What is the mode of Web2 0 website optimization

, a blog or personal community space. The blog, also known as web logs, blog or blog, is a usually managed by individuals and posted new articles website. The website itself if you can plan a >

website optimization need to Web2.0 mode? From some basic points of Shanghai dragon who is content. In the Web1.0 era, the content of the website is the basic occupation who wrote more professional articles, portals can recruit many educated editors to complete this work, but the small website or personal Adsense is difficult to do this, we can insist on every update is a problem, to attract a large number of write the user is more difficult, as the era when the Web2.0 can solve the problem of a certain significance to help. A search engine by high quality content is the simplest original, user self published content is very likely to be original (do not rule out the existence of reproduction). When a lot of original content produced by the weight of the website will continue to increase. Not only saves time and effort, but also enhance the adhesion of the user, but also create a lot of long tail keywords. But the user created content will also have some shortcomings, such as blindness, in order to have promotion with advertising, garbage duplicate content, it is necessary to have a good mechanism for the review and audit. The station optimization rises to the planning level, is to promote the development of the site as a whole through a strategy, but does not need to point to point the actual operation face to face. Then the Web2.0 website optimization model? Here are some of the common mode.

Why is

Internet is an arena, in just a few decades of development into different schools. Web1.0 is an era, came into being in three major portals led a large information content, Web2.0 is also an era, gave birth to the blog, Wiki, social networking sites such as micro-blog, a large number of users to create content based website, until now the Web3.0 generation is also very likely the trend of formation and development will tend to the mobile internet. A new era of production does not mean the end of the old era, Web1.0 website still exists, profitability continues to weaken, Web2.0 website in vogue, but some form of this mode has also appeared sluggish. Many people will look at the Web3.0, so the domestic Internet pop with a hot discussion, see Internet Co got the mobile Internet ticket. But Web3.0 is not a stable result, how to search engine is unknown in the mobile terminal, but now who would dare to guarantee that their optimal sites in the mobile search engine will have a stable ranking? So here or in the discussion has gained public recognition of the Web2.0 mode, website optimization can be said to be inseparable with Web2.0, especially when a website is needed on the flow of qualitative change, Web2.0 model will be the best choice to retain users.

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