Entangled in the webmaster website statistics trap

I have been learning to stand since February 2006, but I have never been able to do a decent job. In March 2008, remember to do a website on teaching. So I thought for a lot of days, do Courseware station, we do not have resources, do paper station, I can not write that high-level works. The contents do not want to move. There are too many things to follow. After much deliberation, had an idea of writing a composition.

to check online, huh?. Experts have done so early. Many years ago, someone did it. Carefully observed the writing station, found the opportunity. The big writing station is almost impossible for parents and teachers to see, let alone children. Because what? It has too many resources. The website is too big. There is no basic computer operation. You don’t want to find what you want to see. This website is strong, but for now people just a little computer basic operation, it is the clouds. I can’t find what I want for half a day. There are restrictions on individual websites. Even the dog bite the hedgehog – no way to mouth.

look at those small, almost from the station to collect content. It seems to belong to the so-called garbage station. So I set up a new site for novices to use – 5 star composition (http://s.5xzww.com). All the articles are from my students, too many resources. Just do it yourself and hit some words. Ha ha, this is not difficult, right? So, and colleagues said, and immediately found a large number of compositions. It’s all recommended by the teachers. Beat it slowly.

site up, how traffic? So I put on the flow statistics, as the webmaster said, every morning, one thing, staring at traffic statistics to see. Daily comparison. The results also showed no major changes. Two days a day, but it’s been a long time. A habit has formed, and that is wrong. I look at traffic statistics these days, no less than 10 times, each time less than 10 minutes. That’s two hours of wasted time. Less content is being updated. Sometimes I want to copy it from other people. But endure and endure, still insist on biting teeth, every day to write a composition update website. Finally, I didn’t copy other people’s works. Keep original at over 90%.

as for the promotion method, basically webmaster friends plenary session. I won’t say any more. Take a look at other people’s traffic statistics IP and PV why so high, because we have some webmaster friends like me, every day no less than 10, go back and forth to see statistics. Other people’s IP high, PV high, people put advertising. You have fewer IP sites and fewer PV, so you have to find ways to get some guests. So they pay for advertising. Ha ha, understand, it seems to have returned to the trap of others. Why don’t we use this time to send our own content? Webmaster friends, if you look at me like 10 times a week, I can only say one word. You’re in the trap, ~

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