Do a local portal three

the first: play emotion cards, so that the feelings of users common return

local comprehensive portal, geographical advantages, mobbing also have a strong heart. Chinese in the traditional sense of family consciousness feeling. Therefore, the success of a local portal, never lost "home", "local", "field", "Hometown", "hometown today fellow", "homesick", "hometown", "development of wandering" and other words, these words are not for you to do SEO, but let you think about how to skillfully applied to every corner of the local portal, of course everyone’s usage is different. You can take him to the section of the website use the settings, you can also put him to use the high gathered popularity of place forum. Here do local station friends have a feeling of deja vu? Believe that everyone understands. Operation means: one is the creation of this news, local name People in the hometown, hometown scenery, home of the humanities, local literature column, two is the construction of the local forum, set up in the forum, Chinese love, hometown gathered forum. Let fellow who wrote in the country days wandering mood and feeling in the home and foreign minister, development and change regular discussion home and hometown of focus, you do for the forum administrator, of course it will use the press speculation and news sensitivity of these two methods in the forum is just set up, you need to register more than one vest, regularly published some home to attract eyeballs to attract participation of views and opinions. Friends. You can also use the resonance techniques, the number of online forums into virtual. In the forum of course can not be stereotyped set into the local area, but also some auxiliary, entertainment section, such as the original literature, Irrigation district, the original maps, music and other sections. In order to achieve the effect of the spider like SEO. The three is the establishment of a small circle of fellow, the following page must add local QQ group number. Four is left webmaster contact, such as QQ, e-mail, mobile phone is beneficial to others. You know, you find five. Is a serious patient do a miss service. If you are a male webmaster, you treat yourself as gentle as Miss service, patiently answered your questions, even if you feel very hate the problem you have to answer one by one. This is beneficial to the establishment of word-of-mouth marketing, don’t treat every call the role of every friends as their own God.

second, absorb heroes, strengthen communication and their ability to join rebels juyee.

this is a kind of means, the first ideas and a more or less relevant, we play the emotional card can get a certain popularity, these people, there are full of wit people, some of them may be very successful on the outside, I went through my local station, met some people. For example, on the outside of an officer, to succeed in business, in the arts and culture is also very successful, but also in sports home success. These people have long life outside, homesick mind is very deep, they tend to cultivation and quality each >