Love Shanghai love Shanghai Shanghai dragon account real name authentication should be how to play


Tencent to do social networking, has the largest account system, Ali electricity providers do also need to login to shopping, the only Tencent second account system. Micro-blog, Jingdong, NetEase, Ctrip and other platforms are able to attract user login service.


for the love of Shanghai, has been looking for opportunities to make up for in terms of account system and the Tencent and the Alibaba of the gap, the state vigorously just by the Internet real name system of the machine, to improve their own account system, it is possible.

"no real search" has not sub Weakness lends wings to rumours.

As everyone knows ?

Abstract: in May 9th, Shanghai announced that since June 1st, love love Shanghai account requires authentication, or affect the daily use. A message, immediately caused an uproar in Internet world, have discussed the advent of the Internet real name system. Future love Shanghai Shanghai dragon play

took the opportunity to establish and improve the system of Shanghai love account?

only love Shanghai’s core business is not required to search user login, most users are not accustomed to using search log love Shanghai.

as everyone knows, love is the core business of Shanghai search and advertising auction is to protect the love of Shanghai’s largest source of income. However, in recent years due to the love of Shanghai alleged false advertising by advertisers to tolerate some lawsuits, considerable damage to their own brand. Therefore, the love of Shanghai launched the "plan" to protect the interests of users, in order to prevent such incidents from happening again.

therefore, love Shanghai has been the lack of a complete account system, fortunately, SkyDrive know, Post Bar, experience, library and other products to help Shanghai improve the account system of love.

May 11th, Shanghai love love Shanghai official account real name authentication real intention. In order to make the site

love the Shanghai plan to protect the interests of users to implement

also has some bad voice. Anecdotal rumors said: "if not real name authentication, you cannot use the love Shanghai search." The phantom blog feel is very strange, buying a kitchen knife to the real name system can understand, buy a train ticket real name system makes sense, even web search to the real name system unbelievable?.

users is the core assets of Internet Co, however, only active users, but no account system means to establish a deeper and longer unable to communicate with the user.

May 11th, the love of Shanghai announced that the real name system is required in order to implement the upcoming June 1st the formal implementation of the "People’s Republic of China network security law" the relevant provisions, because the search itself does not need to log in, so there is no "no real name authentication can not use search". However, Post Bar, SkyDrive needs to complete the login product, must be the real name system can continue to use.

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