Stimulate the entrepreneurial awareness of migrant workers to build a new engine of economic growth

China has a unique group of job seekers. Every year, many migrant workers rush between cities and villages, only to make a living. Support migrant workers to return home to start a business, to solve the problem of rural areas, such as the development of power, labor, resources, not only related to people’s income, but also related to China’s future economic development.

under the new economic normal, migrant workers in employment, wages, skills upgrading and other areas facing the new changes and new challenges, and the number of migrant workers, the total wage income growth appears out of the "three down", the structural contradictions of employment and recruitment "dilemma" has become the norm. In order to support migrant workers return home entrepreneurship, in June this year, the State Council issued the opinions on the support of migrant workers returning home business, and put forward the outline of the 3 year plan of action. When a large number of migrant workers find work due to wandering in the edge of the city, there are a number of people already in the vast countryside to find their own position, they are on the return of migrant workers entrepreneurial way. So, what are the current problems of migrant workers returning home? The author conducted an investigation.


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