Wangzhuan teach you a few tricks to judge the Wangzhuan liar methodWhere is the Taobao road Combine

Since the recent

, what is the Wangzhuan liar

: Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum, Wangzhuanqu

register from 2008 A5 station network, also sent hundreds of articles, I am also a lover of what is called Wangzhuan Wangzhuan,? I personally put him to the network to make money, that is through the Internet to make money I think it is Wangzhuan, including to A5 so powerful station. Now the Wangzhuan liar a lot, but there are many, I teach you the recipe for judging the Wangzhuan liar method;

3, the website program, hacking ability.

network fraud tricks in the ever-changing, these are the basic method to judge the Wangzhuan project. Beginner as long as these methods to choose Wangzhuan can greatly reduce the probability of deception, those who want to pay it.

This is

Taobao started off really so many people earn money, but now, I think it will be more and more people are unwilling to get their wedding dress. Now do spam on Taobao’s API website

two, judgment method of higher project

directly to sh419 and shlf1314 search, to see how others evaluation of this Wangzhuan project, if the vast majority of people that can operate, otherwise also should pay attention to.

1, those who do not pay commission fees are cheats project.

Since the

actually, at the beginning of May, I found that Taobao customers were having a problem. I had two numbers. One was for my personal website, and the other was for Taobao. At the beginning of colorful female net not much income, this is understandable, but another number is surprisingly quiet, there is a problem, originally thought that May may low volume, then go to Taobao customers look at the forum, I found that we all have to reflect this problem, it shows that Taobao guest is really a problem the. 5 early, to see shlf1314 on the new user to join the advertising plan to send 350 yuan promotion, for the female network to apply for a while, good luck, passed. Take the money to do promotion for my website, also specially for a special page weight to do propaganda, because there are Taobao customers link through the shlf1314 promotion effect is very good, there are about 100 IP per day through the search to bring traffic, very happy, because the search in the purpose of the purchase is relatively strong, but I found that I was wrong, until now, I was not at the end of April 10 a day a few more days IP, now a single, most of the time is up 0, it really makes me fainted.

if the website design looks like a problem can be out of order, imagine the webmaster or attitude, or bad, then the program Fanghei ability is definitely bad, even if he will pay now, generally not long website big have preventing Trojan / hacker attacks.

2, word of mouth / evaluation

it’s been almost a month since there’s no administrator to explain. Have made a lot of grassroots webmaster started, forum posts at everywhere, but I think they have to say these things, you know a lot of things as clear as noonday, but they turn a blind eye, which makes people disappointed, many people buy things now in Taobao, Taobao is using its own passenger link in the transaction, but the transaction has been finished, the Commission, such is too obvious. A single behavior, call customer service, they will ask you to provide your PID queries, check for hundreds of years, to the last is settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

The design of This article from the

1, do you have the latest billing chart

this method is very useful for the novice Wangzhuan: if there is no real cash, according to my experience of this project is a project which nine out of ten, afraid to say good also to be careful.

2, you should invest a certain cost, and then tell you can easily earn a lot of money not lose money, the probability is very high. These are typical uses of beginners, petty gains and unearned rewards. Such as playing lottery, playing cash games etc..

? project?

has a variety of patterns that make you feel like you can make a lot of money: for example, an email for $1; hang up for $8 an hour, $1 for each click, and so on. You do not give you the amount of money paid or paid directly to K, say you cheat. These are the typical psychology of beginners who want to make more money easily.


Taobao customer estimates are found in May, significantly reduced income, but Taobao customer forums there are a lot of people are reflected, but did not get an explanation, single out quite serious, this is a long-term problem of Taobao and Taobao customers, customer data is not open. Or not even a single system, since this month I think everyone’s confidence has begun to gradually decline, if it continues to estimate Taobao customers someone will not do, hard promotion are lost again, repeat do not know the so-called credit claim. The rise of Taobao two years ago, led many grassroots Adsense Taobao customers, but since the beginning of this year the establishment of Taobao alliance, problems continue to appear, Taobao may also cooperate with large customer to the website, the station has disdain, doesn’t care about us these grass-roots cries out there.

4, analysis of Web sites for profit sources and costs

in-depth analysis of website: general profit sources and cost, if a website profit < cost, you can be sure that there will be only two results: either collapse or is running.

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