The Motet Announce Four-Night New Year’s Eve Run

first_imgThe beloved Colorado funk act, The Motet, will be ringing in 2018 on the West Coast, with a string of newly announced dates to close out the end of December this year. For their upcoming four-night New Year’s Eve run, the six-piece ensemble will be posted up in Oregon. To kick off the run, on December 28th, the group will hit the Historic Ashland Armory in Ashland, Oregon. The following night, on December 29th, The Motet will move on to the Domino Room in Bend. To close out the run and 2017, the funk act will hit Revolution Hall in Portland, Oregon, for a two-night run across December 30th and 31st.[Photo: Emily Butler]last_img read more

Teach Your Teens the Value of Money

first_imgAs your teens grow older and come closer to adulthood however, it just becomes important to teach them how to be responsible and independent. This is especiallytrue during the teenage years because much of what they learn about the value of hard work, responsibility, and money during this time will shape their adultbehaviors.Teaching a child the value of money is not all that difficult and you can start rather early. Something as simple as having a “piggy bank” is great way to teach childrenhow to save early on in life. It’s a first step towards them learning how to not squander money on small things but rather to save for something more important such asa car, their college education, a home, or for the “rainy days.”It is pretty well known that something given to you rarely has as much value as when you’ve worked to get it. A sure way of not instilling these values in your childrenis to give them far more than what they need and without them lifting a finger for it. Buying them expensive clothes or the car they always wanted may make themhappy and be important for their status, but you’ll likely end up teaching them how to be dependent rather than independent.Even if you paid for your child’s first car in its entirety, having them continually work to make token payments on it or the insurance premium can instill the sense thatthey’ve worked for what they have.As children get older, working odd or part time jobs can teach them a great deal about responsibility, the value of hard work, and how good it feels to earn what youhave.These times it’s extremely difficult for a child to buy their first car or to pay for college all by themselves. It’s hard for parents to do the same, especially if you havemultiple children, and especially if you haven’t started saving early. Not preparing for these expenses could mean having to buy an inexpensive car with constant repairbills that eat up more money in the end.When it comes to handling money, the example you give your children may be the most potent lesson of all.For professional help just log on: is external) is external) is external) They can be of great help. Abundantlifeacademy Group’s schools and programs excel at finding anindividualized plan for troubled children and teens. Their purpose is to introduce, or re-introduce, their students to the Holy Spirit. There are ways to help manage thedepressions and all it takes is some effort to find those answers.About Author: Nivea DavidFor listings please visit is external) (Leading Website For Troubled Teens) TroubledTeen Help You can also visit is external) For Troubled Teens Campslast_img read more

CDC reports 25 West Nile cases in 11 states

first_img About 20% of people infected with West Nile get sick, and about 1 in 150 suffers the severe form, West Nile meningitis or encephalitis. Roughly 17,000 Americans have had the disease since it made its North American debut in 1999. Last year the United States had 2,539 cases with 100 deaths, according to the CDC. Nine of the 25 cases were the severe, neuroinvasive form of West Nile, the CDC said. Another 15 cases were listed as West Nile fever, and one case was unspecified. CDC. West Nile virus activity—United States, 2005. MMWR 2005 Jul 15;54(27):678-9 [Full text] See also: Jul 14, 2005 (CIDRAP News) – The annual invasion of West Nile virus has sickened 25 people in 11 states and caused one death so far this summer, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said today. West Nile virus is spread to humans by mosquitoes that have fed on infected birds, which are believed to be the main reservoir for the virus. The CDC says that infected crows and other birds have been found in 16 states so far this season. Other states that have reported cases to the CDC are California, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, New Mexico, Ohio, and Texas. This year’s first case was reported in Kansas in May. Colorado leads the list with 7 cases, followed by South Dakota with 5 and Arizona with 3, according to an article in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. The single death occurred in Missouri. CDC’s West Nile virus site read more

PCP: Biggest revelation after 5 days of baseball?

first_imgFiammetta:If we’re talking about truly revelatory feats accomplished so far in Major League Baseball’s first five days of 2011, I guess the 16 home runs already belted in Yankee Stadium don’t count. Looking at individual statistics, there aren’t even many random surprise leaders – though Milwaukee’s Rickie Weeks does lead the National League with three homers! There is sunshine, Brewers fans.Rather, I’ll stick with the American League East. Traditionally one of baseball’s strong divisions, the AL East has begun the season with three teams above .500. Despite allowing 22 runs, the Yanks have scored 27, belting their way to a 3-1 record.That’s not the revelation.The surprise comes from the current bottom of the division – Tampa Bay and Boston. No need to hit the panic button quite yet – though the loss of Evan Longoria surely stings the Rays (no pun intended). But seeing two of the most potent teams in the division over the last few years combine for a 0-6 record has to raise some eyebrows.The Rays have surrendered only 12 runs so far, but they’ve scored just three. Three! Boston, meanwhile, has suffered by allowing 26 runs to a Texas squad that looks absolutely primed to take over the AL West.So while standing alone, neither squad going winless in its first three games is surprising – especially this early in the season. But together? That “Always Epic” slogan newly adopted by MLB might need some rapid revision.Erickson:They could have tiger blood – or should I say, lion blood – but in five short days the Kansas City Royals have shown they mean business.Beginning with a 4-2 loss to the Angels, life seemed to be going as normal for the Royals.There’s no denying not much has been expected of the Royals, especially after finishing last season with a .414 winning percentage and a .401 clip the year before. Kansas City has been a solid fixture at the cellar of the American League Central six times in the last seven seasons – the one year it wasn’t in last place, it was second-to-last.But when the Royals proceeded to win their next three games after Thursday, they launched themselves to the top of the AL Central and clearly stated they’re through with the old days.This may be a bold statement only five days into the season, but for a team whose name has become synonymous with mediocrity – possibly even less than that – the Royals have shocked the baseball world with their newfound success.Kansas City boasts some impressive young players (Alex Gordon, Billy Butler) that helped raise the spirits of Royals fans everywhere. So far, it appears the Royals mean business this season and are well on their way to showing any doubters they’re a new force in the AL Central.Winning.last_img read more