The Transformation Agenda for Digital Businesses

first_imgWatch David Goulden interviewed at EMC World 2015 on theCUBE by Dave Vellante, Chief Analyst at SiliconANGLE. Topics covered include: digital business models, EMC Federation structure, Platform 2 and 3 infrastructures, Flash storage adoption, converged infrastructure and VCE, emerging technologies and applications, EMC acquisition strategy.last_img

Two New Dell UltraSharp Monitors Support Enhanced Performance, Productivity

first_imgWhether we’re in the office or at home, productivity has become a precious commodity for workers. For some of us, the challenge is staying focused amid a million daily distractions. For others, it’s simply finding ways to optimize our performance as much as possible. But across the board, it’s clear that having the right technology has become an essential component of a productive workday.Studies have shown that the monitor(s) workers use can play a key role in enhancing productivity. That’s why Dell is focused on designing monitors that solve productivity and performance challenges. Now, we’re excited to announce the expansion of our innovative Dell UltraSharp line of monitors to better meet the needs of users in color-critical professions and professionals who work simultaneously with multiple applications.Dell UltraSharp 30 Monitor with PremierColor (UP3017)As anyone who’s worked in a visual field knows, small changes to color can immensely change the mood, tone, accuracy and even professional credibility of videos and images. That’s why it’s crucial that users responsible for setting those color levels be presented with a crisp, color-accurate image as they design or edit.The Dell UltraSharp 30 Monitor with PremierColor (UP3017), the newest addition to an impressive lineup of Dell UltraSharp Monitors with PremierColor that address a wide range of color-critical needs, takes this commitment to color a step further than its same-sized predecessor (U3014) with 99 percent coverage achievement across four professional color spaces – AdobeRGB, sRGB, REC 709 and DCI-P3. These last two color spaces are of key importance to animation designers and video editors when ensuring color accuracy during post-production work.Perhaps one of the most exciting enhancements is the ability for users to fine-tune their colors using Custom Color mode or calibrate the monitor in-house using Dell UltraSharp Color Calibration Solution software with the optional colorimeter (sold separately). With the software development kit, you can tweak your color parameters according to your proprietary color solution.This new monitor also addresses another key need of professionals in color-critical fields – the ability to adjust and rotate the monitor to suit their current viewing needs. While our original 30-inch model offered a wide range of adjustability, the new release offers even more options, including the ability to rotate the monitor panel clockwise or counter-clockwise to view the entire screen in portrait orientation, a greater height adjustability range and wider forward and backward tilting angles. Users will have the flexibility to adjust the screen to suit them, rather than the other way around.And since we know that dual monitors can enhance productivity, we’ve made it easier to view dual content in two ways. First, users can connect two PCs to the same UP3017 monitor in order to view and interact with content from each source side-by-side or as picture-in-picture, using a single mouse and keyboard. Secondly, users can daisy chain two monitors to replicate or extend content across both monitors, without requiring both to be connected to the source. Both of these options offer significant productivity enhancements for editors and designers who can save a great deal of time and energy by viewing multiple source files simultaneously.Dell UltraSharp 34 Curved Monitor (U3417W)For users looking for productivity enablers that minimize distractions and help them stay focused on a singular task, we’ve created an even more immersive and comfortable viewing experience with the Dell UltraSharp 34 Curved Monitor (U3417W).The U3417W model builds on the innovations we’ve introduced with our line of curved monitors by providing an increased screen curvature. It takes the benefits of curved, ultra-wide screens even further by better optimizing users’ field of view, while continuing to minimize reflection and offering near-uniform visual focus. It also optimizes eye comfort with a flicker-free viewing experience, ComfortView which minimizes blue light emissions, and less head-turning needed to see the entire image on screen, all of which can be significant benefits for users who view the monitor for hours on end. This has obvious applications for not only workers but gamers and those using the immersive viewing experience for home entertainment. It’s also ideal for executives and discerning professionals who work with multiple applications or files at the same time.The new release offers this increased curvature on top of the same impressive specs, including powerful dual 9W speakers and Picture-in-Picture and Picture-by-Picture features, offered by the U3415W. PC Mag named the U3415W its top pick for ultra-wide monitors, while TechRadar Pro called it “the ideal replacement for dual-monitor setups.”Of course, both monitors build upon the already-solid foundation of the preceding Dell UltraSharp products, including precise, accurate colors right out of the box, and crisp, high-contrast images. And our Premium Panel Guarantee and Advanced Exchange Service provide the reliability our customers have come to expect.The same philosophy that has made us a successful PC brand for over 30 years has made us the world’s number one monitor brand for three years and in North America for 16 years. We listen to our partners and customers and provide practical innovation based on real needs. Whether you’re a worker in a color-critical field, a multi-task-oriented professional or both, let us know how these new monitors are affecting your workday. We look forward to working with you to continue meeting pressing needs as Dell technology and the workplace evolve together.last_img read more

Today’s data center beats yesterday’s by 64x

first_imgAging data center servers and storage can put the brakes on IT performance for many businesses. That’s especially true in light of today’s big advances in server CPU speeds, densities and virtualization. Outdated servers and storage can also send TCO soaring. At the same time, it can cripple future-readiness. That’s because old hardware usually lacks the horsepower and scalability to keep pace with growth demands.For example, a recent study showed that four advanced server nodes with just 2U of rack space and Virtual SAN software could do 16 times the work of older hardware operating from an 8U rack space. That’s a performance-density gain of 64x.Hidden (and growing) costs of aging hardware Let’s step back and look at what growing businesses face.  When they need to add more users and applications, their existing servers and storage may have limited capacity to scale. Not too long ago — and even today — IT staff might add bare-metal hardware to the mix, expanding the data center’s footprint. Of course, that requires more space, cooling and energy, all adding up to higher costs.While some may call those costs the price of growth, other costs should be considered. Older gear that slower CPUs, disks, and interconnections can add latency to performance. It also can need more maintenance and raise the risk of downtime. The latter can cause costly disruptions to production or customer service. Either one can undermine customer satisfaction and employee morale.Point is, an outdated data center can become an increasing liability, often without its owner being fully aware of that fact. Yesterday’s approach of simply adding hardware to keep capacity ahead of the growth curve can lead to using more rack space than necessary, underutilizing existing hardware assets and limiting IT’s ability to respond to business needs in more precise ways.Data center tech matchup: Yesterday vs. today In late June, Dell commissioned a study by Principled Technologies, Inc., to compare the performance of five-year-old, bare-metal servers and storage to a future-ready configuration supporting software-defined storage. The latter consisted of Dell PowerEdge FC430 and FD332 nodes, with Intel solid-state drives (SSDs), residing in a Dell PowerEdge FX2s chassis. This modular server and storage architecture ran VMware Virtual SAN software.The goal of the comparison was to quantify the benefits, especially the ROI, of upgrading an older data center to today’s latest technologies. Both the old and up-to-date server/storage setups ran the same set of simulated email, database and file server workloads.  The Dell Performance Analysis Collection Kit (DPACK) was used to test each configuration’s performance.While the newer configuration was expected to outperform the older one, the core question was: by how much? Researchers found that three server nodes in a 2U rack space could handle 10 times the workload of the legacy configuration, which operated in 8U of rack space — a 40x gain in performance-density.But that’s not all. Adding another Dell PowerEdge FC430 server node to the new setup — without increasing rack space — boosted its workload capacity 16 times over the older configuration. This means the performance-density is 64 times better.Big implications for gaining — and keeping — a performance edge Clearly, the implications of a 64x boost in data center performance on a company’s operations and competitive edge could be significant, although a specific ROI would depend on an individual data center’s setup and existing costs.But the bottom llne is simple: For growing businesses, a fully updated data center strategy — using virtualized servers and software-defined storage — can provide much more performance for much less cost. It also can improve scalability, flexibility and agility for even greater growth yet ensure optimum asset utilization at all times.For all businesses, such a big boost in data center performance can sharpen their competitive edge in several ways. Employees can be more productive. Processes can be more efficient. And digital services provided to customers or in support of customers can be delivered faster and with little if any downtime.Customers interested in conducting a performance analysis on their own data center configurations can get started with DPACK at no charge. Anyone interested in learning more about the comparison study is invited to download the 33-page report, “Free up rack space by replacing old servers and storage,” published by Principled Technologies.last_img read more

Clipper Race Update: Introducing Dell Ambassador Marek Omilian

first_imgWhen we are finally off and at sea, it’s time to focus on sailing and the race, picking the right tactics and evaluating our performance versus the other eleven boats. The “scheds” (position reports) come in every six hours, or four times a day. We track the speed and distance info of other boats in the spreadsheet on the Dell Latitude Rugged laptop in order to compare our track and sail plan.During the Atlantic Trade Winds Leg 1, we managed to build a lot of good knowledge and experiences useful in adjusting to the boat life quicker. We decided to capture these in the book of ‘Best Practices’, using Dell Latitude Rugged. The beauty of using Dell Rugged is that we can keep editing the file anywhere on the boat, even on deck with waves splashing over the deck from time to time. ‘Best Practices’ includes simple things, such as how to clean the toilet or to how to climb and sleep in the top bunk on high side at 40-degree angle.Immediately after we arrive in new port, we are off to deep cleaning the boat and doing some routine maintenance or repair jobs. This means the Job List is the most used spreadsheet file with all the tasks allocated to various departments and prioritized. The list gets updated frequently on Dell Rugged.Upon arrival, we are required to perform safety and rig checks and turn in the log book. Before then, we scan every page of the logbook into Dell Rugged and share the documents with an onshore teammate who uses the data from the just-completed race to compute and update our boat polars. A polar is a description of how fast a boat should sail at a given wind speed and angle.The Atlantic Trade Winds Leg 1 was a grueling 33 days at sea, luckily with enough time to do some of the work highlighted above. I am looking forward to the South Atlantic Leg 2 and more challenges, both sailing and organizational.About Marek Omilian, crew member, Visit SeattleMarek Omilian, 53 from Seattle, USA, is undertaking the full 40,000 nautical mile circumnavigation on board Visit Seattle. The father of two grew up sailing centre-board boats in the Sea Scouts in his native Poland, and after immigrating to the USA in his twenties, he began sailing keelboats and has been racing in the Puget Sound since 2015. Being a Dell Ambassador was a natural fit for Omilian, who has a computing and analyst background and runs his own valuation and management consultant firm. Other than the pride of arriving in his home port of Seattle, Omilian is hoping his Clipper Race experience will challenge him both physically and mentally, and create life-long friendships with his teammates. And, of course, result in winning the coveted Clipper Race Trophy. This is the second in a series of blogs by Dell Ambassadors competing in the Clipper Race, a 40,000 nautical mile race around the world in 70-foot racing yachts. The first post from Samantha Harper can be found here on Direct2Dell. For more background on Dell’s involvement, read our initial blog about this exciting race here.The Atlantic Trade Winds Leg 1: Liverpool, UK, to Punta del Este, Uruguay: 6,400 nautical miles: 34 daysI was very excited at the Crew Allocation Day when I found out I would be sailing on Visit Seattle with Nikki Henderson, who at 24-years old, is the youngest Skipper in the history of the Clipper Round The World Yacht Race.My excitement must have made impression on Nikki, because a few days later she asked me to be the Team Coordinator (TC), aka Chief of Staff; aka Executive Assistant to the Skipper. I quickly realized the job required a lot of planning and data management, i.e. access to a computer on and off the boat. Off the boat may be easy, as I could transport a laptop in a drybag, but on the boat, with moisture and salt water everywhere, it was going to be a challenge.So, I was very pleased to find out that Dell Rugged was a partner of the race, and was providing rugged laptops for the use on the boat and by media crew. I was thrilled when I was selected one of the Dell Crew Ambassadors for the race. It gave me a chance to use Dell Latitude Rugged for all the tasks that have been showing up on the horizon.TC is responsible for lots of tasks before, during and after each race. Here are some of them:Organize and keep updating the crew list in a giant spreadsheet, which includes everything from what legs they are doing and birthdays, to personality characteristics and which bunk beds they have already slept in.Prep before each leg includes working with the Skipper to allocate crew to the two watches. I then work thru the crew line-up to allocate bunks and create a job rotation. This is tough because we “hot-bunk” (share a bunk), and therefore need to pair people with each other as “bunk buddies”. The same pair will also be cooking buddies. 20 people living in a small area creates all kinds of logistical issues. A spreadsheet is still the best tool to solve these with. By the end of the race, I may come up with a better tool or a macro😉. Then all the Watchlists, rotas, job descriptions, menu, standing orders, etc. need to be printed, laminated, and posted in the saloon.last_img read more

Bett 2020: Building the Classrooms of the Future

first_imgGetting reacquainted with my digital office after the winter break served as a useful reminder of how integral technology has become to the way UK consumers and businesses interact, work and access information. According to a recent trends report in Forbes, 2020 is hyped to be the decade when schools also embrace technology. I have already witnessed how new and powerful technology is driving major changes in the way students and teachers teach, learn, and interact, and am incredibly excited about what Dell Technologies has in store in the coming decade for education.We’re off to a flying start this year with our presence at Bett – the first EDU-tech show of the year kicking off on 22 January, bringing together over 800 leading companies, 103 exciting new EdTech start-ups, and over 34,000 attendees.Since Bett 2019 (the year we got a dinosaur on the stand thanks to our partnership with The Natural History Museum), we’ve been busy working on new ways to connect with educators and students attending the show, and we’ve hit on an exciting theme for 2020: Transform Teaching: Accelerate Learning. It’s a direct reference to esports within schools (more on that later), but more broadly it relates to how we can branch out beyond traditional education activities and embrace student passions to drive learning.First up, we’re proud to debut the Latitude 9510 in the UK, following its announcement at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. I encourage all teachers and administrative staff at Bett to check out the newest edition to the Latitude line: the world’s smallest, lightest, most intelligent 15-inch commercial laptop. With a 15” InfinityEdge screen in a 14” size and Dell Optimizer’s built-in AI that adjusts to the way you work, the Latitude 9510 will allow education professionals to be more productive whenever and however they need.We’ll be introducing more functionality to the new Latitude 3310 and Latitude 3310 2-in-1 to provide a smarter, faster and more durable end-user experience at an even more affordable price point. Students and teachers can collaborate and multitask more effectively with features like a world-facing camera and WavesMAXX Audio Pro, all powered by the latest generation of Intel Whiskey Lake Processors. To ensure students have the latest tech to support cutting edge computers, we’re also launching our new generation of wireless keyboard and mice, designed to work seamlessly across up to three devices and lasting up to three years with only one AA battery.We cannot talk about the future of the classroom without calling out our seriously impressive 86-inch 4K interactive monitor (C8621QT), which also premiered at CES. If 2020 is the year when technology officially transcends the smart board, then this monitor with 4K UHD resolution, 20-point multi-touch, USB-C connectivity, and Dell’s exclusive Screen Drop Feature surely must be front and centre of the revolution.We’re continuing to collaborate with Microsoft and Intel this year, unified in our mission to transform the education landscape through technology. Together with Greenwood Academies Trust, a not-for-profit organisation operating 35 open academies that educate approximately 17,000 students, we’re coming up with new and improved ways of supporting teachers and students in the classroom via the latest technology. As well as hosting daily live Skype for Classroom and Teams sessions with Greenwood Academies Trust pupils, CIO Stephen Sanderson will be on stage daily at the Microsoft Live Theatre from 12 to 12:30. He’ll be revealing how their modern learning approach has not only impacted student learning but improved the work-life balance for teachers as well.As proud creators of the award-winning Alienware brand and accessible G-Series portfolio, Dell Technologies has always been passionate about gaming. Esports is reshaping entertainment, and now presents powerful new opportunities in the classroom. Students engaged in esports can develop critical thinking, analytic and leadership skills in an interactive environment accessible to varying skill levels and capabilities. For those able to join us at Bett, we’ll have dedicated Esports stations with Alienware devices pre-loaded with games to play, a McLaren profiling game ready to tell you the best job suited to your skills, and the McLaren racing simulator. Visitors can also get hands-on with an interactive programme that puts them in the driving seat of a Formula 1 car and mimics how the world-renowned automotive racing experts collect and analyse data from over 200 sensors, generating over 13,000 pieces of information.We can’t wait to showcase our exciting new line up of products at Bett this year and demonstrate the transformative solutions already in place in schools across the UK. If you plan on visiting, please join the Dell Technologies stand at #NG43.last_img read more

Jordan recovers bodies of 3 swept away in flash flood

first_imgAMMAN, Jordan (AP) — Authorities in Jordan have recovered the bodies of three people who went missing after their vehicle was swept away in a flash flood. The flood happened early on Friday. The Public Security Directorate said the brother of one of those missing died during the search near the town of Ruwaished. That’s located some 300 kilometers, or about 190 miles, east of the Jordanian capital of Amman. Jordan often experiences flash flooding this time of year as heavy seasonal rains send torrents of water through its desert valleys.last_img read more