Kwong Jinhua 3 aspects 2011 Shanghai dragon Er should pay attention to

attention to the user experience is always the webmaster pursuit of user experience optimization better, the conversion rate is high, the relative site stickiness is high, the bounce rate is low. In fact, these problems we all know just what to do in the tangled problem. In front of Jinhua to grasp the degree of competition in the target keywords in the article mentioned a point: empathy. First, starting from their own, they go to visit a website will feel what is not easy, for example, to find contact information, the buy button, which is the user experience obstacles. There is your website main service is what, then use the backward form, from the results of a push forward, will eventually form a complete and effective user experience chain, and then on this basis as much as possible to reduce the operating costs of the user, this is also a good way.

high quality original content

a lot of personal blog is always complaining about his article was not the copyright reproduced or copied to be out of order, resulting in original blog reproduced included but not included. In fact, Jinhua is trying to say, Never mind, this is just a short-term performance. The search engine will continue for a long time by some other factors to determine exactly which is the original. And those reproduced and copied the website will be punished by a search engine.

has long been Shanghai dragon ER as one of the major concerns of the most core. The core of a website’s content, and the quality of the content in the website internal links and other factors to remove the chain structure, the outside is can directly affect the performance of the search engine. Google Shanghai dragon numerous studies in May 2010 Mayday update when the nobility baby statistics, in the search ranking algorithm to update the key reason is "the quality of the content, this update also seriously affected the long tail keywords ranking of many of the old station station. And Google big update 11.8% this year the impact of low quality content sites, it is to let us know the importance of high quality original content.

Jinhua is a relatively perfectionist, when making their blogs are also as far as possible to achieve the ultimate, so that visitors can prolong the residence time and comments, this is my purpose. Due to the limitation of the blog, bloggers can only through the excellent blog to attract more.

in China more and more people search engine optimization work, long-term research direction are Google and love Shanghai ranking optimization, and the two have a situation in an open and a closed. So most of Shanghai dragon Er will study Google appropriate method used in will fall in love with the sea. In 2010, Google algorithm partial update in the previous article are listed, Jinhua feel very value, recommend everyone to study. On 2011 Shanghai dragon Er where the direction of ZAC speech PPT last mentioned three direction, but also in Jinhua to talk about his own views.

focus on user experience

The original content of high quality

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