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three skills: micro-blog training activity. 1. find some micro-blog users to listen to them, you listen to them, usually to listen to you, but must be careful not to listen to celebrities, celebrities generally will not return to listen to you. We can also add some topics such as listening to the broadcast, listen to each other, mutual good faith, listen to the brigade joke, this method is very good, can bring a lot of the audience. 2. forwarding and comment on other people’s micro-blog, others will come back to you, so it is good to take up more interactive, interactive micro-blog active degree is high. But don’t broadcast others topic, but also not to give others to comment casually back to people, it is easy to hate.

skills: a basic set of micro-blog. Like Avatar, nickname, labels, and other basic information, here I recommend is the best practical real name, real data, real picture, true to introduce myself, because the real thing believable, increase the rate of interest, to attract more attention of fans, the general users are very disgusted with false things. There are labels set is very important, for example, want to talk about the "delicacy" and I’ll set the delicacy for the label, this is very clear, but micro-blog will recommend a common label or common interest and attention, you can pay attention to recommend to the person you are interested in, other users can also in micro-blog recommended attention you. Multi point set of tags as much as possible, so that you are likely to search on the big.

micro-blog’s popularity is very high, although the content is short, but when it is strong, allows users to publish by the author for the first time to see the content. There are many well-known companies such as Sina, micro-blog, Sohu, Tencent and so on, choose a good micro-blog platform is also very important, many users of micro-blog platform to bring you traffic will be very high, so micro-blog promotion is one of the promotion methods more fashionable now. A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) this was to say that micro-blog promotion does not want to send what is what, it also needs some tips:

two skills: skillfully released micro-blog content. We want to release micro-blog content according to the public’s preferences, use the popular topic, or is a hot topic today, such as the Olympic Games, we will be the content of marketing planning into clever hot topic, increase the probability of being search to the user’s attention, attention, so as to achieve the purpose of marketing. When we usually send radio, in Shuangjing, such as hot Keywords: #× × #. There are times in the new micro-blog do not promote their products, so that not only the attention of others but rejected. First we can spot a funny picture, nice video, to remind other people interested in you, let them take the initiative to pay attention to you. Slowly your audience more to promote your things, this reprint and comments your fans will be more.

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