n the love of Shanghai blog included test

this simple test.


then take a look at my statistics! Love Shanghai after the update, the previously released blog stand ninety percent included is cleared, only a few accounts, there are a few papers, several anchor text content is still included with low quality content. Take these and included in the account, enable the same number of new love Shanghai account, daily published 8 essay collection content and anchor text. The old and new account account each side 4, a week later, all the contents of the old account is deleted, the new account number eighty percent was included in Monday, Tuesday. Don’t be happy, is just the beginning, after Wednesday not included. In second weeks, or Monday and Tuesday are included, and included rate is very high, including Thursday query included, last week, that included twenty percent of the content to be filtered out. There have been a week, and now all been filtered. Similarly, I also tested the form of link to reprint the same effect.

in the optimization of the anchor text search engine, there are many methods, such as: blog, forum, favorites, exchange platform etc.. I believe these methods all know, and for some good webmaster, know more, just like the blog can be said to be a method of anchor text in the most simple and most effective release. The next step is to link the forum issued, this method is more trouble for the novice, because most of the new Adsense to directly publish signature links, or be deleted, or banned. And I want to favorites, for the novice to know this method is very small. The latter approach is not to say, the first list of the three methods.

love the search engine, now let us do the domestic webmaster for both love and hate. This love is helpless! Who love Shanghai is the largest search engine, this hate, as long as the owners, we have the unified thought, this not much said.

believe that the novice webmaster and old webmaster including me, in love before Shanghai did not update, is love method blog anchor text, because the publication is simple, and included also quickly, especially love Shanghai’s own blog, the effect is the best. But you put all the anchor text into the blog, so in this love Shanghai update, you have the cup.

for the love of Shanghai update, I think most of the webmaster will be affected. My website is not much change, but I found my anchor text has shrunk dramatically, do not know the anchor text of your site is not affected? I often see some small sites included in the forum overnight to zero. To send so many of the anchor text, anchor text cleared overnight. Hey! Let the webmaster in hekan feeling


my site although not affected too much, but I still love Shanghai for later update anchor text this piece to do a simple analysis. Share here, deficiencies in the hope that a lot of advice.

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