Chongqing Chen Hao Shanghai Dragon learning experience

in these two months, I really learned a lot about Shanghai dragon understanding and how to publish news, how to promote a little understanding, such as keyword optimization, keywords optimization, description optimization; global optimization, keywords layout, code optimization, key word density optimization, the optimization optimization: bottom; Links optimization, anchor text optimization etc..

is now more and more people learn Shanghai Longfeng, at the beginning, very confused, don’t know how to do, and no one to teach, always can’t find it, don’t know where to start, only one step of the study or find their own way. For veteran, will say, look at some of the forum, to learn, to ask the people, will progress, otherwise you will never progress, never learn Shanghai dragon, but you want to have, Shanghai dragon forum again a few can really understand, not too much nonsense that is too deep, it is very difficult to understand, so for the future is really very confused, I do not know where the front.

introduction: Chen Hao, is my group of friends, it is just in this line is the Shanghai dragon, he learn some experience in the process of Shanghai dragon, can hope to some just into the Shanghai dragon line to help a friend. Shanghai Longfeng exchange group: 65710850


blog: www.xiaolang贵族宝贝

sometimes is not good even one of the most simple keyword positioning, but also everywhere ask, how will the good keywords, keywords is directly related to the future of the company, and later learned to know the benefits of keywords, or keywords >

later met a classmate, he is also learning Shanghai dragon, but he than I learned early, he knew more than me a little more, so do not understand, I will learn from him, and then he told me that Shanghai dragon forum is a good place to study, there are many the master, do not know you can ask a person, they will be the fastest speed to answer your question, so I went to the Shanghai dragon forum learned, saw a group inside, feel good, and then add the inside, I know a lot of people are learning very much. So thanks to every group of friends.

Shanghai dragon is a very strange word, for we seldom contact network in this area is and is strange, for Shanghai dragon is not heard before, because we do not use this, I had studied graphic design, for this turn, will have to thank me this is the boss, he let me on the promotion of Shanghai dragon, now the study for two months, but I am a novice, no one to teach, and not what the foundation, only their own feeling.

text: life is spent in turning the life is not always a straight line only learn to turn to learn to grow up.

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