Determine the seven dimensions of a keyword competition


3. before the three page page number. This is a very important index, namely the search keywords out of the first three pages of SERP if a lot is the home page ranking (whether the domain name top or not, but love Shanghai, Sina, Tencent and other major portals except), then a large extent can directly determine the key words in the degree of competition is fierce.

8. experience. Experience is the most subjective and difficult to quantify but the method is one of the most useful judgment keywords intensity.

Shanghai index. This point should be no need to explain it, most can directly see the number of search index, but there is one point to note is the temporary news keyword is not.

4. top five website data. Shanghai Longfeng data can see the website ranked website judge competition keywords, the main observation as follows: domain name age, chain collected, etc..

source: 贵族宝贝tu17贵族宝贝 map Yaoqi photo sharing and fashion


7. related search term correlation. The correlation of the search term greater competition is relatively large.

keyword bidding number 1. More sites to participate in the auction, the more the keywords, the number of bids is unnecessary and sufficient condition for a, that is not a fierce word auction, but the auction number must be very competitive word.

2. key words are segmentation. We search for a keyword if the SERP page keywords rosy is part of our search, there is no word segmentation by the keywords, competition is not weak, but is unable to determine the key competition is fierce, because in most cases the keywords in Shanghai before the three page is not the word.

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6. page number. Search a keyword search engine will give a number of related pages, refer to the index itself is of little significance, but in Shanghai Longfeng outsourcing company inside or often referred to, according to the price index.

is usually the first step in Shanghai Longfeng work, an important factor in choosing suitable keywords is Shanghai Longfeng success, because the words are too simple, no one is searching for Shanghai Longfeng work has no meaning, choose keywords if too fierce do not meet their forces, Shanghai dragon made a very good job is in May, then determine whether a keyword of intense competition, mainly from the following seven aspects:

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