Yue Wang why should build a melody network to promote Chinese folk music

wrote this article for a long time, although I like folk music, but I still do not know much about the specialty of folk music, so the following statements only represent personal opinions.

because of the folk music of love, to do their own personal website which is the web network folk tune the original intention, the purpose is to let China folk music can crowd in the network have been popular and accepted by the people, love. After the test I survey for a period of time, in various forums, to get access to the main music section and click rate is only the foreign pop songs, light music 1/100 not to, according to the characteristics of the network of young people, let me prove to listen to the sound of diversified taste young generation generally, the following fashion, while listening to music, folk music appreciation has become a kind of offbeat, it is the biggest characteristic of older. I think for a long time, why so classic folk music cannot be loved by everyone? It is difficult to really just the historical transition product, through the historical changes, the passage of time will gradually forgotten


talked about my listening to music. Folk music finally made me "dust"".


initially put out just listening to the radio songs, so-called pop songs, always love these are all sung Dongdong, read after high school, the University, and gradually have their own clear preferences, listen to everyone is not how to love rock music (both at home), found in the music in some national musical instruments, and began to listen to the music, I remember one time in his study room put a few folk songs songs, listening to the students, come to say that I can put on something big family love. This music like the dead. Ah, I was shocked. Does folk music look like this in the eyes of most people? I tested several groups in the same way, and they all turned out the same. Is it true that only people who study folk music can like it? Music is not for everyone to listen to. Is this music only accessible to those who study it?

At the beginning of the year,

heard such a great fire in Japan, and also won many awards. The record sales were also quite good. Then, I heard some news about such a "happy square". Why China myself can fire in other countries? I saw a lot of famous website makers for their evaluation, do not understand music (I was) people on their evaluation is good, and most professionals for their evaluation is not too high, and some even said that he had ruined the art. I don’t understand a can let people accept the present society of music but said, I do not deny that they may not have the level of what is now called the real folk people, but they make popular folk music, they do. We want this result, let people know this art, first of all to let people accept, but also take the folk music of the old road, will only let people who like folk music less and less.

folk music has not been the majority of the favorite, the main reason is the media website construction propaganda too little, so and so

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