By thinking of a generalized QQ transformation caused by the topic group

because there is a considerable part of the promotion personnel in the group, from the initial love Shanghai Shanghai dragon transformation to the Taobao train, Tmall operators etc.. Now Taobao chat topic increased significantly. As the train ad click rate, shop decoration style, Taobao baby station promotion, how to recruit and maintain Taobao customers etc..

1, Taobao

1, the chain resources

, 2 years ago to promote QQ group topic

I had established the QQ group, is also a small promotion rookie, only know HTML, know little about the CSS, and then write a soft wen. At first, the QQ group inside the most discussed about the following aspects.


topic spit bad love

after 2 years of precipitation, the extension workers are walking in the way of transformation. Today’s topic, probably has the following several aspects.

the 2 years ago, from the original noisy, impetuous, to today’s pragmatic, deserted, through a separate chat found that many extension workers are from the original Shanghai dragon Er, the gradual transition into specialize in one field, or their own transformation and upgrading. The deep mining of the QQ group is representative of the Shanghai dragon ER was forced to the transformation of the way.

project site

3, Shanghai

1 QQ group established


2 years ago, with a lot of Links, then keyword anchor text, according to the website allows rapid ranking. The original group will regularly have group members share their fast ranking methods, such as blog, B2B etc.. Today, few people talk about the basic skills of the Dragon Shanghai periphery, the most is a discussion of some website case.

was the author under the several chain resources in Shanghai library, and then finishing his several signature can be uploaded to the forum, a group sharing, immediately a voice of praise. Now who also came outside the chain of resources, certain downloads will be a number, but most people ridiculed.

now, do novel station, basically shut down the movie station and local service website or abandoned. But few were not optimistic about the forum, or vertical industry site has been in maintenance. >

each Thursday love Shanghai a big update, the group immediately spit bad people love Shanghai, but now most people basically very calm to look at. Most of the time, the ranking is controlled within the scope of.

two, 2 years after the transfer of the

fast ranking method

about 1 years ago, this gang of Shanghai dragon Er promotion personnel seeing peers earning large quantities of gold each day have established their own side, so the site. The statistics, in order to do novel station, movie station, photo sharing station, the main forum. Then, 1 years ago, the local service station, such as XX appliance repair, cleaning, removal and so on.

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