How to win the user’s love at first sight the title of the article writes experience

sentence can be properly described in an article entitled "the role of reading skin, read newspapers and watch", not only to the content of the novel moving rich title should start". A good article is good or bad, or whether it can hold the user’s interest in continuing to browse, a large part of the factor is to see whether the title of the article can arouse the desire of readers. It can be said that there is a proper title, also can enhance the position of the article in the user center, concise description of the central argument, and "still hold half of the pipa", lead to reading interest. An article on how to win the customers at first sight, should carry on the title of "psychological strategy xianshengduoren".

allows users to love at first sight, like the title of the article, it must have its original place, what is the original place, including the user needs of effective information. What kind of information is the effective information of Internet users browse the web? Reading is nothing more than two objective: to relax and meet the needs of entertainment, or life, is a kind of public interest information, another is the importance of public information. The public interest information requires an interesting title, which is often more likely to arouse the curiosity of the user and click the article. The public important information may often involve their own interests, even if they do not involve, they will also care about the information of the people involved in reading analysis.

1: how does the title write


, a simple example, is also an article on a platform. But why do some articles click rate very high, and some articles are very few? They face the user is the same, however, a title written by another click rate is very different.

1, title do not contain

if you put the theme to response the contents of all tell the user who wants to point? The title writing can stimulate people’s interest in reading, but that does not reveal, it is the best way, regardless of whether the content is enough words, only the title we can win over a large part of the people. For example: "campus cohabitation is good or bad, campus Tousijinguo brought what" one more title to a user clicks on an immediate, only comment is good or bad, and the other is the vivid exposition will bring what is thought-provoking." The title of the article presents temptation, more easily attract the user’s eye, if all the theme of the center to achieve the title of the article, then the article is not worth mentioning.

2, avoid spelling the primary

often sees some "title party" writing headlines long enough to get the attention of the user’s eye, but it does make a lot of useless nonsense. In essence, only the long value, whether or not people want to look at the title will make people feel very vulgar". Who will read this article? Avoid duplication of keywords, and provide useful information is the most important. Sentence length, not with useless nonsense, otherwise it is better to write short and fine. The so-called sparrow is small, dirty and complete, short and fine title can also do the subject predicate integrity.


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