From the net profit of 2 billion yuan to the besieged on all sides from Dong’e county 10 years tonic

3. actual sales of RMB 100 thousand or more, partially divided into 15%.

what kind of logic, positioning and strategy behind the achievement of Dong’e Ejiao?

please note to members: in February 1st, when 00:00-24:00’s data returned,

dream Barbara Shakespeare to thank members has been actively launch and promotion, at the dawn of the new year, especially improve the percentage of commission, time: February 1, 2008 –2008 year in March 31st.

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Dong’e donkey hide gelatin, nourishing health first brand, leading to create nourishing market;

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from outside to inside thinking: positioning, leading strategy,

3. market capitalization from 2 billion to 35 billion.

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summed up the development of Dong’e Ejiao in the past ten years, borrowed from a popular concept nowadays, just in line with what we now call supply side structural transformation. In the past ten years, the practice of Dong’e Ejiao is the strategy of supply side reform. This is not only to the pharmaceutical industry, but also to the whole of China’s business sector provides supply side reform, transformation and upgrading model.

in this live, Deng Delong to Dong’e donkey hide gelatin as an example, for everyone to analyze the Dong’e Ejiao ten years of strategic course.

was still recorded in the original proportion


first looks at a set of data:

1. actual sales amount below RMB 50 thousand including 50 thousand part, divided into 9%.

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

below is Deng Delong’s fourth live featured selection:

2. actual sales amount below RMB 100 thousand including 100 thousand part, divided into 12%.

dear League members:

1., the net profit of Dong’e Ejiao increased from 100 million in ten years to 1 billion 600 million in 2015, and is expected to reach 2 billion in 2016.

– Peach Kyi gelatin cake, the first brand of gelatin cake, a leading beauty snack market.

December 22nd, China’s first person to locate, Trout, China partners Deng Delong as pioneering dark horse, "entrepreneurial laboratory tutor", in the dark horse learning, APP conducted fourth live broadcast.

what’s the reason? It’s simple. The Dong’e Ejiao can drain the drugstore and bring customers. It has a strong ability to create customers, and constantly bring good revenue and profits to pharmacies. Therefore, pharmacies naturally give the best location to Dong’e Ejiao, which is a common phenomenon. Pharmacies throughout the country have this feature, will be Dong’e Ejiao as the flagship of the first brand, placed in the drugstore’s most prominent, the most gold position, which is the embodiment of brand influence.

, however, if you want to see this change more intuitively, you can go around the drugstore to visit, it should be easy to find: the best location of the major pharmacies, almost all placed in Dong’e ejiao. And this gold location in pharmacies is not someone who wants to get it.

compound donkey hide gelatin pulp, the first brand of Qi and blood health care, leading the establishment of health care market;

December 21st tenth "donkey hide gelatin Festival" opened in Shandong County, Dong’e. Ten years ago, Ejiao face category marginalization, the risk of extinction of the industry, and now in Jiangsu, Shanghai, Guangdong and other health centers, Ejiao has become a high-end crowd nourishing the first choice of health.

Dong’e Ejiao ten years, the biggest achievement is to have three major mainstream brands, leading three high-quality market:


update rate:

records, when the settlement will be unified adjustment to new proportions, please rest assured that orders.

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2. brand value from 2 billion 600 million to 14 billion 200 million;

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

Dong’e donkey hide gelatin, ten years metamorphosis,


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