Discussion on the trend and course of media development

media is now becoming an indispensable content of rash and too much in haste, producers in the Internet industry. The unlimited scenery upstream, do the entrance, from the media industry and hard efforts to generate content from the media brokerage, already in the industry to take root, or long roots.

has now become the most mainstream high-quality content production methods and means from the media. Why do you see that? We might as well discuss it from the following aspects,

1, Phoenix downsizing reform, compared to this incident, we are no stranger to, Phoenix in the competitive market strategy has undergone significant changes, with particular emphasis on self media platform specifications and applications. Thus, since the media platform is currently in an important position.

2, emerged many from the media platform of enterprise and build up the family fortunes, another round of financing, to the pinnacle of life. For example: Tiger sniffing network, 36kr and so on. Tiger sniffing network and 36kr is now a well-known self media platform, through high-quality content has created a wealth of wealth for them.

3 and four major portals have been fully developed and utilized from the media platform to promote the application of personal and business nature, and push high-quality content to the PC and mobile terminals. Move the four portals the "unified", it is not difficult to find, since the media after the present situation and the development trend, the four portals will from the media platform to another level.

4, mobile media platforms emerge, such as: WeChat public accounts, headlines today, etc., compared to everyone has been concerned about. The current user base continues to accelerate and move away from the mobile Internet market, for the mobile Internet market, from the media, it is easier to occupy.

talks to the development of this, have to talk about from the media, bitter years how proud the glorious moment.

first, we have to mention the rise of blog, blog is the first course of development from the media, to 2000 began to enter the China blog, and began to develop rapidly, then from the media people to blog applications are not familiar with, just as in the network log function, and then a few years, people from the media gradually feel the blog’s charm, emerged a lot of talent use blog marketing. Of course, many of them depend on the domestic portal website and blog business at this time, thus entering the blog of the spring and Autumn period and Warring States period.

blog era gradually transition to the webmaster moment, since the media started from the blog marketing, blog has found more and more unable to meet their needs, so most people from the media to start the individual owners, individual owners initially similarly to the personal blog rise, gradually developed into the follow-up platform, platform nature comprehensive and widely spread.

so, since the media platform came into being, at present, from the media people include two major categories, namely the individual and enterprise nature. More and more people from the media to discover the advantages of the platform, with hundreds of millions of platforms