Common links trick secret

A ring

is important as a website to promote the exchange of Links has become a compulsory homework all the webmaster, many webmaster friends through Links group QQ, take the initiative to apply cooperative advertising way hard exchange Links to get higher weight, higher PR, but there is always some people only. They don’t want others to link, want their website links links to other sites, so they racked their brains through various means, try to exchange with others at the expense of the Links, if the owners do not look good, it is easy to move and unaware, flying pig finishing several links here scam common work. And share, according to the degree of difficulty and common to list, so the seven common link trick:

one, the website is blocked by Baidu, still have PR.


webmasters exchange friendship link, only consider a Google PR a factor, as long as the PR to meet the requirements on the good exchange links, but some sites, because of excessive SEO and other reasons, Baidu has been blocked, not search the site in Baidu, however, still exist in the Google index, and pr. Many of these sites are crazy for links, to expect to be Baidu included, however, my article "in an article on the secret search engines" are mentioned, and this site exchange Links more harm than good, it is easy to suffer from associated penalty. At the same time, the majority of owners need to pay attention, there are some sites, although is not blocked, but Baidu has been blocked dangerous, you’d better not exchange links, such as the page was keyword stuffing, PW station etc..

two uses jump links instead of using direct URL links.

Self Links system

many online, his Links is not directly to the cooperative website, but a link to a page itself, through this page to other sites, it is the most in number, click on the monitoring Links however, this kind of approach to cooperative sites but may cause the risk, first of all as a direct link, the link quality on the second, if you do not use the 301 jump, may also cause unnecessary trouble search engine rankings. Therefore, if you encounter such a website, the webmaster must strive for the use of direct links, rather than using jump links.

three uses the JS statement to output the link code, or uses I to include the link page

due to the vast majority of search engines did not grasp, so the analysis ability, JS statement, the JS statement output link code, search engines cannot capture, at the same time, the search engine is not a good grasp of the contents of I, so the use of I contains the link to the page link of friendship is also cannot be crawled by search engines to this, the two links are invalid link, a simple way to judge is to see the other side of the link to the page source file, if you can not find the address of the page, it should be used.