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students, micro business development also has more than a year, a large coffee with white cattle, people are busy in their circle in the widening, every day business came to the door; and the mice are still in an endless scraper circle of friends, friends of their own consumption of trust value. White, do not design Tucson broken (too young, very silly, very naive), accompanied by customers playing together is the truth. The two sides have a "you come", "I’m going" can be a step closer.

1, what is "you come", "I go"?

, here’s a simple explanation. You mean the customer, and that means coming to me, the business we usually refer to. Now a lot of e-commerce to do so, especially micro business, is the original product line in the online sale, does not change the essence of commercial real, the so-called "you come to me".

you come, most of the time, businesses are playing a better role than discount customers. Because customers come to you to buy things, need a lot of problems waiting for you to solve. Customers need you to help them locate, explain, and speak in order to achieve the goal of paying the bill. For example, materials, manufacturers, raw materials, and so on.

I go, generally speaking, refers to the business initiative to go out to find customers, to find traffic to buy their products. This time is the business will generally active positioning in their customer group attributes, to understand which customer groups are their own goals, customers what needs, and then in accordance with the demand for product sales.

2, "I’m going to " bigger than" you come "

!"Why does

say so? There are three problems in it.

1; now the customer demand has been changing, not easy to understand the business needs of customers will be products produced has become a historical demand.

2; the customer does not participate in the production, do not harass the people and waste money.

3; businesses are not likely to understand all of the customer’s needs; this is fundamental. Therefore, the products produced only meet the needs of a small number of customers.

so frankly, most of the time, the business remains at the point of "wishful thinking" rather than "your love, I wish."".

3, refining age attributes, creating value in "play"

The age frame level of

can be roughly divided into four levels. 50, after 6 for one, 70 for two, 80 for three, 90 for four. Customers of different age groups have different characteristics of consumption.

50,60 can be regarded as an educated generation, the idea is very conservative, can be persuaded by facts. For example, even if one day they buy a piece of clothing, the quality is poor, and it is not easy to sympathize with the business of businessmen, so they will not mention it again, buy decisively.


70, most people will have higher quality requirements, of course >

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