Webmaster should from three stages self discipline soft writing level

said to write text, I believe that many owners are very troublesome, we as a grassroots in website early belly can squeeze the water out, but more to the back feel no content can write, reprint the rely on search engine that we get throught a thing carelessly, but the strange temper, this idea can only be buried in the heart, every thought but to write some articles like white boiling water, do not blow self-confidence, but also a waste of time. I love studying soft, wrote a "network promotion combat tutorial is very lucky to be", A5, was very excited, feeling the soft level is very good, and then wrote a few articles, but have been deleted, still upset why my article not carefully think about. Write your time to understand, I write "old" tender it, I began to analyze the article why included, finally summed up the characteristics of their own text, also to the direction of high quality soft wen.

In fact, each

came into contact with soft webmaster is the need to practice, good harvest does not represent good soft, small sand that from a new soft, transition to the master still need to experience this three period, claiming to be the "trilogy", during which time the practice platform portal blog, the reason is very simple free, and high popularity, not too bad, well can help your site to increase the chain, a lot of good ah, do not talk nonsense, below, under the three stages to practice.

The first step:

reprint period, during this period, I believe that many owners have experienced it, but don’t think that is the reprint someone else’s article on your blog was wrong, every time you choose an article all visitors need to stand on the point of view to think about the problem, your traffic is to visitors, must let them be taken care of in your blog, even if they know your article is reproduced, but see your content to give them a great help, loyal support still give your blog, this is not a carp, but a habit, develop good habits when the customer experience will let you in the future the stage is easier to get traffic than others.

The second step:

transformation period, is actually a pseudo original period, many of my friends are very talented they can make the transformation, improved the classic without losing its charm, become their own, but how many webmaster can do it, just change the title, bad words, the destruction of thought not to say, the quality is also plummeted this article is written, is also the network will gradually eliminate the garbage. I am glad that I have done before a period of time the typist, money a few, but the real training about the transformation ability, that is to change some of the beauty, shaping the post, each thought, the beginning is very slow, one hour two, speed is very slow, but the quality of the home very satisfied, and have a sense of achievement will continue to do, then faster and faster, the rewriting is also more abundant, 2 months after the things to do, my pseudo original ability has been improved, is to follow the original soft laid the foundation, many owners may be more willing to direct >

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