n the development of the nternet under the influence of marketing is how to go

in the high-end market diversification development today, we can clearly see that in the development of the logistics network, and the progress of science and technology and the change of marketing and innovation, the market environment shows the trend of competition. Many enterprises are facing the pressure of expanding market sales, seeking new growth point, so that marketing presents new trends. Today I write about these changes in the marketing planning industry.

one, marketing center of gravity down and planning change

in the market competition continues to intensify, marketing costs of course also follow the rise, but the profit is also in the network and price war slowly diluted. One or two stage of the market sales growth trend is slow, so many enterprises in order to avoid the one or two cities competition pressure, looking for new growth point of sale, so the focus of marketing channels moved down to three or four cities. At the same time, in the rapid development of the Internet, e-commerce has become a trend. And this trend, many other enterprises will also pay attention to here. And this kind of marketing channel is a kind of new marketing channel, and it also needs the support of planning ideas and skills. If you do not make changes in the planning, or the same as traditional marketing planning ideas, then there will be no new breakthroughs in sales performance.

when an enterprise in marketing channels and planning ideas have changed, then marketing management must also be changed. When the marketing channel of the center of gravity to the three or four level city, and pay attention to network marketing, the management must be classified as distributors marketing management system, in the operation of the market, promotion policy, publicity and other series of marketing work start focusing on the three or four secondary market supply and management. At the same time, we should have independent management and operation mode in network marketing.

two, marketing channel refining and specialization

in order to obtain more market share and seize a larger market, many enterprises have refined and specialized marketing channels. In the increasingly complex social division of labor, the marketing channel needs to be refined and specialized. If it is the case in marketing agents, dealers, and the terminal processing have to figure out a good, clear frame. For network marketing, how to refine and specialization? First of all have to clear the industry, this is a big problem, can not digress, irrelevant, no good. For example, the law of the net is a special legal website. Then, in the refinement above is divided into many kinds of laws and regulations, as to how to refine, the author will not say more, interested can understand. Finally, what we should say is specialization. In the field of specialization, the law of the net is invited by some lawyers to answer for some people who want to consult some laws. In this way, it is more trustworthy and more professional. Is a more successful website in network marketing. As for how the site is successful, the author is not specific because today’s focus is not here.

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