Google Shanghai Longfeng FAQ 2013 edition website Q&A Shanghai Dragon & Web traffic ranking is blac

1, such as 贵族宝贝 inurl:forum& safe=strict; second. This type of search results, the emergence of a large number of words, should be how to deal with, in addition to the robot file handle, what

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– A: usually noble baby will according to the ccTLD (country code top-level domain) and server address to determine the site of the target countries / regions. If the customer wants to put the.Cn domain to other countries and regions, you can use the location positioning tools webmaster tools, is located in particular countries / regions to inform the nobility baby website.

What a good way to find the entrance to

– if there is no certain criteria to modify the page content? Why do some time to update the content on the page (absolute and related:

– A: owners can refer to our search engine optimization help documentation https://support.贵族宝贝/webmasters/answer/35291 hl=zh-Hans, but the noble baby? Optimization for search engine, suggest the webmaster don’t hold the idea of instant success, is very easy to cause the site to be punished

– A: for the website was hacked, we in Webmaster tools has a new feature "security issues", if the noble baby found your site may have been hacked, will display the contents of the sample. The type of intrusion, etc.. If the webmaster has been aware of their noble baby before the site was black, then the best on your site investigation, deleted black content

Shanghai dragon introduced hummingbird algorithm

— English station optimization where to start


– A: first study if optimize the structure of the website, HTML tags, page layout, site navigation

: Q: Hello, I would like to ask a question, be changed to increase website malicious web site,

– A: hummingbird algorithm does not affect any white Shanghai dragon, his role is to understand the user and website better, high quality websites will get good rankings. So the webmaster should pay more attention to the quality of the website and user experience.

this kind of website

2, search engines crawl records is not record access sources, we find this kind of Web site internal generated is also very difficult, do you have

Q: how can we do

-.Cn domain name English station in贵族宝贝 can be discharged home baby aristocracy, a customer because brand needs to insist on using the.Cn domain name let me be ranked in the noble baby贵族宝贝


– question: in addition to this site content, how to get fast

Q: will B2C ?


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