Shanghai dragon in the Links and one way links to use

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link in search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) so important, is not open around the topic? The answer is simple: because the search engine only links.

what is the value? Is the value of can meet some needs. A person wants to prove his worth, in addition to meet the needs of others, no way out, this is the reality. Life does not believe in tears, only believe in social value.

link is a search engine based survival, then rely on search engines to provide links to support, this is the big tiger. Let the big tiger milk is the mother, the tiger is a plump, have the ability to, to the site to report the Yongquan phase.

link is link influence, is the value of the link is the search engine to the survival of the big backer behind. The search engine is based on the hill link foraging survival in the tiger. Link = = Tiger Hill, search engine. "Depressed by dog." what is the meaning? Means cannot do without the tiger hill, then the search engine naturally also cannot do without the link.

why others are not reliable? Because there is no link on the Internet, the dark, who can not see who. The Internet is on the link to link, search engine spiders also rely on links to find new sites, new content.


links, links, or links.


in the realistic society, a person to prove their value? The answer is: by establishing relationship with other people, other people recognized by other people, "link". Unless other people and establish a relationship, or a person may not have the value that a person can not be self certified. A person has no value, not by what they say, is to rely on others to say, he said it is not. Before the establishment of a relationship in the absence of other people, only one potential value, did not play out, it is not worth. The enterprise is hold together to form a clique of people. People oriented enterprises, is the needs of the.

why only links? Because the search engine can only trust link, the other is not reliable.

therefore, to some extent, can be so extreme that search engine optimization [link] = = Shanghai dragon do. The essence of Shanghai dragon is the link, the link is the principle of Shanghai dragon. If you notice Shanghai dragon is a verb, you will understand the Shanghai dragon to >

link is the search engine’s backing, then use "Qiaoshanzhenhu" to achieve the purpose of Shanghai dragon.

Since the

if the Internet, adult social metaphor, then the relationship between people is linked in real society.

= = the Internet society, then the link relationship value identity. The relationship between people and society is. Never mind, no society. Similarly, there is no link, there is no network.

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