Shanghai dragon Er to talk about the learning experience

1: faith, before we do anything, we should have such a belief, what should I do? How to do? Then determined, you will find that when you are determined to do something, you are very passionate, so you are determined to never move towards the first step to success. If there is no determination, I believe that you will never learn a foreign technology.

second: action, determined to make good going to perform, so you need to have a strong executive power, the executive power is what? If we you can earn 1 billion to five years, then you would do, if I said I might accomplish nothing, if you still do it, then you is a powerful executive who, perhaps, to not have a harvest, but do not work hard will not harvest. But we can not blindly, but planned to carry out, Marx once said, has no plans to study nonsense.

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third: habits, Shanghai dragon Er daily compulsory is website update, the construction of the chain like, this is what we are doing every day, just like every day to eat like a normal, many webmaster can begin to insist, but feel dull as ditch water but think carefully, we can not, every day there are different exciting, do what are used to, a qualified Shanghai dragon er not because of his mood and decide whether to do these things, a good mood is a lot of updates, bad mood not to ignore it, this is not feasible, is not recognized. So in our every day these seemingly ordinary or indispensable things, find deficiencies, and then Jinyi refinement, continuous improvement, to seek a breakthrough.

in middle school, our teacher told us such a word, I still remember, this is such a belief: the sown, the harvest is a kind of action, take an action to be sown, the harvest is a habit, a habit sown, the harvest is a kind of personality, when you have a sense of responsibility character, you will reap a golden life, today I put words to all Shanghai dragon Er, today I write is not about skill type articles, you may not believe that the so-called "dry cargo". But I want you, no matter what, a good attitude is essential.


fourth: character, it is easy to change his spots. In fact, I did not agree with this view, perhaps the character was born, but a person’s personality can change as the environment changed slowly, so he is black, I think this is the meaning. We stand like our children, only take care of, he will thrive.

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