Fight the fight at outrance Ctrip where they are in fact poor happy

tiger sniffing note: yesterday (2 days) where to publish the latest quarterly earnings, the loss is still the same theme, and the loss of the entire industry is enlarged again, this is quite a theme, who lose more who is the winner of play. Where to go on the same day also revealed that in the last month, Ctrip has issued a tender offer, but after nearly a month of "careful consideration", where rejected the "engagement" – a war going on, or wait for the next better bid, or is hard to match.

last Thursday (28) evening, tiger sniffing "302 classrooms" invited the former Baidu senior consultant Zhou Peng, for us science: the future of the poor and happy tourism circle where?. It is just in time to detailed notes of the OTA industry and cruel play, and the entanglement between the past and the wishful thinking. Rather "occasional" is just a day, Ctrip and paralyzed, Zhou Peng presents the tension, interesting OTA formed a war history echo.

the following content comes from Zhou Peng’s lecture recording, tiger sniffing has abridged.

, speaking of the travel industry, we are not strangers at all. Usually contact the Ctrip, eLong called OTA; where the former travel vertical search, now is the OTA; ant nest, poor travel tourism is called UGC; in addition to the same way, the way cattle, these are the mainstream service providers to provide travel services on the market. You can often see some PR articles about tourism, but this information is actually less useful than 1%. Today, I’m going to tell you a little bit about what the business of the tourism industry and the business behind the mainstream companies are, and then tell you where I see the future of the travel industry. Then everyone will understand why I say the tourism industry is actually poor and happy.

one, the beginning of online travel history, from carry Cheng, art dragon to talk about

Ctrip started, probably in 1999, through the call center booking hotel started. In 2000, the development of the Internet is no better than today. Ctrip is not the mainstream Internet Co. Ctrip mode: to help guests booking hotels, guests stay, the hotel to Ctrip back to the Commission, this is called the front back Commission mode. At that time, this technology combined with the traditional industry model, can only be immersed in their own bitter, ha ha to operate, and if you put it now, this concept of O2O has long attracted a lot of capital to an overvalued value.

this business began to do, later found very profitable, in 2002, the transaction amount to break 100 million, 03 years went to the United States listed. Elong was founded in 1999, but elong positioning is urban life information, it is burn money, bought several companies, which spent millions of yuan to buy a hundred DDT is one of them. Art dragon boss, Tang Yue is a capital master, in 2000 the market is good, to 20 million U. S. dollars sold to the Americans, in 2001 after the Internet bubble broke, he spent $3 million, and elong bought back. This time I found the original office where I bought it carelessly