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again the same soft to become a news source, but also to see the publication platform to decide, to release the news is the fastest submission, but the probability is very small by the news, some news is because the format is not in conformity with the platform or channel, and the news quality lead news rejection. Can only choose to post, post is news requirements to reduce a lot, basically as long as.


index is the most attention of every webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er practitioners, the heat index is a representation of words, if the site index rose said frequency of your site search, but it does not mean that your visitors increase, because some owners from the brush index of the thermal degree, to deceive their own behavior. Why is cheating yourself? There are two reasons, the webmaster only brush out the index of users is not going to query the index of the heat, and since the brush does not represent the users search index index. The heat index from the brush, once stopped falling from the brush index words heat order, and if it is found that spiders index over the search number, search engine directly to the site down right treatment. Why case in Shanghai Longfeng ER related people, don’t be such a grey cat, but does not rule out some webmaster, in order to avoid competition and use brush to disrupt the opponent’s idea of judging keywords.

of each search engine included news standards are different, has its own set of news included mark. Were included in soft is considered news, then the value will increase, ranking natural will improve. Now look at the mark Sogou news included and rules, please see the relevant news Sogou index on the right, these are normal news tips for improving site index. Please see the relevant news sources below two time trend information, you can see here are in line with the sign of news news.

first need to query and index in Sogou web site keywords, in accordance with the query mode, Sogou search index is the default index. In view of stationmaster first at the level of related search terms, because the relevant key word index system according to the default ranking is often the user search and accumulation of rankings, not stationmaster often brush out of the index, while the fastest rising search term is likely to be painted. Not recommended for reference information. To know the retrieval words related to colleagues, we need to think about is the hot trend of news media index, which is the user search index search in time, such as the search volume found some time there is no search volume or search volume is very low, you should consider, is can do reference keywords information to optimize.

How to improve the



find the laws and marks Sogou news included

normal optimization and self brush index of the advantages and disadvantages of

soft release platform is different because of differences in very large

Sogou index includes the following three points, such as news index, search index, site index,

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