How to do a job well before running an educational website

1, determine your site’s target

is a website to have long-term development, must have a clear goal of profit model, if you just follow a station, want to go step by step, the flow in identifying target, it is easy to be listed as a garbage station, then aborted. The goal of an educational web site is easy to determine, for example:

1) test questions, provide a variety of questions to download, collect membership fees. This requires you quite early publicity, to make sure students come up why choose you, so as to give membership fees to you. This kind of website is to provide students a reference free part of the questions, let the students feel you test is valuable to the user, the turnover rate increased from 1% to 10% or more, can be considered the first let the students free registration to provide part of the test, and then mail long term marketing.


2) public welfare classes are provided free of charge in various content and courses. The source of income can be advertising for training institutions and advertising for public schools. This site will be careful not to dump, requires that the site has a very attractive part of your students can stop after all, viscosity, educational websites do good has a lot, Tencent, Sina and other sites have done very influential, to make your website to browse who left a good impression of course to have your originality. I just did 3 months of parents, the university website is in this direction (

3) platform class, so that training institutions or schools to publish courses or training information on the website, that is, to do a B2B information platform. Such sites want to attract enterprises to publish information, but also to do early publicity work, and a lot of content in the early release of their own.

2, the website wants to be trusted, especially want to make online application payment type. There are many ways to get the user’s trust. First of all, the website should be professional, and the website is not ready yet, and the ads must be flying everywhere, especially the GG advertisement. If you visit a website and develop a website, it is very amateur. Even if the content is good, the visitor will never come back, so it is essential to choose a good designer or choose a good set of templates.

in addition, the content requires more original, belong to your website unique, update in time, don’t let visitors think is dead stop. Contact details, real, will make people pay more trust you. User terms, privacy aspects should also be highlighted, so that those who stay more assured. The best way is to pay alipay. To have real-time online customer service, or a considerable number of students will be temporarily because of doubts and walk away.

3, would you most want to login to your website visitors to do the prominent content and station to guide the user towards this direction. For example, if you want the user to register with your member, then the member login window should appear in every prominent position, bold or with background color.

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