Six detained in relation to double murder

first_imgTwitter WhatsApp Previous articleCharged with intimidating witnessNext articleNew car sales motoring well admin Print Advertisement NewsLocal NewsSix detained in relation to double murderBy admin – January 13, 2011 651 center_img Facebook Linkedin GARDAI have been granted a further period of 72 hours to detain and question six people in relation to a double murder in Southill last Sunday. Chief Supt Dave Sheahan told a sitting of Limerick District Court that the investigation into the shootings was a “complex and extensive” one.  Over 100 gardai are involved in the criminal investigation, where over 1,600 hours of CCTV footage is being examined from 30 plus systems. Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up Forensic and scientific analysis is ongoing and almost 400 houses have been called to by gardai and up to 600 people have been interviewed.Two prime suspects, as well as four others, have been detained following the granting of the period of detention by Judge O’Donnell as they continue to investigate them under the suspicion of murder and withholding relevant information pertaining to the investigation. Emaillast_img read more

Dream teams

first_imgRelated posts:No related photos. A dream or a nightmare? Everybody in your hard-won and carefully nurtured HR team has been poached by a jealous rival. Not only that, but they are all locked into watertight 10-year contracts, so there’s absolutely no chance of getting them back – no matter how much you want them, and no matter how much money you offer – so your immediate task is to replace them.We set six HR professionals the task of constructing the HR dream team they’d like to see guiding their organisations into a hypothetical future on a high performance course. Each dreamer has six places to fill, but can choose which positions are vacant, or design them. Then they can call forward any candidate, living or dead, fictional or historical, and from any walk of life – show business, sport, politics, or even, if they really want, from the HR sector.Although this shares some similarities with Fantasy Football, it is clearly impossible to score the teams’ performances over the next business season – but it would be interesting to speculate how they would fare as they work together. Rhiannon ChapmanFounder of Plaudit consultancyRecruitment/equal opportunities jobshareDr Billy Graham, to fire enthusiasm for the “mission”, draw the crowds for recruitment and get the “chosen people” to offer their services with commitment and passion – all effective recruitment has to have an element of evangelism. Nelson Mandela, because recruitment and equal opportunities are about effective resourcing, ensuring people get the chance to show what they can do. Mandela is used to an isolated position, and management would be more likely to listen to him than anyone else I can think of.Reward/pensionsNicola Horlick, whom I have previously worked with, because she knows all about getting a good return on investment and striking a balance between the short and long term. Having suffered unfair treatment personally, she would be sensitive to the need for fairness and consistency, and is one of the most open, hard-working and effective team players I have met in the City. She can hold a roomful of cynical company directors in the palm of her hand.Training and developmentSir Alex Ferguson, because he gets results and is tough but fair, and everyone would turn up for his courses and work hard for him. Training must be seen to be closely linked to improved results, and Manchester United is arguably the UK’s best-known and obviously effective investor in people.Organisation developmentRosabeth Moss Kanter, the human face of international management consultancy. She has been an influence on me ever since Men and Women of the Corporation was published in 1977. She is practical, and her work is easy to adapt into programmes and actions. A self-made woman who flies in her own Learjet has to be a good role model, too.HR systemsMrs Steve Shirley (founder and president, FI Group) – an excellent networker, in IT and outside, she would have the vision to ensure that HR systems are built around and support the central business systems, and are not merely a separate administrative process. Getting the need for strategic HR behaviour across to the board could be safely entrusted to her.Employee communicationsQueen Elizabeth I, who triumphed in keeping a delicate balance between conflicting diplomatic, religious and other power-broking pressures, and reigned, much loved, for 45 years. This is an area of HR that profits from continuity. Helen MartinAssociate head of HR, Credit Suisse Private BankingRecruitmentThe Terminator. He would be great deterrent against the competition, who would not stop until he’d got the right man.RewardBarbara Woodhouse. A behavioural psychologist in action who can demonstrate the benefits of a reward strategy and has a working knowledge of positive reinforcement.Training and developmentTracy Drewett, from Maxim/Knowledge Pool. Charismatic, knowledgeable and able to convince even the most cynical about the benefits training and development can bring the organisation and individual. Good eye on cost versus benefit. Equal opportunitiesBen Elton. He is able to deal with EO issues on an informed basis in a non-patronising fashion, and capable of enlightening the prejudiced. I would also choose Jo Brand for the same reasons.Health and safetyAny traffic warden. They are sticklers for the rules and have a sharp eye for detail and (usually) a healthy degree of paranoia.Workplace cultureJohn Major. The ideal holder of such a role would be someone with almost no personality of his own!HR systemsDifficult one. Once you’ve got one of these you really want to make sure you can hold on to them because they are very difficult to replace. Arthur C Clark springs to mind.LegalJohn Grisham. As an author and former barrister, he has a sound legal mind and the intelligence and creativity to deal with any situation.HR systemsBill Gates’ clear track record in building a high user-base for IT systems should ensure excellent take-up of the new HR system. Additionally, by identifying external business opportunities early, Bill would be able to market the system to other companies, eventually ensuring that our system becomes the industry standard.Employee communicationsPaul Whitehouse of the Fast Show, who is likeable, clever and imaginative with visual flair, and has the necessary ability to present information in an appealing fashion. Graham Kettles HR director at the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (Dera)RecruitmentLord Kitchener has a proven track record through his extensive experience of recruiting troops for the British Army. The use of his image on recruitment posters in the past has ensured he retains a high profile, and he is able to offer an innovative approach to recruitment through strategies such as conscription, which is as yet untried in the private sector. Although his image might be somewhat dated, it is considered that an induction course with the new training and development manager together with a carefully managed PR exercise should resolve this.RewardFather Christmas, as he has an uncanny ability to meet everyone’s requirements without incurring cashflow problems, and would be able to ensure that all annual pay increases are actioned in a single night. With his preferred transport of reindeer and sleigh, any future petrol shortages would be unlikely to impact on the business.Training and developmentSteve Redgrave, as his ability to stay focused on the long-term objectives, together with his high level of personal commitment, mean he will have no difficulty in training and motivating the workforce.PensionsEbenezer Scrooge’s innate ability to hoard vast sums of money bodes well for future funding of the pension scheme. He will, however, need an intensive one-to-one session with the new training and development officer in order to ensure all entitlements are paid promptly.Health and safetyTom (from Tom and Jerry) would be able to show, with clear, practical demonstrations, the dangers of bad health and safety practice, while at the same time incurring no lasting injuries himself. As an added bonus, if it ever proved necessary to terminate his contract this could be achieved quickly and simply, and without the worry of possible tribunal appearances, by using a pencil eraser. Anna GeogheganHR manager, Renaissance WorldwideRewardChris Tarrant, as he would make salary reviews interesting: “I could give you a cheque for £1,000, but I really want to give you this cheque for £2,000. Now you can phone a friend or ask the audience – take your time.”Training and developmentSteve Redgrave. All training would start at 5am by the river and involve hours in the gym – and if he couldn’t motivate the team across the line to gold, who could?Employee communicationsLawrence Llewelyn-Bowen (BBC’s Home Front). He could change the offices on a regular basis to affect mood and inspire creativity and open expression. Employee communicationsWinston Churchill. That voice is guaranteed to make even the worst news sound a mere inconvenience, and would inspire the company to great things.LegalInspector Morse – no arguments, good legal brain, great car and an appreciation of fine music – a good all-rounder and a fun member of the team.Employee relationsKing Arthur as a good motivator, negotiator and leader, with his own spin doctor and adviser – Merlin. Hilary SimpsonHead of organisational development, Oxfordshire County CouncilHR systemsSteve Shirley, founder of FI and first woman president of the British Computer Society.LegalHelena Kennedy, not just for her work on human rights, but also for her commitment to widening participation in lifelong learning.Outplacement consultantMax Clifford. I have a lot of admiration for him, and he seems to be able to find lucrative niches for the most unlikely people.Equal opportunitiesNelson Mandela. Who else?PensionsThe Beardstown Ladies Investment Club, a team of amateur US investors who have outperformed professional fund managers for nearly 20 years and built retirement portfolios of enviable proportions.Employee communicationsMo Mowlam, but only if she wants it – she’s had enough of being offered jobs she doesn’t want. Kim FreemanHR director TMP WorldwideRecruitmentThis would be a job share split between Pierce Brosnan and Renee Russo, because men and women would be drawn to them, plus they have experience of working together in films – essential for a good job share.DiversityAnita Roddick, for her appreciation of the effect of ethical issues on the commercial case. And to redeem herself for her recent comments on piercings.Training and developmentThe “awesome foursome” (coxless four gold medalists), or Steve Redgrave at least. It would definitely have to be someone who knows about motivation for improved performance.Compensation and benefitsGordon Brown, because he is a good manager of money, and he might enjoy a job change that would give him a more popular profile. Harry Potter would be his assistant, to produce money as required and because of his ability to travel to multiple sites at low cost.HR systemsBill Gates – no more licence costs, and a great opportunity to exploit e-learning potential.Employee communicationsI’d go for Richard Branson. He’s perfect for branding and internal marketing. Plus we can use Virgin gift tokens and trips to New York to show staff recognition. Comments are closed. Dream teamsOn 7 Nov 2000 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Articlelast_img read more

Orange ice hockey hopes to benefit from competition of rotating goalies

first_img Facebook Twitter Google+ Comments Paul Flanagan doesn’t know who to start at goalie for the Syracuse ice hockey team. The head coach jokes he’ll just have to leave it up to chance. ‘Get the Ouija board out on Thursday,’ he said. Lacking a clear-cut starter at goalie — a position many coaches build their teams around — could be seen as an ominous situation. But Flanagan views it in a more positive light. Freshmen Jenesica Drinkwater and Kallie Billadeau have brought out the best in each other in competing for the starting spot early in the season, Flanagan said. And even if the battle for the starting spot at goalie may not be the optimal situation for Flanagan’s team moving forward, he professes he is fine with that. With the two, there is no solidity there. But he is fine with that little element of chance. For now. ‘I think they work well together, it’s a healthy competition,’ Flanagan said. ‘I don’t see it as anything that’s negative about it. I think it’s all positive, especially when you’re two freshmen and everything’s new to them.’AdvertisementThis is placeholder text Drinkwater had 15 saves in a 4-4 tie with Northeastern in the season opener. Billadeau recorded 26 saves in an upset win over then-No. 8 New Hampshire and kept the Orange in the game with 34 saves in a losing effort against No. 7 Boston College over the weekend. Drinkwater wants to earn more starting opportunities. At the same time, she said she puts team goals above her own and wants to see her teammates in goal succeed, too. ‘I think all the goalies are really close,’ she said. ‘We all definitely push each other in practice. It’s only going to make us better.’ Billadeau has enjoyed the competition for the starting spot, but she said she doesn’t get caught up in comparisons with the other goalies. ‘I just try to stick to my game and focus on what I’m doing, not really worrying about what anybody else is doing out there,’ she said. ‘I just try to focus on me and doing my part.’ Through three games, Flanagan has noticed differences in their styles and skills in the net. He said Drinkwater relies on her athleticism to make plays. She has played in big games in the Provincial Women’s Hockey League and as a member of Team Ontario in the National Women’s U-18 Championship. She likes the challenge that comes with that big stage. Billadeau, the top goalie out of Minnesota, has a more technical style and uses good positioning to block the puck. Flanagan said he has been impressed by her calm demeanor on the ice. Both have displayed their talents so far. Their play will go a long way in the team’s success this season. It remains to be seen who Flanagan will ultimately choose, if he does decide to make that decision and veer from his complacency with chance. With the two freshmen taking over in goal, it’s a different situation for Flanagan and the Orange. Lucy Schoedel graduated after starting every game for the Orange in the program’s first two seasons. Now Flanagan is searching for strong play in net from whoever the next goalie will be. Building on that foundation is even more important with a young defense that is still finding its way. ‘It is such a key position,’ he said. ‘We also have a young defensive core, and it’s important for our ‘D’ to have confidence in their goaltender. We realize any decisions we make in terms of who’s in there has a pretty big bearing on how our team’s going to perform that night.’ Flanagan believes the situation will work itself out in a long season with 31 regular season games remaining. He swears he has time to wait. He’s taking it game by game. And though he doesn’t have a formula he will follow with the decision, he does have an end result in mind when making the call. Whatever is best for the rest of the team. And for now, he thinks leaving it up to chance is best for SU. ‘There’s not necessarily any rhyme or reason or pattern here,’ Flanagan said. ‘We’re just trying to look at different things and trying to figure out what’s best for our team heading into Friday night.’ [email protected]center_img Published on October 13, 2010 at 12:00 pm Contact Ryne: [email protected]last_img read more