[exclusive] webmaster essential 100 Bangui language advertising section


advertising section is one of the necessary forums for many websites and forums. No rules, no Cheng Fangyuan, if the advertising section does not have the corresponding rules and regulations, it will cause confusion, and may even affect the entire website, BBS development. Therefore, according to the actual site owners need to establish a set of effective rules.

              for the convenience of the webmaster friends Shao Guihu, we collected 100 advertising section Bangui, hope to have the benefit to the webmaster. The following terms are Bangui post, seller subject classification, merchandise, reply system, account strategy, external links, trading tips, dispute coordination, warning, illegal disclaimer and supplement of 11 kinds of common phenomenon.


;       seller post

1, the seller repeated the content of the post, only one.

2, this site does not allow any seller to repeat the issue of stickers.

3, for expired goods, information posts, please sell the initiative to delete.

4, prohibit duplication of the same information, repeat more than three times, all deleted.

5, the same page should not post more than three stickers, similar products must be posted in a paste.

6, please sellers update their posts in time, expired, invalid to delete in time.

7, each seller in the layout of the first page can only send two stickers, illegal will be ShanTie treatment.

8, with ID, with the same page "shop stall long queue", repeat posting, how many deleted.

9, please users do not send repeated posts, the sale of a number of items to be placed in a post.

The same content of

10, with a ID release or similar content, not on post release, only one.

11, forums, a page (page), at most retain the same seller 2 themes post, superfluous paste will be deleted.

12, strictly prohibit repeat the behavior of posting, otherwise it will be regarded as malicious promotion, moderator reserves the right to deal with.

13, the home page of the same user (including vest) up to two posts, please do not top too many of their own posts to the home page.

14, any seller’s information shall indicate the limitation of the information, and if the information has expired, please make sure that it is stated in the first post.

15, the same page, the same ID only appear a trading post, please put the product information and information merged into a post, found that 2 paste and above, stand delete.

16, please seller >