Know about Huang Jixin the next five years how do we read


editor’s note: Huang Jixin, for example, read the daily newspaper and shares the future of what he understands. He believes that the next is an era of integration, content producers, producers, consumers, the boundaries between increasingly blurred. This article is authorized to reprint from WeChat public time offline (theoffline), according to knowledge of the co founder and chief operating officer Huang Jixin in the "OFF2015·, offline future conference" speech finishing.

this topic is the content of the future, Hello, I am Huang Jie, I am the co-founder of know. It’s a great honor to be invited by an offline magazine. I will never say thank you for inviting these two words. Be invited to such a beautiful event, they just talk about the future, about the theme of STORIES, was also thinking and we recently passed outside things, especially have the opportunity to talk with you our thoughts.

How does

read? It’s really close to this. The future of content is actually better than my own title, and we need to think about what follows.

speaking of reading this thing, reading is a very long period of attention. But when it comes to attention, some time ago, my colleague sent me a link, is the national biological information technology center in a report published in May this year, that is today’s average people attention time. Originally, I wanted to ask you, today people keep their attention for 8 seconds, and as the animal kingdom is famous for attention deficit, 9 seconds, we do not even have a goldfish.

, as a very nervous speaker on the stage, I asked my colleagues if I should take a break every 8 seconds, play a cell phone or something. But it’s not fair to those who buy tickets.

well, we talked about our future, we do a lot of content related things. Knowledge is actually the production of content, and the new products we see from the knowledge, from the daily to the present, read the daily newspaper, and whether our content will spread or not. What is the spread of the content next?

from the past to the present: the evolution of content communication

, speaking of communication, say what we think. We say that in the past few years, because of the progress of science and technology, the role of content production and consumption has changed greatly, and the change of the role of production and consumption has led to changes in producers. How did this change come about? From the earliest days, I took the Internet portal as an era, with newspapers, magazines, radio and television in a period of time. There are two roles for content, one for content consumers, and one for content producers. Most people in the world are content consumers, and very few are trained professionally. Very few people are producers, and most people, such as >

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