Eight kinds of common anti cheat technology in online advertisement

1, IP prevent cheating

general billing method is in accordance with the only IP within 24 hours, you can each IP into the database, the next access IP and the database already exists IP, at the same time, it is not billing. Now the Internet is generally dynamic IP, cheats through the dial-up device offline to achieve change IP address, you can through the C section IP to identify, such as a large number of 218.175.11.x, the same C section of the IP number, you may cheat. Can be submitted by IP encryption, and then by the receiver to decrypt the record storage, you can put an end to the use of analog data submitted to cheating.

2, COOKIES prevent cheating

when you visit a page, COOKIE will record, and when you visit the page next time, and submit a same COOKIES parameter, you can judge repeated non charging. The flaw in this approach is that it is easy to change physical information for cheating, such as clearing COOKIES through the INTERNET option.

3, click rate online settings

average rate from 99 years in 5% dropped to less than 1%, of course, there is still the need to cross rate of object oriented and visitors to the page advertising, the higher the correlation said the page and advertising more, click rate is high. The rich media ads in 2% to 5%, 0.1% to 1% in the general picture, and picture of creativity, can be set when the click rate exceeds a certain percentage may cheat. The most common way to improve click rate is to simulate WINDOWS system prompts, analog closing buttons, and seductive pictures of beautiful women’s passion.

4, combine ALEXA data to prevent cheating


ALEXA is not a standard, but it is an excellent reference tool, when a ALEXA value is very large site has done a very high amount of clicks, there will be doubts, traffic come from?


5, source statistics to prevent cheating

1, record the click of the antecedents of the page, that is, advertising placement page address, you can manually check whether the ad placement is correct, check whether there is a guide next to bad statements. 2, record antecedents placing advertisement page, each site search engine always occupy a large proportion of antecedents, if not the antecedents of the page, this page can determine the flow of non connection flow, can be obtained by two ways, a browser, direct access or access favorites; no antecedents statistics two, pop traffic. There may be a popular pop rogue plug-ins. In this way, you can also find the final page where some Adsense put the advertising code in IFRAME.

6 prevents cheating by unique arguments

network card, MAC physical address and serial number of hard disk, generate machine code through this kind of software and hardware information. In this way >

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