‘m on the way ‘m an nternet marketing practitionerSEO people’s business road of bitterness three

Part 1: because my friend was self-employed before, he had some clients on his own. After I started the business with him, the customer in his hand naturally became a client of the company. We were preparing to start a business, and when I was working in the same company, my friend just talked about a client. Say you want to come to our company to have a look. I remember asking for a half day’s leave. Because I will give a "natural" website to the customer to prick, so the website to find a lot of unreasonable places. They listened and thought I was right. We reached a preliminary agreement and their company’s list was initially determined by us. At noon that day, the customer invited us to dinner. It’s not easy for us to start a new business. Finally, the customer asked us to sort out a plan and go to their company for further negotiation in a few days. Sending away customers, I went back to work in the afternoon.

began to promote the website for the first time. Do not know what is network marketing, do not know what is called network promotion. Just blindly pursue more people, open my website to browse. It was 2008, and the space was very popular. I use the mobile phone every day to step on other people’s space, leaving the site. There is also a large mobile phone dating site – Gaga City, now is a bit like renren every day to others, is the "home". After three months, I got the "first pot of gold" in my life, 597 yuan, an advertisement for a dating website, a registered 2 cents also known as advertising union at this time. Later, popularity declined, and they also need to review the college entrance examination, no longer manage the site.

remember another client is the agency company. How did he get there?. This is our company just prepare registration consulting to this house, later discovered that this company to do a website, we just do the construction business so we reached him to help us registered company, we help them to do a website to exchange. But finally, because of a bit of a problem, we went to another company to register. Finally, we got this site. This customer is not far from our company.

had written "SEO road" and "bitter entrepreneurial SEO entrepreneurial road two" were mentioned my bitterness is a step by step how to decide to start a business venture, how to do after the early, and early start problems. Today, let’s talk about how we started our business in the early stages of our business.

I think if you can build a web site, the more good! After careful search data, finally found a platform – site service, to provide two level domain name this kind of website, a few years ago a lot. New year’s Day holiday three days, bubble Internet cafes one day to complete their first site in life, all hyperlinks and pictures. Just three pages, home page, message, beautiful picture. The news and weather functions on the homepage are all news and information resources that are opened by the door. It’s very simple. Light, news, categories, weather, ads make up a website.

another client was introduced to a friend of Taobao. They are all local words in Hefei. Not difficult. At first I said I could do it. My partner read the website and said the site was K. I refuted him at the same time. I said no K was normal. In this way, this list will become. This list is by the month, pay two months deposit. It turned out that the site was indeed ">."

I wrote a website modification program based on the client’s website. You can see what I wrote at the time. A few days later, I went to the customer with my friend. We listed 34 keywords at the time of the customer’s needs. Finally, because some keyword customers do not need to be finalized, the key words to be made are 12. The final offer is 24 thousand. We should be in accordance with the prior advance to charge twenty percent but customers feel that we are a new company so not assured payment just give us ten percent, then we’ll agree. Website pays specific website to sign a contract to pay ten percent that day. Two months later, the optimization up six keywords pay twenty percent. Four months to optimize all keywords to pay thirty percent. All keywords remained stable for three months, paid twenty percent, and all keywords remained stable for six months to pay the remaining twenty percent.

, like many people, I started as a webmaster. And a lot of people are not the same, I started from the mobile phone owners. At that time, I was a senior high school, full-time school, very little opportunity to use a computer, I often use the mobile Internet, weekend half day vacation to soak Internet cafes. 2005 first heard Ding Dong voice thrilled. Later know computer there is a tool called "drawing", when excited by a night bubble Internet bar, in order to use "drawing" tool to a few pictures of the background with the eraser, and then download a GIF animation software, the synthesis of a flash animation, often see a unique sense of accomplishment! "Computer", although it cannot read a lot, but still enjoy the. That’s why you know what code is and what is a HTML page. Often use the mobile phone online reasons, when it is a few big mobile phone portal, many are personal sites.

I don’t have a college degree, no professional training, no very good family background. All my network knowledge comes from the network, and all the network skills come from the network, and all the jobs come from the network. I am not the earliest contact with network marketing that group of people, I am in the era of network marketing competition outbreak, of course, is also in the era of network marketing knowledge explosion.


my mother will know that I like to surf the Internet and have a website, so I suggest I read it in the future. I was Alice culter: I wouldn’t, these are just my interest.

finished college entrance exams and volunteered

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