Don’t just care about the Tucao thing pocket shopping but also to subvert Taobao


Lao Ji believes that pockets are trying to subvert the Taobao from two areas of mobile, community, and its killer also has two: more open, free.

these days, Beijing pocket Fashion Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as pocket) founder Wang Ke Tucao VC attracted widespread attention. Some time ago, the old Ji and colleagues Liu Yiming in an interview with Wang Ke, think about it: why is the electricity supplier in the field, dabbled quite widely known as VC bought the entire runway for investment pockets so hesitate? Listen to the old Ji to carefully decomposition.

pocket, the company was founded by Wang Ke and Lei Jun, and at the beginning is also dependent on the development of Taobao. Taobao’s success was due to a platform strategy that began in 2009. Old Ji was still in another media, very impressive, that is, the former vice president of Taobao Lu Peng speech at a forum. At the time, Lu Peng said, "


"so I talked about Taobao also reflect on the past we want to do more and more, everyone here, Taobao became the Chinese preferred shopping paradise, which seems to have a problem, we are now thinking of changing, Taobao’s future is to create China e-commerce infrastructure service provider, we provide utility, allow yourself to build their own e-commerce, but do not have to worry about the IT problem, buy equipment problems, problems, development, database search, data mining and so on, these technical problems you don’t worry, you are offered today, it seems like one hundred years without electricity before our backyard safe motor, more important is the Taobao products and services has become a standard can be used completely."

to this end, Taobao officially launched the open business platform, will open their own ability to three types of businesses: the first category is an independent external shop, the second category is developers, and the third is the community electricity supplier.


open strategy to help Taobao eventually turnover from 2008 to 100 billion yuan to 1 trillion and 100 billion yuan in 2013, hatching out of the Tmall B2C platform, let China, the one and only Alibaba became the largest e-commerce platform.

and now, Lao Ji believes that pockets are trying to subvert the Taobao from two areas of mobile, community, and its killer also has two: more open, free.

old Ji found, in this interview, Wang Ke said no less than ten times "infrastructure", rather than "electricity supplier"". Wang Ke revealed that the goal of pocket entrepreneurship is to make a trading platform (Marketplace), rather than a simple electricity supplier website.

pocket first do a App pocket shopping shopping guide, Wang Ke was sitting in a Baidu cafe nearby, with the name of Lei Jun "Huyou" Baidu technology giants out of business, and later was succeeded in persuading senior technical staff to join the Baidu flying horse, through the personality >