Big boss moves teach you how to cut off the electricity supplier website redundant customer servic

each electricity supplier website will be customer service as an important standard configuration, and with the development of the site, constantly on the customer service into manpower and technology. Maybe one day, you’ll wonder: how do I recruit so many customer service? In the cold winter of capital and the increasing cost of operation, it is time for you to think about a question: do I really need so many artificial customer service?

often around major business blog and forum friends all know a funny words: iron stores, water service. It’s about the high turnover rate of customer service. There are so many people walking, and your professional response as a manager is to recruit people. No one can cope with so much counseling. TIM tells you: "you have this kind of professional reaction that is both a good thing and a bad thing.". You constantly recruit customer service, explain the amount of consultation, good business, you know, according to the volume of manpower allocation. But you have to use ten years ago means of the operation of customer service system, but did not want people can really solve the fundamental problem of user consultation? There is no more a method to improve the user experience of


do not feel unconvinced, followed by TIM to see how the recent electricity supplier bigwigs how to play the customer service system.


1. Jingdong customer service system

big move: let customers first clear up ideas, talking, advocating self-service customer service, improve the efficiency of solving problems


two. Dangdang customer service system & Amazon customer service system

gangster moves: problem search + self-service + super big FAQ+ does not seem obvious online customer service



three. A shop where the customer service customer service system & & system; easion customer service system

gangster moves: situational self-service + problem classification + phone customer service




four. customer service system

big move: process self-service solutions to help customers quickly solve the problem




The four big

moves are suggesting a very important message: strong self-help services are helping customers "do it"

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