Analysis of enterprise website how to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization from four aspects

: a web site layout optimization and the appearance of

enterprise website both in Shanghai Dragon

for the enterprise website is concerned, in fact, keyword density is very easy to control in a reasonable range, such as 2% to 8%, because when the business involved in the presentation, it is easy to control, but if you do not pay attention to the control, it is difficult to achieve reasonable keyword density of key words usually! The density of serious thin, or keyword density is not serious to stack the website optimization.

enterprise website has now become the main force of the Internet, after all enterprises relative to individuals, regardless of the strength and financial resources are much more than the individual, once the enterprise website operation force, its influence cannot be underestimated, but the enterprise website after just a transition from the traditional to the operating platform based marketing platform, or the difference between great, so many companies appear a variety of problems in the operation, especially in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, often become the bottleneck of enterprise website development, optimize the construction of Shanghai dragon how to do enough business website

good website title, keywords and description of these three elements, mainly divided into two aspects, one is the home page, a column page, for home page, usually using the name as the title of the website, did not appear to have what problem, but this will undoubtedly reduce the searching scope of enterprise website, so better the method is the site keywords, long tail keywords and the name of the enterprise together, as the title of the website, so it can increase the search scope at the same time, also can let users more accurate find websites, but for keywords and description of the two aspects, and basically similar title, we must seize the main aspects play the advantages of long tail keywords,

keyword ? !

a lot of company website favorite website dressed to the nines, extensive use of flash, java small program and so on, these technologies, has now become the edge of the web technology, can improve the appearance of the website looks, but in fact has become the bottleneck of the development of the website of Shanghai dragon, in fact the site appearance is mainly simple, clean and tidy, beautiful picture can not help what busy, in order to improve the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect, distribution should do the site keywords, layout reasonable standard, another website should use more text, it is more easy to search engine crawlers! The only way to become a basic qualified enterprise website

for the website column page title, keywords and description of the set, of course, also need to follow certain principles, such as a column is a keyword, relevant content is done around the keywords, the best is the title page title is expanding, ten million cannot be the same, the same is true for the description and keywords


two: the three elements of the



three: the distribution and density of

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