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page title is a very important part of search engine optimization, whether in Shanghai or love this noble baby and other mainstream search engines are equally important, the title tag is generally placed in the HTML code in the page header (head) tags (Figure 1), if a user searches for a keyword there, your page in the search results, then the title will usually be in the first row shows that the user search keywords Su will be bold or standard red display, which helps the user to distinguish this page and whether he had to know the subject (Figure 2).


4. long but meaningless Title

on our website as an example




Figure 3


Keywords large accumulation of


Figure 2

so when we write the title should pay attention to what? What kind of title is a good title. This and other mainstream search engines actually also does not have what difference, need to have the title accuracy and uniqueness, accuracy can make your title effectively convey the content of your website, and it is unique and can make the search engine is very good for all of our website page to separate. In addition to the title if to streamline it as concise as possible, because the title search engine can be displayed in bytes is limited, more than the number of words will be an ellipsis (Figure 3).

titleNothing more page title don’t

5. in the title, this in the past for keywords ranking is very helpful, but at present only as a kind of punishment standard.

3. of all web pages have the same title, which is now most enterprise website the most easy to mistake.

Figure 1

2. do not use such as "Untitled", "next page", "on the page" default document title.

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