Keywords Enterprise Station mentality January quickly love Shanghai Google home

. The content of the website to update: This is needless to say, I believe we all know! But some enterprises built up and then update the two on the shelf, there is a good ranking that love Shanghai certainly not! The website wants to love Shanghai Pro Lai, updated every day the best original content is essential. The contents of my; now I usually update two or three articles, three or four products, basic love Shanghai five minutes included are now updated articles; there is a tip: if you do that you will love Shanghai keywords in the news search, then there will be a day of the earliest news, the news network on this website a revision to the title, content, and a little changed published in your station, pseudo original high, love Shanghai included too fast;

four. Links: essential quality Links; of course as a new enterprise in order to obtain high PR Gao Quanzhong, one is not easy! You can add some sites in different regions of the same industry Links; if the company money can go to buy some high weight links is also quite good; there are a lot of Links trading platform, there are sold and exchange, you can go to see

two. Insist on the chain: A5 forum to do outside the chain where a push 28 push BBS forum, WHY forum, Shanghai dragon and so on; the signature leave your own web site, and then post in the forum, of course, not recklessly Oh, the spirit of learning the spirit we can communicate with each other at the same time. Increase your chain;


May 26th love Shanghai included in the seventeenth page, June 22nd two keywords are on the home page, a fourth bit of a fifth bit, here I share with you this month I have to do, specific actions we are only talking about the actual

three. Wikipedia, know I do love Shanghai: encyclopedia Wikipedia, SOSO encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia, know: love Shanghai know, Search ask the question and answer; the love of Shanghai know Soso Ask the weight of very high, love Shanghai now more stringent, leave the chain also depends on the skill and good luck, and Search ask leave link probability in more than eighty percent, and released the same day can be included and will have a good ranking;

blog: six. To a relatively high weight of the blog message or comment, because personal blog.

five: a few years ago. Blog blog promotion have been webmaster familiar, some webmaster have ten hundreds of blogs; here I recommend NetEase blog, blog, blog, and love Shanghai love Shanghai space space, of course to be careful, too much advertising words easy to be blocked in recent years; to micro-blog, everyone will be more respected Sohu micro-blog, indeed its weight is very high, but included fast, I just registered in my first blog on the micro-blog keyword Sohu just row on the first page, we can try to do micro-blog every day, there will be a good harvest;

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