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site outside the chain? A high ranking website which has a few thousand, many tens of thousands of the chain to support? So in the construction site, the chain promotion became will do things every day, and even spared no expense to buy links to resources. However there are still some websites, even with the huge chain, but still can’t surpass the competitors ranking. A lot of people will be attributed to the internal optimization is not in place, but without the internal optimization, including whether there are other factors? Ranking defeated the site outside the chain can still give you the answer.

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can link to a hundred enemy? In fact, a high quality link is indeed higher than the number of low quality chain. Such as hang a URL link in Shanghai love home, the effect is absolutely higher than some ordinary.

hyperlinks and do not take the chain links you have to know how much? One can directly through the URL Click to enter the address of another user is required to manually enter to open the IE. But the search engine is how to judge and weighted? First we should know whether hyperlinks or links to common text type, the search engine can also make a judgment. In this regard, there have been part of Shanghai dragon Er: text links, search engines can not judge, but by many facts have proved that the search engine can also crawl according to the characteristics, such as "贵族宝贝", "www.", "com", these meta tags only belong to specific domain name.

analysis: if the chain resources under the same links occupy most of the site, its important right is higher than the ordinary text link site weight. Therefore, the ranking will be defeated and cicada.

: two quality links with low quality links compared to

How important is the

but the effect plays are obviously different: links, in the search engine is higher than that of normal link effect, because such links are more likely to be identified by the search engine, and hyperlinks are often emphasized page links. As for the general text links, search engines can make judgments, but link weights, but not as good as hyperlinks. But if things go on like this in optimization process and the effect brought by the XOR, both in about the same, why so say? Hyperlink general is easy to be administrator deleted, presumably not many people deny this. In a good article, with a common link probability was deleted from the links tend to be much smaller. Just imagine, the same 5000 outside the chain, but the chain link is not very stable, the overall weight brought will be discounted. While the average weight of text links, although search engine itself gives slightly lower, but when the user to manually copy the address bar, enter the open, for such URL, the search engine will be judged as "high quality links", after all, is the user take the initiative to open the page, with more confidence.

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