Xu Tao 301 redirection for the importance of URL standardization

for 301 redirect, I believe many webmaster is not strange, in Google administrator tools help, there is a paragraph below,


301 redirection feature is especially useful in the following cases:

you have moved your web site to a new domain and want to complete this transformation as smoothly as possible.

people visit your web site through different web sites. For example, if you have access to your home page through a variety of ways, such as http://s.example.com/home, http://s.home.example.com or http://s.example.com, then choose one of them as the preferred (standard) target web site, and through the 301 redirect from other web site traffic is sent to the preferred site, it is a very good method. You can also use the webmaster tools to set the preferred domain.

you are merging two sites and want to ensure that links to overdue URLs are redirected to the correct page.

but I found that many webmaster only in the replacement domain name or a web site, there are two domain name when using 301 redirect, and ignored the Google help in the second note. In fact, Google administrator tools second help, for us in the website optimization, especially the website PR value promotion is particularly important. I will give you the following Laoxu specific explanation:

Google administrator tools second actually tell us, not only in the site has two domain name, use 301 redirect, for we only have a domain name site, should also do a 301 redirect. We wonder if we have only one domain name. Is there a situation like this –


these links all point to the same page (Xu Tao website optimizes blog home page):




, but the process of sending requests and returning web content from URL looks different from one another in URL. For the above URLs, the Web server can return completely different content. When the contents of these URL are the same (usually the same). And this leads to: the PR value of your site’s domain name is spread to several other URLs.

, while Google collects your website, you need to select one representative from the above URLs and ignore the rest. Well, URL, which was chosen by Google, is a standardized URL. The process of Google’s choice is called standardization". If you redirect three other URL with 301 redirects, www.x>

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