Analysis of the use of QQ mailbox name

follows is a direct access to the use of theme:

domain name mailbox is a personalized service provided by QQ mailbox. If you have a domain name, you can use your own domain name as the mailbox suffix. You can also choose your account name and mailbox LOGO more freely.


domain name mailbox is a personalized mail service launched by Tencent Inc. If you have a domain name, you simply can create a mailbox with your domain name as a mailbox suffix simply by setting up. It includes the following features:

custom account names and mailbox logo

you create the domain name mailbox account name can be arbitrarily designated, do not worry about the favorite user name was registered. Even the logo of the mailbox can be changed at will.


has as many as 10 mailboxes under the same domain name

When the

domain mailbox is created, you can create multiple accounts with the same domain name and send them to your QQ friend.


group function

groups the accounts in your domain name mailbox so that bulk mail is more convenient.


successfully set up the application after the mailbox landing interface is like this:


looks at the real, not processed interface:

is the home page of the mailbox management:


now estimates that there will be more and more owners do not need to spend money can also be used on the high quality of the mailbox, so Tencent are willing to and very much hope to see the effect of QQ viscosity higher, use and click will be more stable, when the number of Internet users China 800 million, what you say is that he is not a network the Big Mac


said that no good cheap goods, the Tencent to rewrite this sentence, free to get good goods! Happy friends, we began to experience, began to use it on QQ, rest assured, rest assured of my current QQ QQ mailbox, mailbox is already 32G. Super capacity!


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