Welcome to the group’ Raj had scored a couple of match-winning fifties in the group stages wherein India looked unstoppable. However, she was forced to sit out of their final round-robin match against Australia with a knee injury.advertisementRaj was declared fit on the eve of the semi-final but India insisted on going in with a winning combination that saw their most experienced player warm the benches. When India collapsed from 89 for 2 to 112 all-out, Raj’s straight face that was captured by the television cameras told the entire story.Also read: Mithali Raj ‘terribly disappointed’ after World T20 semis axing, says personal coachRaj’s strike-rate, which has been around run-a-ball in the shortest format of the game, had been a cause of concern for quite some time now. At a time when India are looking ahead, especially after the arrival of coach Ramesh Powar, the senior campaigner was no longer a certain starter in T20Is.Raj has scored 575 runs from 22 innings in 2018 at an average of 35.93 but her performances in the lead-up to the tournament were far from impressive. Eventually, the right-hander didn’t get to bat in the tournament opener wherein India amassed 194 runs.However, in low-scoring matches, especially against arch-rivals Pakistan, Raj’s experience augured well for Harmanpreet’s side. Notably, Raj opened the innings for the team and hit a match-winning 47-ball 56.As it turns out, Raj had a difficult time throughout the tournament as there was quite a lot of uncertainty surrounding her place in the side, according to Mid-Day. The batting snub in the opening match didn’t help either as she didn’t have a fixed batting position in the recent past.Raj was reportedly told about her omission from the playing XI for the semi-final only after the pre-match warm-up – a gesture that had left her “terribly disappointed”, according to her personal coach RSR Murthy.Even if Raj’s axing is being projected as a tactical move by the management, the message has been sent out loud and clear. The veteran’s time as part of the Indian setup in the shortest format is up and if reports are to be believed, Raj has come to terms with it.The “harsh treatment” meted to Raj at the World T20 has pushed her into contemplating retirement from the shortest format of the game, according to the news daily.Notably, Raj wasn’t thinking about quitting the T20I formats and had wanted to continue playing even after the global spectacle in the Caribbean but the latest turn of events seems to have influenced her decision. Nonetheless, Raj had conceded during the tournament that she wouldn’t be playing another World T20 for the country.The seasoned campaigner, who is still the captain of the women’s ODI team, is seemingly hopeful of playing the 2021 World Cup. Raj may want to focus solely on building a team for the global 50-over spectacle and she has ample time to do so.Far from ideal circumstances for Team IndiaMeanwhile, It remains to be seen if the reported rift between two of the superstar cricketers of the women’s team – Raj and Harmanpreet – will have an impact on team in the near future.advertisementHarmanpreet is undoubtedly one of the most popular women’s cricketers in the world, let alone in the country. Her unbeaten 171 against Australia in the Women’s World Cup semi-final last year is arguably among the best World Cup knocks ever played.However, Harmanpreet has had a tough time in one-day cricket since her magnificent hundred over a year ago. Since her second ODI hundred in 2013, the 29-year-old has scored only one century and has been under-par in the ongoing season wherein she has managed just 195 runs 12 matches at 21.66.What if and there’s a big IF – Harmanpreet has to be dropped because of her lack of runs in the one-day format? Will that be seen as an act of revenge by Mithali the ODI skipper, no matter how tactical the reason is? These are not ideal circumstances for a team and far from ideal.Mithali’s experience could have been vital against England in the semi-final. Her manager (she later said she did not manage Mithali) muddied the waters further with her explosive comments against Harmanpreet. Who knows what the mood will be in the Indian team like? Maybe the women will put this behind them and focus on the challenges that lay ahead.And if Mithalai decides to hang up her boots in T20s, it will be a setback that the Indian team will not be immediately able to deal with.Also see:last_img read more

Meet India women cricket team’s new coach WV Raman: A gutsy, no non-sense cricketer

first_imgAfter hours of speculation, former India all-rounder WV Raman was appointed as the head coach of the India women’s cricket team on Thursday. The 53-year-old piped the likes of World Cup-winning India coach Gary Kirsten and former pacer Venkatesh Prasad who were part of the final shortlist after the interviews conducted by BCCI’s three-member ad hoc panel earlier in the day.Kirsten, who won the 2011 World Cup as a coach, lost the three-way race despite being the preferred candidate as he was unwilling to give up his coaching job at Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise, Royal Challengers Bangalore.Raman, who is currently working as batting consultant at the National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Bengaluru, has bagged a two-year contract but his pay package is yet to be decided, according to media reports.Notably, Raman got the nod ahead of the other two shortlisted candidates due to his experience as a batting coach.1. Raman was born on May 23, 1965, in Chennai erstwhile Madras in Tamil Nadu2. Raman played 11 Tests and 27 ODIs for India between 1988 and 1997.3. Raman started out as a wily left-arm spinner but his career took shape as a batsman.4. Raman impressed in his Test debut, scoring a second-innings 83 against the West Indies in Chennai. He picked up a wicket in his first over in Tests.5. Raman even opened the innings for India on quite a few occasions. The left-hander played his last Test in 1997 against Cape Town in South Africa. He ended up with 448 runs in his 11-Test career at an average of 24.88.advertisement6. Raman became the first Indian to score a hundred against South Africa in ODIs, which also became his only ton in the 50-over format. He scored 114 in Centurion to help India beat the hosts by four wickets.7. Raman’s was a prolific all-rounder at the domestic level as he scored 7939 first-class runs and 2892 List A runs. He picked up a total of 103 wickets at the domestic level.8. After announcing retirement from first-class cricket in 1999 due to “lack of motivation”, Raman immediately switched focus to coaching. A year after his retirement, he attended a grade three level coaching programme in Australia.9. Raman is now one of the most qualified and experienced coaches in India. He had worked as an assistant coach at Kings XI Punjab in 2013 and as batting coach at Kolkata Knight Riders the following year.10. Apart from coaching the Ranji Trophy teams of Tamil Nadu and Bengal, Raman also worked with the India U-19 team in 2016. He oversaw India U-19 team’s tour of Sri Lanka earlier this year. Sachin Tendulkar’s son Arjun was part of the said team.Also Read | Kapil Dev and Manoj Prabhakar come face to face years after 1997 corruption slurAlso Read | India vs Australia: What Ishant and Jadeja said to each other as they fought in PerthAlso See:last_img read more