How to do the analysis of several of the local substation substation mode

disadvantages: 1. applies only to a small part of several large sites such as car site of main station and substation of repeated contents less abundant information resources, 2. content to maintain the size of the information company website general died.

advantages: applicable to all sites, does not affect the master, master station and substation level included good no number limit

this way is actually on the way and is about the station without the use of the two level domain but use the directory but the two effects are high

disadvantages: less, the new station included little effect, effect of master station and substation substation number can not be too much

we agree on the website set up around the station will be more confused, I do not know what to do? Especially the master station and sub station duplicate content issue, there is a sub station model may be relatively simple and clear we may first think of is the city category website because this website without master as long as each two level domain name assigned to the corresponding sub station can be. Then the master station www by IP to judge the city by 301 to the station, for this website we don’t have to say what. We still focus on that station sub station + mode. Are the following:

Demo: specialty portal www.tutese贵族宝贝

+ content does not display the master substation substation


domain name: www master station plus two domain

technology advantages: low implementation difficulty, clear thinking, if the station content updates quickly rose too fast

Demo: www.15hr贵族宝贝

Demo: may refer to several large automotive website

there is a kind of method is not used, I have tried, not by search search because of complex structure

disadvantages: substation ranking rose slowly but long-term adherence can have good rankings, difficult to change chain

has the advantages of clear thinking, suitable for most web sites, content update does not need to consider the master station, included and rankings, if not good station competition will also have certain ranking

The main contents include: the content of + sub station

content: master the content of independent independent

+ content does not display the master substation substation

domain name: www master station plus two domain


master stationThe main contents include: the content of

domain name: www directory


with 2 kinds of similar dimension is not the same when the master station display content using station of the two domain names, but the channel and two domain names are not the same as this way in addition to > two

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