How far is the movie station being pulled out

these days, the movie gate incident in the webmaster made a great deal of noise, Baidu K dropped a lot of procedures built with Marx station, my movie station is not spared. Personally, it’s not Marx’s fault, it’s our fault. Accurate to say that Baidu K is out of data duplication, template repeated movie station, never mind with Marx, I believe that the manual update, the weight, without the use of Marx backstage data acquisition station should be still alive. How far is the movie station being pulled out?


now throughout the novel online station, all is Jackie, cracked version is everywhere, the next moment is put down a station, the rules are simple, write write, write please write, set up a novel station after less than 10 minutes. Then all of the novel is the endless repetition, how to make yourself and others out of the ordinary? This is a problem worthy of their brains, and now let me think deeply the problem, must not let his novels stand go Film Festival with Marx posterior, when the movie station is a mistake, should DEDE to do with the latest movie, by an Marx, wasted half the time. Last year a novel station because the GG policy adjustments that can’t make money on the sale, save the results out of a novel mother station, sorry ah, just a few days ago a novel m a little weight did not start doing novel station, a bit difficult, but still have to think about how to make the station and others are not the same, try it! Welcome to Baidu, there will be a miracle dream! Don’t give up your dream webmaster


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