How to survive to see the development of grassroots entertainment station from energy saving in the

is still not worry about traffic to your website? Is your website to stay popular concern? Is your website for future confusion? Well, now the site of low threshold, a man can play the entire site, various sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain as come a day but, the results we have seen, or the number of A new force suddenly rises., or a station like a clay ox entering the sea, so a few, most of the site is still in the struggle, the polarization gradually increase, not everyone has the capital strength to press, to survive in the cracks, but also need to find a different way. Of course, if your idea is guobayin killed, then don’t watch.

chance, I saw the energy-saving, to tell the truth, in a professional perspective, this is not a very formal, very nice site, even the content is slightly messy, but the owners have had exchanges, see the relevant data, but have to admit that this is a very typical success grassroots site. Of course, there are zhigenzhide friends will say, the average daily flow of one hundred thousand is not a very successful data, but here we mainly want to say is a grassroots station, for less than a year’s website, this achievement is very rare.

entertainment accounted for a large proportion of grassroots station site, on the one hand is easy to attract traffic, two is the content easy acquisition, but the success of the site is not much, every day is so much news, a portal almost summarized, why people go to you and not a famous site? This is to introduce a concept that is, the content must be unique, even if it is the same, you have to be creative, make only superficial changes, give people a new feeling. For example, the portal station is mostly flat Syria news, when you reprint, you’ll re edit a beginning, this pseudo original role I believe we all understand that it is very important, not only is the re generalization of the content of news, but with some of their own views on the basis of news that is, the news + comment form, as the saying goes, the public opinion guide the masses expressed your views may not be recognized by the audience, but will affect the audience in mind when browsing. The same is news, change is the point of view, the title should be eye-catching, content should be novel, the audience will feel fresh, will attract people. At this point, I think the energy-saving to do good, for example, Xie Jin sued the widow of Song Zude, is a relatively hot entertainment news recently, and this thing itself will surely lead to the controversy, you published in the content and add their own views, either support or oppose, certainly there are people who resonate with you, support you against good, can not help but message refute, it introduces the second concepts, interaction.

a website can retain popularity, look at the interaction will know, if your content page below a comment did not prove the audience for your content did not discuss, that he had a very may not come again for the second time. When he leaves his opinion, both support and opposition form interaction