The role of the chain of love of Shanghai dragon Shanghai new algorithm is more prominent


in 2012, after several algorithm of big love Shanghai baptism, the vast majority of people think that the chain era has ended, website content determines the Shanghai dragon, Guan Jian word ranking, but it is not so, that no one is able to give a precise answer. But today I want to say is that the chain is still important, it is important not only to affect the ranking of the site itself, but the conversion rate for the company’s products. We have been discussing the long tail word Guan Jian, said a site traffic not only on the main Guan Jian words, Guan Jian is a large number of long tail words determines the site traffic, basically decide the product conversion rate, of course, long tail word Guan Jian is not necessarily our traditional thinking that long word. As there are no index or index is very low the Guan Jian word can also be called long tail word Guan Jian, for most of the sites, in addition to the Guan Jian word several core words, specific product basically is the long tail word, these words have some index, some do not, but most are not, but although there is no index, but the site are basically relied on them,

pictured above, this is Guan Jian "an enterprise of the company’s station, our company is aluminum, the core of Guan Jian’s top word is aluminum, aluminum, aluminum rod, aluminum but is familiar with all know, aluminum classification is too much, such as the above list to 7075 aluminum. 2024 aluminum plate, 6061 aluminum, 5052 aluminum prices are some mainstream products, customers really search are some specific types of word or word of these specific models and prices, or the search is in addition to the region, such as Shanghai customer search, Shanghai 7075 Shanghai 7075 aluminum plate, aluminum price so, the real climax aluminum core word is too broad, but not very strong pertinence. See below:


believes that often made outside the chain of friends to see that, above the station is all electronic commerce chain of the B2B station, really belongs to their own businesses are basically no, see, this is what I said of the importance of the chain out of it, last year, a number of algorithms to love Shanghai after the gradually emergence of this phenomenon is not high, some index word search, is basically is the chain station, of course the chain station is how specific ranking, this does not yet have specific research, but to listen to people say that link stations also can do the ranking, some companies specialize in the chain, the chain station basically has shops, a shop with a website, and is generally used in the chain domain two domain name, the weight in the following The bearing itself is has the advantage. So sometimes start to rank quickly here, someone will ask you, this is not too restrictive, it is not.


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