Analysis of website snapshot appears three kinds of reasons and treatment methods


we can see the Chinaz website snapshot also stay in, but a few days ago, we can say that Chinaz sites do badly? In my opinion is not the search engine stalled snapshot sometimes does not recognize you this website, but for the adjustment of the need for this point we need to dialectical view. General snapshot within 10 days is no problem, but the snapshot beyond 10 days, then you should check your site if there is a problem, 10 days can be seen as a watershed website snapshot.

3, check the website exactly how many, such as more than 5 or above must be cleaned immediately.

The chain Dead link

1, check the content of the website is collected too much, website content is pseudo original too much.

snapshot stagnant for many webmaster feel frightened, in fact, sometimes the website is not updated snapshot and not the website, we also need to

second, website snapshot, pre

when we through the search engine search site keywords found different sites appeared multiple snapshots, I think this is mainly caused by the search engine, if your site appears the problem, so don’t be too concerned about. In July when my website appeared a total of three different snapshots, I was taken through the method of love Shanghai complaints, complaints after second.

third, website keywords appear different website snapshot

website snapshot is the webmaster has been a topic of concern, whether in terms of exchange Links, determine the site value and so on, the website snapshot is a major reference element. But many owners actually do not understand website snapshot the meaning of different forms, often dominated by some wrong ideas, I talk about how to analyze and judge the different forms of website snapshot represents:

this problem reasonably treated snapshot stagnant

website snapshot is a snapshot, I also encountered several website snapshot problem, when the first and second website snapshot I did not deal with, or as in the past to optimize web site, the two sites were K, so I think if the website snapshot is correction then, a sure sign that your site has problems, must change the site in all aspects of ideas, carefully check the website below, I put forward several key part of examination:

4, the space is not stable, it must be tested by the software, you are not alone 24 hours staring at their website.

first, the snapshot is not updated in a timely manner, and real time

2, quickly check the website is not stable recently.

.The right downA form of

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