Dumpstaphunk Finds The Groove At The End Of The Oregon Trail [Review]

first_imgThe wild eyed guitar and bass antics of Hall don’t obscure his impressive skill on whatever stringed instrument rests in his hands. His back and forth eye contact with the man on the marque, and the keys, Ivan Neville, had the element of a soldier and a general, setting the plan of attack. Neville makes playing the organ look like a dance, as if each keystroke is an extension of a connection to a higher groove that he is trying to share. Whether he was entertaining the crowd with tales of their day of travel or extorting them to sing along as Dumpstaphunk shook the rafters, Ivan Neville gives the same full-tilt commitment to the moment, and it’s invigorating to see.For nearly two hours, Dumpstaphunk laid down slabs of pulsating funk that seemed to subsume the room  and made the people marionettes in the hands of musical masters. Guitarist Ian Neville continues to carve out more lead time in the mix, with several blistering leads and slinky rhythm lines that drew appreciative cheers from the packed house. When the last notes faded, an appreciative and somewhat bewildered audience greeted the band’s outstretched arms with an uproarious cheer, showing their appreciation for the mind warping display they had just undergone.The night’s festivities kicked off with Joytribe, a funk & soul collective based out of the Rose City. Led by sax player Chelsea Luker, the band was trying out some additional players, and the thick sound made a serious impact on the early arriving crowd. With show-stopping turns on the mic singing and playing Luker grabbed the listeners attention, but the funky vibe of the band kept them riveted. Their set was very well received, and it appears an answer was given to the band’s musical question of whether adding a few more hands was a good idea or not.It will be fun to see what the future brings for Joytribe! Dumpstaphunk is touring the Pacific Northwest, acting as funk ambassadors and making it their mission to bring the get down vibe to the people who need it, wherever they may be. Their noble quest brought them the Star Theater in Portland, OR on a clear Thursday night, which they filled with waves of bass, organ and slinky guitar that swept away everyone like a groove tsunami.There’s no adherence to the age old wisdom “Too much of a good thing” when it comes to Dumpstaphunk, as the trance dancing audience was delighted to hear. Nick Daniels possesses one of the deepest, sweetest bass tones of any living player that strikes listeners at their centers and takes hold. Over the course of the set, he ranged from precise to sludge-thick, while sharing lead vocal duties in a powerful falsetto. As always with Dumpstaphunk, if one is good then two must be better, and Daniels was joined in the deep end by multi-instrumentalist Tony Hall.last_img read more

Two bidders in race for Virgin Australia

first_imgTopics : Administrator Vaughan Strawbridge, from accounting firm Deloitte, said Tuesday that private equity firms Bain Capital and Cyrus Capital Partners had been shortlisted from a pool of five bidders.He said both US-based investment houses were “well-funded, have deep aviation experience, and they see real value in the business and its future”.”We will now spend the coming weeks facilitating in-depth bidder engagement with the stakeholders of the business and work closely with both preferred bidders in the lead up to binding final offers being received,” Strawbridge added.The airline has continued operating limited domestic routes and government-backed flights to bring Australians home from overseas during the coronavirus crisis. Virgin Australia’s administrators announced Tuesday they had narrowed the pool of interested buyers to two US-based private equity firms, weeks after the carrier buckled under the strain of the coronavirus pandemic.Virgin Australia Group went into voluntary administration in late April as the global aviation industry came to a halt amid international border closures designed to slow the spread of coronavirus.The airline was more than Aus$5 billion ($3.2 billion) in debt and had appealed for an Aus$1.4 billion loan to stay afloat, but the government refused to bail out the majority foreign-owned company.center_img About 1,000 staff were made redundant before the carrier went into voluntary administration while 8,000 others were furloughed, leaving just 1,000 still working.Administrators say they plan to reach an agreement with the successful bidder by June 30.last_img read more

Find out why you cant access a website or service on the

first_imgFind out why you can’t access a website or service on the Internet by Martin Brinkmann on February 08, 2018 in Internet – 24 commentsEven the most prominent websites or services may go down. While the downtime of sites like Facebook, YouTube or Twitter is measured in seconds usually, other sites may be down for hours or even days at a time.But downtime is not the only reason why you may not be able to access a website. Maybe it is blocked in your country, blocked by security software, or you cannot access it because of ISP routing issues.The following guide offers a list of suggestions on analyzing connection issues. It lists recommendations to access the site in question regardless of connectivity issues furthermore.Part 1: Analyze why you can’t access a websiteYou open a site in the browser’s address bar or click on a link, but instead of seeing the website rendered in the web browser of choice you get an error message, or it takes ages before a timeout is displayed to you.In Ways to check if a website is down, I listed four options to analyze why you can’t connect to a particular site. I don’t want to rehash the whole article, so check it out as a good starting point.Try AgainThe first thing you may want to do is try to access the site that you can’t access again. If the site is still loading, hit the stop button, and then reload the website to see if the connection issue was temporary or if it has been resolved in the meantime.Ping / TracertRun Ping / Tracert on the command line — This is quickly done and may reveal valuable information right away. Open a command prompt (on Windows, tap on the Windows-key, type cmd.exe and hit the Enter-key)Type ping site, e.g., ping www.ghacks.net, to ping the site.Type tracert site, e.g., tracert www.ghacks.net to run a trace.Timeout messages are indicators for server or routing issues.Web CheckersThe main advantage that web checkers have is that they can tell you if others, in this case, the server the checking script runs on, can access a specific site.This is useful, as you will get two responses:The site is down for anyone — you know now that the issue is not caused by a setting on your computer or your ISP.The site is down for you — the issue is caused by your computer or your ISP.Use a service like downforme.org to find out if the site in question is down for anyone or just you.Ask someone elseWhile you can use a service to find out if a site is not accessible on your end or globally, you may also ask a friend or contact to check it out.This may not work all the time, depending on the site in question, but it may help you find out more about the connection issue.Friends who use the same ISP as you may help you figure out if the issue is related to a specific ISP, and if they live in the same country if it could be country related.Part 2: Troubleshoot connectivity issuesNow that you know that you can’t access a site or service on the Internet, you may want to do something about it.It may not always be possible, however, as connectivity issues are not always issues that you may fix on your end.Here is a list of suggestions:Try a different web browser or the same browser in private browsing mode. If you use extensions, I suggest you try a clean, unmodified profile or a different browser.Check if security software on your device blocks access to the site. You need to check the log of a firewall, or temporarily disable security software to find out.Check if your Hosts file has an entry for the site in question.Use third-party tools like Domain Health Report or Blacklist Check to find out if a site is on a blacklist (and thus blocked).Run a search on Twitter, Reddit or other near real-time services to find out if the site is down for others, or if the operators of the site have published information.Open the Developer Tools of your browser, usually with F12, and switch to the network tab. Reload the site in question and check if you get errors there.Part 3: How to access sites that you can’t accessIt is entirely possible that you may not be able to access a site. Maybe it is blocked at the ISP level or even countrywide, or it is down for anyone.You may use the following tools and services to try and access the site in question. Note that these often grant access to static content only and don’t let you interact with the site. So, if Facebook is down, you may access the public profile but may not be able to post, write comments or use the messaging service.Startpage’s Proxy (or any other proxy service). The search engine Startpage has a proxy feature which you may use to access sites through their servers. Just enter the URL of the site in question in the search form and click on the proxy link next to it to access the site using a proxy. This works if the site is down for you but not anyone else.Use a VPN. This works similarly to using a proxy, but you may connect to servers in different countries usually (depending on the VPN). This is ideal if a service is blocked in your country or region, or if a site is down in a particular country but not in others.Wayback Machine. Use the Wayback Machine to access a stored copy of the site. This is useful if you want to access posted content, e.g., an article on a site. There is no guarantee, however, that the Wayback Machine managed to archive a copy of the page in question.Now You: What do you do if you can’t access a site on the Internet?Related articlesCheck, Log and React on Website DowntimesGmail Website Down? Get your emails anywayHow to fix Google Chrome’s Aw, Snap! error message when loading websitesIs Facebook Down? Find Out Right Now!The ultimate Online Privacy Test Resource ListSummaryArticle NameFind out why you can’t access a website or service on the InternetDescriptionEven the most prominent websites or services may go down. While the downtime of sites like Facebook, YouTube or Twitter is measured in seconds usually, other sites may be down for hours or even days at a time.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more