The site will be down right now to change the title

1. website theme course


if a website title theme changed, so that a search engine will think you this domain name back to the station, the site as a new point of view, from the performance point of view similar right down.

title in a small area to change a move is not a problem, unless your website title changed beyond recognition, let the search engines don’t know what you really want to do. I want to change the attention we can, but don’t overdo it can. The title can be said to be the most important site where modifications must be cautious when, can be changed when do not change to security don’t modify title


2. does not stack keywords

a lot of people are for the title of Shanghai dragon to modify, often appear in the frequency of the main keywords in the title can be improved, but the control is very easy to be judged as keyword stuffing, may eventually be right down.

on the Internet a lot of Shanghai Longfeng Er says website title will be right down, all points of view, and not all of the title will be right down the site, but we should pay attention to the following questions:

changes as small as possible !

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