Quantum Phantom styles itself after Tony Starks computer

first_imgThere are a lot of things Tony Stark owns that you and I never will, but an ambitious developer named Ben Wu has been toiling away to bring a small taste of the Iron Man experience to Windows users.Wu’s Quantum Phantom allows him to use a webcam to draw on his Windows 7 computer’s monitor. The effect is very similar to what happens when you draw on something like a Wacom tablet with its pressure-sensitive stylus, and Wu demonstrates not only some fun scribbling in Tux Paint, but also a slightly more practical application with Windows 7’s built-in handwriting recognition panel to input characters into Microsoft Word.It might also sound a little bit like the many Kinect hacks we’ve seen, but it’s not quite as elegant. It’s clear that Wu is a very clever fellow and that he’s put a lot of time and effort into Quantum Phantom, but it’s a definite step backwards in terms of usability.Kinect — and several similar apps that have been demonstrated over the past few years like FluidTunes — can interpret our movements as input without requiring us to hold anything. Quantum Phantom is ultimately using a webcam more like a Logitech Air Mouse, and that defeats the purpose of a NUI. The system’s awkwardness is compounded by the fact that webcams like the one Wu uses are tethered to our computers by a USB cable, making wireless, accelerometer-powered solutions like the Air Mouse or a Wiimote better suited to this kind of interaction.Nevertheless, it’s great to see developers plugging away and creating new ways for us to interact with our computers. While we’re on that subject, does anybody else wish more had come of the OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator?More at Engadgetlast_img read more